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DWS779 Review Summary:

Brawny, accurate, and within reach of the DIYers pocket — the DeWalt DWS779 is a respectable sliding compound miter saw equally suited to home or trade use.

Offering bevels from zero to 48 degrees, the machine provides pleasing versatility in cutting angles. And with ten integrated positive stops, you can rapidly select your miter sawing direction, saving valuable downtime.

A rear-mounted dust collection sack keeps your workspace clean while protecting you against hazardous cutting waste. Smooth-action ball-bearing driven rails guarantee precise operation — and enable you to tackle larger timber than a standard compound unit.

Its powerful 15 amp motor knocks out 3800 rpm — permitting the 12-inch steel carbide blade to rapidly plough through time-intensive projects. And, with a pleasingly hefty 56 pounds of weight, this machine provides reassuring stability.

This machine comes from the DeWalt stable — a US-based brand with nearly a century of experience in power tool manufacture. The DWS779 is its flagship unit in the company’s corded sliding compound lineup.

DWS779 Pros:


Stainless steel miter plate.


Zero to 48-degree bevels.


Dust collection system.


Dual horizontal steel rails.


Three-year warranty.



No laser guide.


Small capacity dust bag.

Working on DEWALT DWS779

Features and Benefits of the DeWalt DWS779

Delivering both robustness and precision, the DWS779 is a powerful tool that’s ideal for the committed DIYer, cabinet maker, or carpenter who demands the ultimate in joint accuracy.

Here’s what this machine has to offer:

Bevel Options — 0 to 48 Degrees

The DeWalt Miter Saw DWS779 allows you to manually select your bevel cutting angle from 0-48 degrees — meaning that, unlike many other machines, you’re not restricted to creating standard 45-degree cuts. Thus elevating the versatility of the unit.

Ten Positive Stops

Sliding compound saws allow you to enjoy a rewarding joint — without having to visit your local narcotics dealer.

In addition to selecting your own bespoke bevel angle, the DeWalt sliding compound saw has ten positive miter stops. These are preordained factory cutting settings — allowing you to rapidly switch between preset angles for bespoke joints.


Compact Size

The DeWalt DWS779 dimensions of 24.75 x 17 x 17 inches make this a pleasingly compact saw without compromising cutting power.

Featuring pre-drilled bolt holes in the DeWalt DWS779 stand — it can be reassuringly anchored to your workbench, without taking up excessive and valuable working space.

Dust Collection Sack

The rear of this sliding compound drill incorporates a dust sack — a feature that the manufacturer states removes 75 percent of cutting waste.

This efficient DWS779 dust collection system helps to shield you from the hazards of inhaling sawdust — risks that peer-reviewed studies indicate can include the development of nasal cancer and possibly lung carcinoma.


Accurate Sliding Rail

Precision is the key to this compound saw — which is reassuring as you don’t want your homemade picture frames or coffee tables to look like they’ve been built by a toddler.

Not only do the manual bevel options and positive steps elevate accuracy — but also the sliding rails add to the exactitude of this unit.

A proprietary clamping mechanism, durable twin runners, and internal linear ball bearings ensure that your cuts are smooth and precise — even when cutting wood larger than six inches in depth.

Accommodates Large Timber

Standard compound saws are practical woodworking tools — but they’re restrictive.

Typically they can only handle up to 45-degree bevels, but most concerningly, they struggle with larger timber — with 10-inch blade versions only allowing you to shear through wood six inches wide.

Sliding compounds — such as our unit in this DWS779 review can cope with much more substantial materials.

The DeWalt saw, with its rail feature and fences, can tackle 2 x 14-inch timber at 90 degrees, and 2 x 10 inches at 45-degrees — making it an excellent machine for DIYers and cabinet makers who need greater cutting capacity.


Whether like Sir-Mix-a-Lot, you ‘like big butts’ (Baby Got Back – 1992) or you prefer the ‘small and humble’ breasts of Shakira (Whenever, Wherever – 2001) — size and weight is a personal choice.

The DWS779 weight is a hefty 56 pounds — which isn’t an immediate downer.

This mass adds reassuring stability and is testament to the durable steel detent plate — crucial if you’re loading the unit with substantial and sizable timber. Furthermore, designed to be permanently anchored to a workbench — once it’s in place, its heft isn’t a negative.

That said, if you’re looking for a lightweight, portable machine that could be used across numerous worksites — I suggest checking out the cordless DeWalt DCS361M1.

15-Amp Motor

Driven by a 120-volt 15 amp internal powerhouse, the DWS779 Dewalt Sliding Compound delivers 3800 rpm. This grunt and speed should be more than suitable for the majority of DIY and joinery applications.


In addition to the saw, dust bag, and vertical material clamp, the DeWalt DWS 779 comes complete with a hard-wearing carbide-tipped 12-inch blade and blade wrench — allowing fuss-free tightening and cutting edge replacement without having to pull out your adjustable spanner.

Furthermore, providing additional peace of mind, this unit arrives with a comprehensive three-year manufacturer’s warranty.

DWS779 Specs


DeWalt DWS779


56 pounds


3800 rpm


0-48 degrees

Blade size


Blade material

Stainless steel carbide-tipped


24.75 x 17 x17 inches

Arbor size

0.625 or 1.0-inch


15 amps

Adjustable DEWALT DWS779

What Users Say About The DWS779

In my opinion, the DeWalt Sliding Compound DWS779 is a brawny unit that promises versatility and accuracy for aspirational home users and trade contractors.

However, with limited experience of using this unit — my views may be less than accurate.

Hence, to ascertain how this saw functions in real-life applications — and to ensure the most objective review — I sought the opinions of DIYers, industry experts, and pro-woodworkers who use this machine on a regular basis.

Happily, I wasn’t disappointed — with the majority of guys praising this unit, and offering the same positive opinions as myself. These experienced DeWalt saw practitioners lauded its smooth rail action, welcomed the large timber capacity, and appreciated the accurate positive stops.

That said, not all owners were completely overwhelmed with joy.

One user indicated that the dust sack would be more accurately described as a mini-bag — filling up rapidly and requiring frequent emptying. Another malcontent said that the lack of a DWS779 laser guide was a disappointment — something he expected on a high-end machine.

However, all owners agreed that the DW S779 was a saw machine that provided precision with every cut.

Alternatives To The DWS779

Although in my eyes an impressive unit — this saw isn’t for everyone.

Hence, if after reading this DeWalt DWS779 review you’re still nonplussed, don’t despair. Below are some alternative options that may suit your personal preferences.

Wagner Flexio 2000
If your heart is set on a DeWalt sliding compound machine, but find the DWS779 lacks the portability you desire, check out this saw instead.

The DCS361M1 is significantly lighter than our review unit — weighing just 36 pounds as opposed to the 56 pounds of the DWS779. Furthermore, being run by a 20-volt lithium-ion cell — you don’t require access to a mains power source to use this sliding saw.

  • Similar price point to the DWS779.
  • Smaller blade than the DWS779 — 7.25 inches in contrast to the 12 inches of the 779.
  • More rapid — 4100 rpm, versus the DWS779’s 3800 rpm.

Tacklife PMS03A

Wagner Flexio 2000

Disappointed that the top-end DW S779 lacks an in-built laser? This highly affordable machine solves that annoying issue.

While comparable to the DeWalt — in that it delivers 3800 rpm, has a 15 amp motor, and a 12-inch blade — the Tacklife has the advantage of a laser marker. Thus allowing you to track real-time cutting positioning — elevating accuracy for the mother-of-all precise cuts.

  • More competitive price point than the DWS 779.
  • Maximum 45-degree bevel — opposed to the 48 degrees of the DeWalt.
  • Lightweight — 46 pounds in contrast with the 56 pounds of the DWS779.
Wagner Flexio 2000
If the negative comments about the DWS779’s dust sack have made you think twice about this unit — I believe I have sourced a creditable alternative.

The GCM12D from Bosch features an angled vacuum adaptor — allowing you to efficiently draw away all cutting waste into a standard, or garage-grade suction unit. And featuring a novel axial glide system — where the rails are located in the base of the unit, not the rear — it saves you a valuable 12 inches of workspace over the DWS7 79.

  • Significantly higher price point than the DeWalt.
  • Like the DWS779, it comes complete with a 12-inch carbide blade.
  • Hefty — 88.2 pounds as opposed to the 56 pounds of the DeWalt.


An excellent everyday tool for the enthusiastic DIYer or trade contractor — the DWS779 offers grunt and precision at an affordable price point.

Its bearing-driven rails offer accuracy while permitting the saw to tackle larger timber. The 0-48 degrees bevel option provides pleasing operating freedom and angle versatility, and the dust collection sack keeps your workspace area clean while shielding you from hazardous dust.

Sure, the lack of a DeWalt DWS779 laser guide is something of a disappointment — and at 56 pounds, it’s not an ideal portable machine.

However, if you’re seeking an accurate and brawny sliding compound saw for your workshop or garage — I recommend taking a look at the DeWalt DWS779.

DeWalt Sliding Compound DWS779 FAQs

Q:Where Can I Buy DeWalt DWS 779?

The DWS779 from DeWalt is a sliding compound miter saw that knocks out 3800 rpm from its 15 amp motor. You can purchase the purchase the DWS779 here.

Q:Does the DWS779 Come With a Blade Guard?

Yes. For safety, the DWS 779 DeWalt features an opaque top-guard and transparent pivoting lower shield. For additional tips on hazard-free use of power saws, check out my Must-Have Power Tool Safety Gear article.

.Q:Where Can I Find the DeWalt Sliding Compound Miter Saw DWS779 Manual?

You can obtain the DWS 779 user guide from the official DeWalt website. For rapid access of the DWS799 Manual.

Q:Whats the Difference Between a Miter and Bevel Cut?

Consider that you’re making a square photo frame. To allow the four sides to fit tightly together at right angles, it’s crucial you cut each length at a 45-degree angle — the miter cut.

For decorative purposes, you may want these sides to lean in towards the picture — that’s the bevel cut.

Q:How Long Is the DWS779 Warranty?

The sliding compound DWS779 from DeWalt comes complete with the manufacturer’s three-year guarantee.

Q:Is DeWalt a US Company?

Yes. DeWalt is based in Towson, Maryland. It is all-American through and through since its founding in 1923.

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