PORTER-CABLE Table Saw PCB270TS Review

Porter Cable PCB270TS

Editor Rating: 4.6/5



Reviewed by: Timothy Henderson

Published on: July 25, 2017

Last modified: Apr 27, 2023 @ 12:11 am

Alternatives To Porter-Cable PCB270TS

As the Porter Cable PCB 270TS is no longer available, I have sourced a small selection of equally impressive alternatives — equalling or surpassing the specifications of the originally reviewed DIY-grade machine.

DeWalt DWE7491RS

Focusing on the prosumer and trade user market — the DWE7491 RS from DeWalt is a mighty unit that offers contractor-level performance, yet at a price point within reach of the ardent and experienced DIYer.

Like the PCB270 TS, the DeWalt features a 10-inch carbide-steel tipped blade, 15-amp motor, and incorporated dust port. However, with a larger cutting table and greater rip capacity — it’s more suited to hardcore site applications than the more home-use focused Porter Cable machine.

  • Incorporated cart wheels for transportation — not included with the PCB270TS.
  • Features 2.5-inch dust port, identical to the Porter Cable.
  • Like the PCB270 TS, the Dewalt features a spindle lock and blade shroud.

SawStop PCS31230-TGP236

While the now-defunct Porter Cable PCB27 0TS was a creditable home-DIY unit — it lacked the grunt and durability for pro-level, intense use. The PCS31230-TGP236 from SawStop satisfies the brawn-demanding requirements of the dedicated contractor.

Although utilizing an identical carbide-tipped 10-inch blade to the Porter Cable — that’s where the similarity ends. The SawStop table saw offers a cabinet-suited cutting table that’s three times the length of the PCB270TS, a more powerful three-horsepower motor, and a safety skin detector — not a feature of the Porter Cable.

  • Significantly harder on the pocket than the PCB270TS.
  • Heavyweight — 426 pounds as opposed to the 90-pound Porter Cable.
  • 220-volt single phase — in contrast with the 120-volt of the PCB270TS.

Jet 725002K

Targeting the cabinet market, the pro-grade 72500K Jet is a similarly sized compact table saw as the discontinued Porter Cable — but with a greater emphasis on safety and cutting accuracy.

Like the PCB270TS, the Jet machine incorporates a hazard-preventing transparent blade hood for the 10-inch blade — but boasts a kick-back thwarting riving knife, not a characteristic of the Porter Cable. And, featuring a repetitive cut marking system — again, not included with the PCB270TS — precision is elevated while reducing costly downtime.

  • Slightly more price-heavy than the Porter Cable.
  • Identical cutting depth and rip capacity as the PC B270TS.
  • Three times the weight of the Porter Cable table saw.

PORTER-CABLE PCB270TS Review Summary:

  • Design
  • Functionality
  • Price

A heavy-duty tool doesn’t always need to be super-expensive and inaccessible to people who are on a strict budget. Some models on the market are exceptionally affordable but offer quite similar features as the premium ones. If you’re looking for a decent piece of carpentry equipment, this particular model might be the best solution, especially if you’re struggling with the budget.

Our goal is to offer as much insight as possible so that you know what to expect if you ever opt for this unit. You can rest assured that our reviews are honest and unbiased. It’s always better to get informed about these tools instead of rushing the purchase because you might end up with something you don’t need or want. Therefore, take a moment and check our full reviews out, you’ll get a much better idea about the abilities and capabilities of popular and quality cabinet table saws.


  • Weight – 250 pounds
  • Dimensions – 42 x 30 x 28 inches
  • Power source – Corded
  • Motor – 15 amps, 3450 RPM max

Porter-Cable PCB270TS – The Basics

This particular model is quite good and efficient. However, it’s not a grade-A cabinet table saw; therefore, you cannot expect anything special. On the other hand, it has more than enough features to act as a great substitution for a more expensive model. In other words, if you’re struggling with finances, this unit might be an ideal solution for the problem.

The 15-amp motor is good, but not great. It performs well, but the level of noise might be something you won’t like much. The 30-inch rip capacity is neat, and you don’t have to worry about free space at all. The tabletop area is spacious enough for many different applications. The unit has a built-in arbor lock which is responsible for allowing you to change the blade or fine-tune it quickly. Overall, it’s a worthy investment if you’re not planning to tackle particularly massive projects. Also, contrary to popular belief, this machine can work for many years as long as you maintain it in good condition.

Porter Cable PCB270TS

The Features

The design

As far as the design goes, it’s okay. If you expected something special, we have some bad news. Albeit it’s not an impressive design, that doesn’t mean it’s not functional. In fact, it’s quite easy to use this machine, even if you’re an absolute beginner. The accuracy is good. The table top bevel scale allows you to adjust the blade to your personal preferences.

The top part is made of cast iron meaning you don’t have to worry much about the durability of this unit. Thanks to the highly resistant materials, it won’t struggle with sudden hits and accidental damage. The rip fence is what makes this unit accurate. It’s quite well-designed, and it offers a movable scale which greatly alleviates the use of this measuring instrument. Speaking of measures, the fence is also perfectly flat meaning you don’t have to be concerned about any deviations.


One of the most important things for a cabinet table saw is its safety. There is no use in having a machine that’s not considered absolutely safe. Needless to say, the Porter-Cable PCB270TS can be considered quite safe, even though it lacks some of the more innovative features. However, considering the affordability of it, it’s not a big deal. This saw features a transparent blade guard and a good anti-kickback system. It may be the standard set of features, but it’s still more than enough.

Dust collecting

The PCB270TS features a 4-inch dust-collecting port. An extension is available on the market that allows you to connect a vacuum hose to redirect the sawdust. It works well, although there’s nothing impressive about it. However, it’s efficient and performs as advertised.

Porter Cable PCB270TS Miter Gage





Easy to use


Somewhat portable



Subpar quality in comparison to other models




Things we liked about it

The first and most obvious thing people like about this tool is its price. In fact, it’s significantly cheaper than any other model from the same category. However, that also means it lacks a few additional features.

The main advantage of this machine is the fact that it’s accessible to people with a tight budget. Professionals who are only getting started love experimenting by purchasing an affordable unit first, before they opt for a super-expensive one. Therefore, if you’re looking for a decent piece of equipment, don’t hesitate to check this particular model out.


Things we didn’t like

It is evident that this is not a triple-A model. There are some flaws both design-wise and performance-wise. You cannot expect a smooth operation if you don’t maintain the unit in good condition. Therefore, maintenance is important, and that can sometimes be quite a burden for some people, especially the inexperienced ones.

The other thing we didn’t like is the base. Instead of having a solid one-piece foundation, it relies on four legs. Even though the legs are thick and made of iron, the stability of the whole unit still suffers a bit.

What Users Say About The Porter-Cable PCB270TS

Truth be told, professionals avoid buying this particular model. The feelings are mixed when it comes to the smoothness of performance and overall accuracy of the unit. On the other hand, DIY-ers and hobbyists usually take the chance, and a vast majority of them are satisfied. The principle with table saws is pretty simple – you’ll get what you paid for.

Porter Cable PCB270TS


As you can tell, this is an entry-level cabinet saw with an affordable price. If you’re looking for something like this, don’t hesitate to invest in this model – it’s a worthy investment, to say the least. On the other hand, if you’re searching for great precision, stability, and high-quality – keep looking.

This unit is foreseen for smaller projects. As soon as you try to tackle a bigger one, the performance will probably drop by a lot. It doesn’t mean it can’t do the job right, but you’ll need much more time than with a premium model. In the end, it’s up to you. One thing you can be certain of is the fact that it won’t damage your budget much.

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