RIDGID R4512 Review


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RIDGID R4512 Review

Reviewed by: Timothy Henderson

Published on: July 20, 2017

Last modified: Nov 27, 2022 @ 10:13 pm

  • Design
  • Functionality
  • Price

RIDGID R4512 Review Summary:

Knocking out 3450 rpm from its 13 amp motor, the trade-grade RIDGID R4512 hybrid table saw can take the abuse of time-lengthy projects — featuring a high-efficiency fan-cooled motor and thermal protector.


  • Weight – 117 pounds
  • Dimensions – 47 x 29 x 24 inches
  • Power source – Corded
  • Motor – 15 amps
  • Voltage – 120V AC

RIDGID R54512 – The Basics

This model is a great all-around machine. It will fulfill most of your requirements, but it’s not foreseen for heavy use on a daily basis. Therefore, if you’re a devoted professional working non-stop on various projects, this unit might not be an ideal solution for you. On the other hand, that doesn’t mean it can’t withstand stress and deadlines, but there is a possibility of struggling with technical difficulties.

The 15-amp motor is smooth and powerful. In simpler words, you can cut through any wood without too much hassle. The tabletop area is spacious, but it could have been designed a bit better. As far as the stability goes, it has a wheeled base with two legs. As you can assume, it’s also quite portable thanks to the convenient wheels.

The Features

The design

The most notable thing about this particular design is the wheeled base. A vast majority of hybrid table saws are immobile and heavy. This particular one can be moved from place to place with ease thanks to the wheels. On the other hand, the quality of these wheels is somewhat underwhelming. In fact, frequent use can cause damage, and that’s what many people consider to be a disadvantage.

As we said, the tabletop area is quite spacious, but some people think it could have been designed better. The T-glide fence is okay, but far from impressive. A few models that were shipped to the buyers had a crooked fence which makes you think about the quality control department within the company.

The onboard storage is a neat addition to an already versatile machine. Even though it doesn’t offer a massive amount of free space, it’s still good enough for holding a few of your most important tools.

Safety elements

When it comes to safety, one can consider the RIDGID R4512 quite safe. It has a transparent blade guard which allows you to see what’s happening during operation. Also, the anti-kickback system is quite effective. The On/Off button isn’t as large as one would expect, and that can be a burden sometimes, especially in tight situations.

However, these are all standard pieces of safety equipment; therefore, they aren’t impressive per se.

Precision and performance

It is a pretty accurate model thanks to its well-designed fence system. However, if you’re looking for high precision, you might want to keep searching, this particular model isn’t foreseen for cutting to extremely low deviations.

RIDGID R4512 blade guard
RIDGID R4512 adjustable unit





Easy to use





Quality of wheels is subpar


Not as spacious as one would expect


Things we liked about it

The first and most obvious thing people like about this unit is its portability. Thanks to the wheeled base, you can move it wherever you want without any problems or fatigue. It’s especially important for people who are working on busy construction sites and are frequently changing their work area.

Another thing we liked is the adjustability. In simpler words, you can adjust anything you want to your personal preferences. Bear in mind, a certain level of expertise is required for this. If you don’t know how to adjust a table saw properly, don’t try to DIY your way out of it. Instead, hire someone who knows what they are doing, and you’ll have the machine ready in a matter of few hours.


Things we didn’t like

The wheels are of subpar quality. It’s a neat addition, but it could have been planned better. The materials used in the production of these wheels aren’t as reliable as one would expect. Consequently, the wheels are usually the first to suffer damage and wear.

Many people complained about the customer support department. It’s quite a worrying trend with RIDGID in the last couple of years. Therefore, if you ever end up needing to talk to their customer support, arm yourself with a lot of patience and tolerance.

Even though it’s a heavy-duty machine, it’s not foreseen for daily use which can be an issue for devoted professionals.

What Users Say About The RIDGID R4512

Many users didn’t like their new tool. The reasons are different, but the outcome is the same – disappointment. However, most of those users were professionals who worked with their machines for at least eight hours on a daily basis.

On the other hand, hobbyists love the accuracy and smoothness. Also, the price is more than acceptable. Therefore, if you’re on a tight budget, this unit might be a good solution.

RIDGID R4512 wheeled base


As you can see, it’s quite a versatile unit. It can tackle most projects, but it can’t withstand any extreme stress. Applications like flooring, roofing, and processing wood, in general, are a piece of cake for the RIDGID R4512. However, heavy-duty projects aren’t its strongest point, to say the least.

If you think it won’t meet your expectations, make sure you check our other full reviews. In case you find it sufficiently good, don’t hesitate to make an investment. As far as we are concerned, it’s worth checking out.

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