Fieldpiece SC680 Review

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Fieldpiece SC680 Review

Reviewed by: Timothy Henderson

Last modified: May 27, 2023 @ 11:22 am

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Fieldpiece SC680 Review Summary

Offering every HVACR testing feature you can possibly demand — the Fieldpiece SC680 could be the best air-con, heating, and refrigeration clamp meter currently in the marketplace.

In-built wireless technology permits the unit to communicate effortlessly with your mobile tech — permitting storage, future scrutinization, and data sharing. Furthermore, its intelligent low-pass filter system eliminates electrical noise concomitant to industrial motors.

Inrush current detection permits you to analyze troublesome circuit-tripping start-up amperages, while microamp compatibility means you can utilize the tool to address issue-laden flame sensors.

Safety on this clamp meter is paramount. The machine is certified with a CAT IV safety rating — meaning it’s suitable for high-energy industrial loads. And, with non-contact voltage detection and alerts, it provides reassuring peace of mind by warning you of live wires.

Dual temperature testing permits simultaneous checking of entering and exiting air heat levels, while TRMS tech guarantees the most precise readings possible.

This unit comes from the Fieldpiece brand — an all-American company with over 30 years of experience in the manufacture of electrical testing equipment. The SC680 model is the flagship tool in its HVACR clamp meter lineup.


  • Weight – 16.9 ounces
  • Voltage – 1000 volts
  • Current – 600 amps
  • Safety Rating – CAT IV


  • Wireless integration with Job Link app.
  • Low pass filter.
  • Molex test leads for smaller circuitry.


Communicates wirelessly with the Job Link app.
CAT IV rated.
Dual temp testing.
Backlit dial and LCD screen.
Microamps feature.


Premium price for a premium clamp meter.
Sometimes slow to deliver readout results.

Features and Benefits of the Fieldpiece Multimeter SC680 Clamp Meter

Proudly marketed by Fieldpiece as its top-of-the-line HVACR machine, the SC680 clamp meter promises to possess every engineer-demanded feature for addressing both small and large-scale air-con and heating systems.

True, or just hype? Time to investigate whether this machine has that elusive spark of genius, or is nothing more than a short circuit.

Wireless Integration

Incorporating wireless tech, the SC 680 communicates effortlessly with the Job Link app (available from both Google Play and Apple Store).

Transmitting data direct from the clamp meter to smartphones, laptops, and tablets — up to a distance of 1000 feet — this invaluable feature has multiple benefits for the hardcore HVACR pro, including the abilities of:

  • Recording multiple info readouts — impossible with a standard memory hold system.
  • Permitting you to review data at a later date.
  • Allowing info to be sent to clients or work colleagues.
  • Giving the facility to leave the meter running in-situ — while you work in a different room or location.

Furthermore, unlike earlier Fieldpiece wireless clamp meter incarnations — and current competitor models — the SC680 doesn’t require a separate attachable transmitter to communicate with your mobile tech.

Low Pass Filter

This is a serious high-end specification. If you’re not an HVACR pro, stick with me, and I’ll explain.

Modern three-phase induction motors — found in industrial air-con and refrigeration systems — use a Variable Frequency Drive (a VFD) to regulate their speed. The issue is they generate a significant volume of electrical noise, meaning when you attempt to troubleshoot these systems, your results can be skewed by this interference.

The low pass filter of the SC680 eliminates these unwanted disturbances, guaranteeing the most accurate info possible.

Inrush Current Detection

Checking motor amperage in HVACR systems can be challenging. Most clamp meters only display the running current — not the start-up.

The issue is, air-con and heating motors can draw a significant volume of amperage as they initiate, which then drops once the powerhouse is operating. While not always an issue for troubleshooting, it can be impossible to diagnose power breaker trips due to this preliminary draw being too high.

Thankfully, the SC 680 Clamp Meter from Fieldpiece boasts in-rush current detection — allowing you to separate the start-up energy levels and address the issue.

Microamps Investigation

The sign of a true HVACR clamp meter — and essential for heating engineers.

Microamps testing permits you to investigate flame rectifier diodes on boilers and furnaces, a function omitted from many so-called HVACR machines. Just turn the selector dial to the µADC setting, connect the included probe leads between the control module and flame sensor — and check the reading against the boiler manufacturer’s specifications to check for discrepancies.

CAT IV Safety Rating

Certified to CAT IV, the Fieldpiece Clamp SC680 can be used to analyze the mother-of-all-electrical systems — allowing you to troubleshoot electrical circuitry up to 1000 volts.

This is in contrast with the majority of HVACR testing units on the market, which typically only investigate 600 volts (CAT III).

Dual Temperature

This is impressive. You’d expect a genuine HVACR clamp meter to have the ability to scrutinize heat levels — it’s kind of crucial when you’re dealing with machines that are designed to deliver either hot or cold conditions.

And, the SC 680 from Fieldpiece meets this standard — able to check temps from -58 degrees to 2372 degrees Fahrenheit. Yes, you read that correctly, 2372 degrees Fahrenheit — one of the highest heat limits in the entire clamp meter category.

But, there’s more.

Unlike many circuit testers that only measure a single temperature, the SC680 has a dual-mode. This permits you to investigate both entering and exiting air temperatures simultaneously.


Ok, so the Fieldpiece Multi Clamp Meter SC680 has inrush current detection, microamps, and temp testing — everything expected by the demanding HVACR engineer.

But, that’s not at the expense of standard functions. This machine also boasts the more common investigative capabilities of an everyday multi or clamp meter. These include the facility to scrutinize:

  • Continuity.
  • Frequency.
  • Non-contact voltage.
  • Current.
  • Voltage AC and DC.
  • Duty cycle.
  • Capacitance.
  • Resistance.
  • Diodes.
  • Wattage.
  • Phase rotation.

What’s more, incorporating TRMS technology, you’re guaranteed that the results offer the ultimate in accuracy.

Additional Accessories

When you purchase the SC680, you’re not just getting the clamp meter itself. Included with the unit are:

  • Small circuit-friendly Molex probe tips.
  • Silicone probe testing leads.
  • Alligator clip testing leads.
  • 2 x Type K thermoprobes.
  • 2 x velcro straps.
  • 9-volt alkaline battery.
  • Padded carry case.
  • Operator’s SC680 manual.

Fieldpiece Multimeter Clampmeter SC680 Specifications

Fieldpiece SC680
Weight16.9 ounces
Display10000 count
Voltage1000 Volts AC/DC
Current600 Amps
Highest Safety RatingCAT IV
Size11.87 x 3.13 x 1.96 inches
Batteries1 x 9 volt (included)
Measurement Rate3.3 per second
Non-Contact VoltageYes
Auto Power Off30 minutes
Battery Life100 hours
Low Battery IndicatorYes
Maximum Operational Altitude6562 feet
Inrush CurrentYes
Low Pass FilterYes
Temperature Range -58 to 2372 Fahrenheit (dual)

What Do Users Say About the Fieldpiece Electrical SC680 Clamp Meter?

To be honest, I’m finding it difficult to find fault with the SC680. Featuring everything that I believe the HVACR pro needs for electrical testing — it appears to be the consummate air-con and ventilation investigation unit.

However, have I become seduced by all the bells and whistles? Is this machine more glitz than grunt? As my operational experience is limited with this clamp meter, I sought the opinions of SC680 owners — to see exactly how this machine operates in real-world scenarios.

Reassuringly, the views expressed were overwhelmingly positive. Guys utilizing this testing tool were impressed by the seamless wireless integration, applauded the microamp feature, and lauded the inrush current detection.

Where there were some criticisms by owners, they tended to be mainly insignificant for many prospective purchasers. A few contractors remarked that the SC 680 was heavy — at nearly 17 ounces, it’s a hefty unit. Another pair of slightly disgruntled users mentioned that the clamp meter was slower than some comparative tools in delivering readout results.

Yet, overall, pros and contractors using this machine on a daily basis felt that it lived up to its description as a high-end HVACR tester — and delivered everything they required in the daily jobs and projects.

Alternatives to the Fieldpiece Clamp Multi SC680

While the SC 680 from Fieldpiece might appear to be the pinnacle of HVACR testing — that doesn’t mean it’s going to suit the specific demands of some operators or projects.

With that in mind, I’ve put together a selection of three alternatives that may be more applicable to your requirements.

Fieldpiece SC440

Should you be a fan of the US-based Fieldpiece brand, but are looking for something a little easier on the wallet — consider this comparative machine instead.

Hailing from the same stable as the SC640, the SC440 still delivers impressive HVACR capabilities including inrush current tech, microamps capabilities, and temperature testing. However, coming in at a sub $200 price point, it’s easier on your bottom line than the premium SC640.

  • CAT III rated, like the SC640.
  • No swiveling head, a benefit of the SC640 model.
  • Like the SC640, this model includes leads, case, and battery.

Fieldpiece SC640

If you’re impressed by the HVACR-crucial functions of the SC680 — but feel it’s a little on the pricey side — consider this comparable machine by the same manufacturer.

Like the SC680, the SC640 boasts microamps, in-rush tech, a swiveling head, and TRMS tech. However, while it does have slightly fewer features, it comes in significantly easier on the wallet than its premium sibling.

  • CAT III rated as opposed to the CAT IV of the SC680.
  • Single temperature testing, not dual.
  • No wireless system or low pass filter — capabilities of the SC680.

Klein Tools CL800

Should you be chasing a genuine pro-grade clamp meter like the SC680 — but not being an HVACR contractor, you have no requirement for most of the air-con and heating-specific features — check out this unit.

The CL800 incorporates high-end trade tech — accurate TRMS technology, a CAT IV safety rating, auto-ranging, and low-impedance mode. But, lacking inrush current detection, microamps, and low pass filters — it’s more suited to the everyday electrician rather than the AC and venting pro.

  • Easier on your bank balance than the SC680.
  • Single temperature testing as opposed to the dual of the Fieldpiece.
  • At 12.5 ounces, it’s significantly lighter than the 17-ounce SC680.


Loaded with high-end HVACR testing functions, the SC680 is the ultimate clamp meter for the air-con, ventilation, and heating pro.

Adaptor-free wireless connection permits effortless appraisal, storage, and delivery of complex tech to your portable media. Low pass filters eliminate irrelevant electrical noise while inrush detection and microamps enable start-up current scrutinization and flame sensor testing.

Combine this with a high-energy CAT IV safety rating, dual temperature investigation, and TRMS tech — and you have one of the most comprehensive clamp meters currently on the market.

Sure, for many pros who don’t deal with hot or cold systems, many of its capabilities are redundant.

But, for the professional who deals day-in-day-out with refrigeration and ambient temperature systems — and demands the max in versatility — few machines come close to the Fieldpiece SC680.

Fieldpiece Clamp Meter Electrical Tester SC680 FAQs

Q: What Is the Fieldpiece SC680 Price?

The Fieldpiece SC 680 is a premium-grade pro HVACR clamp meter that offers wireless tech, dual temperature testing, and inrush amperage detection. To check out the current cost of the Fieldpiece SC680.

Q: Where Can I Find the Fieldpiece Clamp Meter SC680 Manual?

The official Fieldpiece website stores a plethora of user guides for its electrical testing tools. For rapid access to the Fieldpiece SC680 manual.

Q: How Far Does the Wireless Function Work on the Fieldpiece SC-680?

The in-built wireless system in the Fieldpiece Clamp SC680 allows you to send information to portable tech devices up to a distance of 1000 feet.

Q: Where Can I Buy the Fieldpiece Multi Clamp Meter SC680?

The Fieldpiece Multimeter Clampmeter SC680 is a contractor-level machine for troubleshooting HVACR equipment. You can get your hands on this unit by clicking here.

Q: What Batteries Does the FieldPiece MultiMeter SC680 Use?

The SC 680 from Fieldpiece runs off 1 x PP9 volt power cell. Pleasingly, this battery is included with the unit purchase — allowing you to operate the machine immediately after unboxing.

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