Klein Tools CL110 Review

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Klein Tools CL110 Review

Reviewed by: Timothy Henderson

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Klein CL110 Kit Review Summary

Featuring a DIY-grade clamp meter, yet with the inclusion of additional pro-level hardware, the Klein CL110 kit attempts to cover both trade and casual use in one package.

For the home and amateur operative — the stripped back meter and its affordable price point will undoubtedly appeal. An auto-ranging system negates the need for a prior understanding of measuring metrics, plus a memory hold function stores the most recent reading.

Furthermore, CAT III certification delivers reassuring safety — even on three-phase systems — while a backlit LCD screen allows you to operate the tool in poorly illuminated environments.

Trade pros may welcome the GFCI tester, permitting the scrutinization of permanently installed power breakers. Additionally, the inclusion of a line splitter could be applauded by contractors looking to examine wire current or voltage without having to separate cables. But, with the clamp meter lacking TRMS tech and non-contact voltage detection — the key unit may disappoint the serious user.

The CL110 is no longer in production by Klein Tools — perhaps the reason why it’s now available as a budget kit in an attempt to remove any remaining obsolete stock. It has been superseded by the superior Klein CL 120 as its entry-level DIY tool.


  • Weight – 15 ounces
  • Voltage – 600 volts
  • Current – 400 amps
  • Safety Rating – CAT III


  • Includes line splitter and GFCI receptacle tester.
  • Backlit LCD screen.
  • Complete with batteries.


Excellent value for a three-piece kit.
Affordable price point.
Tests current, continuity, voltage, and resistance.
Backlit LCD screen.
Includes a carry case.


Line splitter and GFCI tester may be overkill for the DIYer.
Lacks TRMS technology.
Omits non-contact voltage detection.

Features and Benefits of the Klein Clamp Meter CL110

It’s a complete three-piece set for the electrical novice or beginner tradesperson — but does it amount to more than the sum of its parts? Let’s get down to the capabilities of the CL110 Klein clamp meter.

CAT III Rating

Certified for CAT III use — meaning it’s rated for systems up to three-phase — the CL110 is suitable for use in both the home and factory/warehouse environments.

Admittedly, it cannot be utilized for high-energy loads — such as utility transformers and pole-to-pole wiring — but if this is your area of interest, then chances are you wouldn’t be considering a sub $100 beginners kit.

Memory Hold and Max

With the Klein clamp meter, you don’t have to search for a pen and paper to record your testing results. A memory hold feature stores your most recent readout for future scrutinizing, while a max system displays the peak reached — whether on voltage, current, or resistance.


Do you allow your wife or partner to make all the important domestic decisions, as you know it leads to a more peaceful life? Well, the Klein CL110 clamp meter auto-ranging feature is similar to your spouse — you just sit back and let it take all the responsibility.

When activated, it decides whether to display your testing readout in tens, hundredths, or thousandths — meaning you don’t require an encyclopedic knowledge of electrical metrics in order to use the machine. And, even if you do understand different levels of capacitance or resistance — the auto-ranging system saves you time by negating the need to fiddle with dials and switches.

GFCI Receptacle Tester

As part of the CL110 kit, the package includes a GFCI (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter) tester.

New to the electrical world and have no idea what that means? A GFCI is basically a power breaker that switches off the energy supply to your appliance if it detects a fault or break in the low-resistance grounding path. It’s similar to the portable, plug-in types you utilize for your lawnmower or hedge shears — but is installed as a permanent socket instead of a transportable one.

The GFCI tester included with the CL110 examines the socket for incorrect wiring or failure to ground. Simply insert into the plug receptacle, and an LED light illuminates if there is an issue — not only alerting you to the problem but also indicating the nature of the fault.

Line Splitter

The second inclusion in the CL110 testing set is a seriously useful line splitter.

If you’re an experienced electrician or serious amateur you know the issue — it’s impossible to use a clamp meter on three wires, as featured in most cables. The usual solution is to remove the outer protective sheath, separate the wires and then clamp around your target of interest.

The line splitter negates this headache. Just plug into a power outlet, and connect your appliance to the splitter. Then, position your clamp around the square opening in the splitter to take your reading.

Backlit Display

Testing electrical circuits can lead you into some dim locations — inside engine bays, in attics, and beneath floorboards. This can make an analysis of your readout troublesome — especially if you don’t have access to a secondary work lamp.

Thankfully, the Klein CL 110 clamp meter features a backlit LCD screen, permitting you to effortlessly read the display in less than perfect light conditions.

Additional Accessories

In addition to the clamp meter, line splitter, and GFCI receptacle tester — the CL110 kit arrives with the following:

  • Lengthy probe testing leads.
  • Soft carry case.
  • 3 x AAA batteries.

Klein Clamp Meter CL 110 Set Specifications

Klein CL110
Weight15 ounces
Drop Protection3.3 feet
Voltage600 Volts AC/DC
Current400 Amps
Highest Safety RatingCAT III
Size8.70 x 1.61 x 3.02 inches
Batteries3 x AAA
Included AccessoriesLine splitter
GFCI tester
3 x AAA Batteries
Soft carry case
Non-Contact VoltageNo

Klein CL110 Vs CL120

Focusing on just the clamp meters — not the included splitter and GFCI tester — the CL110 and its replacement, the CL120, are similar machines.

They both incorporate auto-ranging, CAT III certification, and a memory hold function. However, the CL120 is undoubtedly superior to its previous incarnation — boasting non-contact voltage detection and testing probe storage — not included in the CL110.

What Do Users Say About the Klein CL 110 Clamp Meter Testing Kit?

To be honest, I feel somewhat sorry for the Klein CL 110 kit — it seems to lack any real identity. On one hand, by including a pro-grade line splitter and GFCI tester, it makes the set excellent value, and pushes it into the realms of trade use.

But on the other hand, the clamp meter unit is nothing more than a basic DIY-level tool, lacking many of the features demanded by serious contractors.

Thinking that I was perhaps being too harsh on this machine, I sought the opinions of CL110 kit owners — to discover exactly what guys on the front line thought about the package.

The testimonials seemed to be as torn as my own views. Generally speaking, reviews of the clamp meter and its affordable price point were positive — lauding its auto-ranging, praising the CAT III rating, and welcoming the memory hold function — basically, appreciating a high-quality DIY-grade unit.

However, while many owners welcomed the inclusion of a GFCI tester and line splitter, owners were perplexed why these pro-grade accessories were not matched by the clamp meter — lacking temperature testing, TRMS technology, and non-contact voltage detection.

Overall, the guys considered that for the cost, the CL110 set offers a mammoth amount of hardware. The issue is, but for whom?

Alternatives to the Klein Tools CL110 Clamp Meter Testing Kit

If, like some of the owners above, you’re not overflowing with enthusiasm for the CL 110 kit — stick with me. Below are three worthy alternatives that may be more suited to your demands.

Klein Tools CL380

If you’re looking for a DIY-grade machine, but one with more pro capabilities than the stripped-back CL110 — check out this machine instead.

The CL380 also hails from the respected Klein stable, but boasts additional features not included on the CL110 that may be more appealing to the serious home user — such as accuracy boosting TRMS technology, non-contact voltage detection, and maximum/minimum option.

  • Slightly higher price point than the CL110.
  • Unlike the CL110, the CL380 doesn’t have a backlit LCD.
  • At 8.3 ounces, it’s significantly lighter than the CL110.

Extech MA445

Extech MA445
If you need an affordable clamp meter for home or trade use, yet require a unit that offers temperature testing — not characteristics of the CL110 machine — take a look at the Extech.

The MA445 boasts a removable thermoprobe, allowing you to scrutinize heat levels up to a gargantuan 1832 degrees Fahrenheit. I would suggest that this may appeal to automotive enthusiasts and HVAC engineers.

  • TRMS tech, not incorporated in the Klein meter.
  • Similar price point to the CL110.
  • CAT III certified, as is the CL110.

Klein CL800

Should you be a hardcore electrical tradesperson dealing in extremely high-energy environments, the CAT III certification rating of the CL110 will be insufficient. If that’s the case, consider this higher-grade model instead.

The CL800 is a CAT IV clamp meter, allowing the machine to tackle intense electrical loads — for example in mains utility transformers and pole-to-pole overhead wiring. What’s more, incorporating a low-impedance mode, it removes stray and ghost voltages — impossible with the CL110.

  • Significantly harder on your bank account than the CL110.
  • Uses TRMS tech, unlike the CL110.
  • Suitable up to 1000 volts, compared to the 600-volt limit of the CL110.


Considering the CL110 kit includes a clamp meter, line splitter, and GFCI tester — all for less than a decent night on the town — the set is undoubtedly excellent value.

The issue arises in the target market. The meter itself is a reliable and durable DIY-grade machine, boasting a welcome backlit display, novice-friendly auto-ranging, and reassuring CAT III certification.

However, it will prove insufficient for serious trade users, who conversely, would benefit from the splitter and GFCI inclusions — which are pretty much pointless for the casual home electrical operative.

So, if you’re a keen DIYer who loves value and doesn’t demand pro-grade functionality, the Klein CL110 kit is worthy of consideration — although the additional hardware could be resigned to lying idle in your toolbox.

Klein CL 110 Kit Clamp Meter FAQs

Q: What Is the Klein CL110 Price?

The Klein CL 110 Kit includes a mass of tech hardware — comprising a clamp meter, line splitter, and GFCI receptacle tester — available at a remarkably low price point. To check out the current cost of the Klein CL110.

Q: Where Can I Find the Klein CL110 Manual?

The official Klein website is host to a plethora of instruction guides for its power tools — including those that are no longer in production. For rapid access to the Klein CL110 manual.

Q: Where Can I Buy the Klein Tools Clamp Meter CL 110?

The Klein CL 110 kit includes a DIY-grade clamp meter, plus pro-level line splitter and GFCI receptacle tester. You can get your hands on this electrical testing kit by clicking here.

Q: What Batteries Does the Klein MultiMeter CL 120 Clamp Use?

The CL110 from the US Klein Tools brand uses three AAA power cells. Pleasingly, these batteries are included with the kit purchase — as are a line splitter, soft carrying case, testing leads, and a GFCI receptacle tester.

Q: Does the Klein Tools CL 110 Clamp Meter Have TRMS Tech?

No. The Klein Tools CL110 is a no-nonsense and straightforward standard RMS clamp testing meter. If you need an electrical multimeter machine that boasts precision-boosting TRMS technology, I suggest you take a look at the Extech MA445.

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