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SKIL HD527802

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SKIL HD527802 Review Summary:

With 3-in-1 multifunction capability — standard, hammer, and driving — the cordless SKIL HD527802 is an impressive and versatile home DIY drill.

Dropping mains lead tethering, this machine is driven by an included 20-volt lithium-ion cell. And, featuring an intelligent temperature management system, it shields the battery from overheating — protecting the unit and extending cell life. Furthermore, the drill also comes complete with a charger with a quick power replenishment mode.

Boasting 17 torque settings and delivering 1450 rpm, this machine is suited to an absolute plethora of DIY applications — including mounting shelves, assembling furniture, laying decking, and boring into masonry. And, with an incorporated LED lamp, you’re assured of sufficient illumination when under car hoods, beneath the stairs, or inside cupboards.

A 0.5-inch keyless chuck enables the swift exchange of bits — without having to locate a key. What’s more, its size permits the use of large diameter bits, a feature not typically found on the majority of DIY-grade drills.

The HD527802 comes from the SKIL stable, a former American company founded in 1926. Known for reliability combined with affordability, its units are popular with casual home-users and prosumer customers. Today, the brand is owned by the Chinese-based Chervon — although its power tool operations are run from Naperville, Illinois.


Five-year warranty.
Variable speed trigger.
Cordless operation.
Auto-spindle lock for bit security.
Arrives complete with a battery and a charger.


The 2.0 Ah cell has a disappointing run time.
Relatively low 177 in-lbs of torque.
Struggles with dense hardwoods and metals.

Features and Benefits of the SKIL Cordless HD527802

Time to pull back the curtain and reveal whether this unit has the features to stand up to its competitors in the DIY drilling world. Here are a few of its noteworthy characteristics:

Mains-Free Operation

Unsurprisingly, the cordless HD527802 drill doesn’t require you to be tethered to a mains outlet. This means that your operational freedom is elevated, permitting you to operate away from power sockets and eliminating cord tripping hazards.

17 Torque Settings

Delivering a choice of 17 torque settings, this drill permits you to adjust the power output to suit your target material. Admittedly, with a maximum grunt of 177 in-lbs, you’re not going to be driving lag bolts or mixing dense plaster — but it’s more than sufficient for screwing into wood and boring into masonry and soft-to-medium metals.

PWRCORE Lithium Battery

It comes with a battery pack.

It may sound obvious, but an absolute multitude of cordless drills — especially those from the major players — arrive as tool-only. I guess that since these ‘big boys’ of the powerdriving world have cells that are compatible across all its cordless tools — they expect fanatics of their brand to have a ready supply of batteries.

Anyways, the HD527802 comes complete with a 20-volt 2.0 Ah PWRCore lithium cell and charging unit. Featuring an intelligent power management system, it promises to shield the cell from overheating and thus elongating battery life, while also delivering 25 percent more running time than comparable 2.0 Ah cells.

Furthermore, should your battery drain just before you complete your project — you can finish the job with the drill’s rapid five-minute charge feature. And, if you lose your charger or can’t be bothered to fetch it from the garage — the battery incorporates a USB port — allowing you to power up from the mains (with your own USB cable and plug, it’s not included).

Standard or Hammer Function

In addition to the 17 torque settings the SKIL cordless HD527802 permits you to switch between standard or hammer function.

Hence, for softwoods and plasters, keep the drill on the standard setting — permitting accurate control and preventing splitting or cracking of your base material. For masonry, it’s hammer time — without the parachute pants — enabling you to power into the hardest of concrete and brickwork. On the highest setting, this machine will achieve around 21750 bpm (blows-per-minute).

0.5-Inch Keyless Chuck

Despite this drill targeting the DIY market — it doesn’t feature the typical home-use chuck.

The manufacturer has ditched the 0.25 and 0.375-inch format — usually found on DIY units — and opted for the pro-grade 0.5-inch size. This permits you to utilize large diameter bits with the drill as well as mixing attachments — although, with the relatively low torque output, it may struggle with combining any liquids denser than paint.

Being keyless, there’s no chance of losing the crucial chuck tool. And, boasting an auto-spindle lock feature, switching between bits is both rapid and fuss-free.

LED Lamp

Your drilling projects can often lead you to dimly lit locations — such as underneath a car bonnet, below the stairs, and inside closets. Hence, it’s pleasing to see that the SKIL cordless HD527802 incorporates an LED lamp — flooding your working area with illumination.

Not only does this ensure you don’t do something stupid like drill through your hand, but it also negates the need for an additional work light and concomitant cable and extension cord.

Furthermore, the lamp remains switched on for 10 seconds after you cease drilling, allowing you to check your handiwork for accuracy.

Variable Speed

The rotation speed of the HD527802 cordless drill is controlled by its two-finger trigger — the harder you squeeze the faster the bit/driver turns. Boasting a pair of output settings — 0-420 rpm and 0-1450 rpm — you can adjust the velocity to suit the demands of your target medium.

Belt Clip

If your work takes you to high-level locations, or you’re particularly clumsy, you may appreciate the inclusion of the SKIL HD527802’s belt clip. This handy feature allows you to safely secure the gun on your person when not in use, preventing accidental drops from heights that are guaranteed to wreck your machine.

SKIL HD527802 Specifications

SKIL HD527802
Weight4.32 pounds
Chuck0.5-inch keyless
Speed0-420 and 0-1450 rpm
Torque177 in-lbs
Battery pack20-volt 2.0Ah lithium-ion
Blows per minute0-6300 and 0-21750 bpm
Included driverPhillips #2
WarrantyFive Years

What Users Say About The SKIL HD527802

For me, the SKIL drill HD527802 is an ideal multi-purpose home-use cordless machine — offering versatility through its hammer, standard, and driver modes.

However, is this opinion shared by the owners of this unit?

To gain a more thorough understanding of its capabilities, and to gauge how this drill functions in everyday applications, I sought the views of the guys who use the HD527802.

Happily, their thoughts were similar to mine.

These mainly positive opinions praised the machine’s user-adjustable torque settings, welcomed its large bit compatible 0.5-inch chuck, and lauded its LED lamp.

Sure, not everyone was impressed.

One guy criticized the unit for the relatively short operational time of the 2.0 Ah battery — while another moaned that the somewhat low torque output meant that the drill struggled when driving into hardwoods.

That said, virtually all owners agreed that the HD527802 was a robust, affordable, and flexible machine that would suit the home DIYer.

Alternatives To The SKIL HD527802

Although the HD527802 SKIL drill punches above its weight — it’s not going to excite everyone.

If this unit has failed to stir your DIY libido, I’ve sought out some equally creditable alternatives that may be more suitable for your needs.

Metabo HPT DV18DBL2Q4

Wagner Spray 250
Should the cord-free feature of the HD527802 appeal — but you’re dissuaded by its lack of grunt — this machine could stimulate your interest.

Knocking out a mighty 1205 in-lbs of torque — compared to the 177 in-lbs of the SKIL — this brawny unit will tackle dense hardwoods and thick metals. Although, bear in mind that, unlike the HD527802, it doesn’t arrive complete with a battery pack.

  • Lifetime guarantee, as opposed to the five-year warranty of the SKIL.
  • Comparable price to the SKIL, but requires additional purchase of a lithium cell.
  • Higher impact rate — 31500 bpm in comparison to the HD527802’s 21750 bpm.

Makita XPH07Z

Tacklife SGP15AC
If you’re tempted by the cordless capacity of the HD527802, but just wish it had the ability for more rapid drilling and driving — this Makita unit might be the answer.

Delivering 2100 rpm as opposed to the 1450 rpm of the SKIL unit, the XPH07Z is more suited to time-intensive projects. Furthermore, arriving complete with a secondary handle — not included with the SKIL — it allows for impressively accurate control.

  • A similar price point to the HD527802 — but without a battery.
  • Greater torque — 1090 in-lbs in comparison to the 177 in-lbs of the SKIL.
  • Like the HD527802, this machine also includes a belt clip.

Porter-Cable PCC620LB

Portable Cable PCC620LB

Need more hammer power for those tough masonry jobs? This drill may be more suitable than the HD527802.

Knocking out 27200 bpm — in comparison to the 21750 bpm of the SKIL — this Porter-Cable will effortlessly pound into tough concrete. Furthermore, boasting a battery pack that promises 33 percent more run-time than its competitors, it will outlast the slightly disappointing power-life of the SKIL.

  • Tougher on the pocket than the HD527802 SKIL.
  • Like the SKIL, this unit includes a 0.5-inch keyless chuck.
  • Three-year guarantee, as opposed to the five-year warranty of the SKIL.


Offering hammer, standard drill, and driving capabilities with cord-free operation — the HD527802 is an excellent casual use, home DIY drill.

Boasting 17 torque settings driven by a 20-volt lithium cell, this unit is as comfortable tightening and removing screws as it is drilling into drywall and timber. Plus, an incorporated LED facilitates use in poorly lit conditions, while its 0.5-inch keyless chuck allows large diameter bit compatibility.

Sure, for trade-users and hardcore DIY fanatics, the low 177 in-lbs of torque will be insufficient. Furthermore, the 2.0 Ah battery may deter guys looking for the lengthier operational time of 4.0 Ah machines.

However, for those people who want a robust, reliable, and versatile unit that offers freedom from the shackles of mains cords — I recommend checking out the SKIL HD527802.

SKIL Cordless HD527802 Hammer Drill FAQs

Q: Where Can I Find the SKIL HD527802 Manual?

The official SKIL website hosts all the user guides for its line-up of power drills. However, to enable rapid access, you can find the HD527802 manual by clicking here.

Q: Are SKIL Cordless Drills Made In the USA?

Not currently. Although the SKIL headquarters are based in Illinois, USA — its power tools are built in China.

Q: Where Can I Find HD527802 Parts?

As a reputable manufacturer, SKIL offers replacement parts for the HD527802 on its official website. To check out the components list for the HD527802 machine, click here.

Q: How Long Does the HD527802 Battery Last?

Operational time depends on the speed and torque settings you select on the HD527802 SKIL drill — and the density of your target material. That said, expect around 15-20 minutes of steady use. If you’re looking for a drill with a longer run time — I suggest checking out the Metabo DV18DBL2 with its 6.0 Ah cell.

Q: Is SKIL a Good Brand?

Yes. The company is renowned for its prosumer-grade units available at an affordable price point.

Q: Where Can I Buy HD527802 SKIL Hammer Drill?

The HD527802 is an excellent DIY cordless drill that offers 17 torque settings, a 0.5-inch chuck, and an incorporated LED lamp. You can purchase the HD527802 here..

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