DeWalt D25263K Review

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DeWalt D25263K Review

Reviewed by: Timothy Henderson

Published on: March 13, 2018

Last modified: Aug 19, 2022 @ 1:40 am

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DeWalt D25263K Review Summary:

Those looking for an efficient rotary hammer drill which will help them power through tough materials such as concrete, should definitely take DeWalt models into consideration. The power tools manufactured by this company are among the most popular on the market – and for a reason.

Since we heard a lot of good things about their D25263K model, we’ve decided to get one for ourselves and check out its features. The model is held in high regard by many handymen all over the world, who are claiming that it’s one of the finest rotary hammer drills that the money can buy.

To find out if this is true, we went over every little detail of this unit and thoroughly tested all of its features. To find out all about its advantages and flaws, read on – you’ll find that our review is very informative but still easy to understand.


  • Weight – 6.8lbs
  • Dimensions – 19.2″ x 12.8″ x 5.3″
  • Max Speed – 1,450 RPM
  • Motor Power – 8.5 AMP
  • Voltage – 115 volts

DeWalt D25263K – The Basics

Ideal for fixing holes and drilling anchors into masonry, the DeWalt D25263K is one of the company’s finest power tools so far. Sold at a competitive price, the unit comes with a plethora of different features, some of which we expected, and some of which we didn’t.

The model provides three Joules of impact energy, offering fast chipping and drilling speed. This is allowed by its high-performance 8.5 AMP motor with an Active Vibration Control system, a mechanical clutch, and the electronic variable speed (0-1,450 RPM).

The unit is highly ergonomic, especially when we consider its rubber-coated back handle and a large 2-finger speed trigger. The fact that it comes with DeWalt’s standard 3-year warranty is yet another advantage.

In the next part of the review, we’ll check out the device’s features – read on!

The Features

The Design

Coming in black & yellow color combination like all other DeWalt power tools, the D25263K features a design that’s ergonomic and makes the machine feel very comfortable in hands. The main reason behind that is the presence of the unit’s two handles. The back-handle is rubber coated and provides a very firm grip, while the front one is rotatable (360°) and gives the user additional control over the device during the drilling process.

Using a drill of this type is guaranteed to cause a lot of vibrations and kickback, mainly while working with sturdy materials like brick, rock, or concrete. That’s not an issue with D25263K – the unit sports the company’s signature Active Vibration Control system, which reduces the vibration and makes every drilling session a lot easier to handle.


The thing that makes this model an ideal choice for heavy-duty tasks is its motor. It’s an 8.5 AMP engine that delivers excellent performance through offering impressive impact energy of 3 Joules. Difficult building materials are a piece of cake for this thing – we were more than delighted with the unit’s performance during the testing.

The unit’s mechanical clutch does a good job when it comes to preventing the sudden high-torque reaction, while its variable speed trigger (which is large and easy to operate) provides the user with more precision and accuracy while drilling.

Warranty & Accessories

Just like we expected from DeWalt, the warranty deal for this rotary hammer drill is an excellent one. The unit is supplied with 3-years of limited warranty, two years of free service, and a money-back guarantee that spans three months.

Along the device itself, you’ll also be getting a depth rod for the better drilling accuracy, the already mentioned side handle, and a kit box for storage and transportation.

Man Drilling Hole With D25263K



Fantastic design


Very powerful


Anti-vibration shock absorption


Great warranty deal



Tends to slip to the next mode




Things we liked about it

Almost flawless, the DeWalt D25263K stands as one of the best drills of this type on the entire market. The unit had us impressed right from the start – it sports a genuinely ergonomic design that’s guaranteed to provide you with the necessary comfort during the drilling. The additional 360-degree rotatable handle offers further support and control, while also enhancing your flexibility. The built-in anti-vibration system, on the other hand, will save your arms and hands from the painful cramps and fatigue.

The model is equipped with enough power to deal with all kinds of DIY projects, whether they’re small or large. With 3 joules of impact energy, you won’t have any issues with powering through things like concrete, steel, or wood. Pretty impressive, wouldn’t you say?


Things we didn’t like

The unit we received tended to slip out from the mode we were using it in to the next mode. For example, when we set it to the hammer-drill mode, it slipped to the hammer-only mode. This took place just a couple of times but still deserves to be mentioned as a flaw.

The drill is also quite noisy, which means that you’ll want to distance yourself from places and people who aren’t compatible with a lot of noise. Also, don’t forget to wear the proper hearing protection while working with this unit.

What Users Say About The DeWalt D25263K

The consumers are more than pleased with DeWalt D25263K, calling it a great piece of construction equipment with a high reliability and excellent performance. One particular user called it the “Demolisher of Concrete,” saying that it’s the most powerful rotary hammer drill he’s ever owned.

The users are also praising the device’s ergonomic design, as well as the fact that it comes with a fantastic warranty deal and a convenient tool case.


We can’t recommend this drill highly enough! It is, in our opinion, an ideal choice for all those looking for a rotary hammer that makes short work of masonry projects, no matter how long or challenging they are.

The D25263K has truly exceeded our expectations, and even though it’s not flawless, it absolutely deserves our recommendation – it’s among the best power tools that DeWalt has ever produced.

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