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Makita XAD02Z Review

Reviewed by: Timothy Henderson

Last modified: Aug 17, 2022 @ 1:18 pm

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Makita XAD02Z Review Summary:

A right angle drill is not among the most popular power tools, and it’s typically not included in power tool combo kits sold by various manufacturers. Most people think that a simple cordless drill can do every drilling job, but that is not entirely true. Sometimes you have work in confined areas, and for that, you’ll need a tool that fits into tighter spaces – and that’s where the right angle drill comes in.

And when it comes to these types of power tools, Makita is one of the better choices – their right angle drills are among the most popular on the market. Their newest model, the XAD02Z, features a 4-pole motor with variable speed, a keyless chuck, and a compact and ergonomic design that’s bound to assist you when drilling in hard-to-reach areas. Is this the drill you were looking for? Let’s find out together!


  • Weight – 3.35lbs
  • Dimensions – 12″ x 3″ x 5″
  • Chuck Size – 3/8″
  • Torque – 121 in-lbs
  • Voltage – 18 volts

Makita XAD02Z – The Basics

This close-quarter drill is compact, powerful, and easy to use – it’s something we’re used to when it comes to power tools manufactured by Makita. Measuring 12″ x 3″ x 5″ and having the weight of mere 3.35 pounds, it’s a lightweight model that makes the whole drilling-at-an-angle process a breeze.

Its 4-pole motor is capable of achieving 121 in-lbs of torque and the maximum speed of 1,800 RPM, which is guaranteed to assist you with all of your DIY (or professional) projects. The 3 ” angle head height makes it perfect for the close quarter use, especially when we consider the tool’s ergonomic design.

In the following part of the review, we’ll analyze the features of this drill and try to help our readers determine its value – read on!


Drilling with Makita XAD02Z

The XAD02Z Features


Like most other right angle drills, the Makita XAD02Z also features a design that’s compact and lightweight, allowing the user to easily reach confined spaces with it and do the necessary drilling work. Weighing only 3.35 pounds and being just 12″ long, it allows easy maneuvering in all sorts of operations that need to be executed in a small space, even with the battery attached.

Another thing that makes using this device so pleasant is the presence of a soft grip and the large paddle switch. The overall slim profile of the drill greatly reduces fatigue and makes us say that it’s one of the most well-designed right angle drills on today’s market.



As we said, the Makita XAD02Z sports a 4-pole motor that achieves 121 in-lbs of torque and 1,800 RPM of speed. The speed is variable, allowing the user to engage in a broad range of all sorts of drilling and driving operations. The device’s chuck, on the other hand, measures 3/8″ in size and is keyless – installing and removing the bit is safe and easy with it.

Another thing worth mentioning is the fact that the drill features the so-called Star Protection Computer Controls, whose purpose is to protect it from things like overheating, overloading, and discharging. We’ve seen this feature on many other cordless drills manufactured by Makita, and we’re glad to see it here too.


Just like we expected, the XAD02Z uses one standard 18V Lithium-Ion battery. Unfortunately, it doesn’t come with the drill, unless you decide to purchase the Combo Kit which also includes a very fast charger and a convenient bag.

During our testing period, we’ve noticed that the battery holds pretty well during the drilling – the device doesn’t drain the juice too quickly, and that’s always a big plus in our book.

A Man Using XAD02Z



Convenient design


Star Protection Computer Controls


Keyless chuck


3-year warranty



No battery in the package


Not the best torque


Things we liked about the XAD02Z

As you can see, this Makita right angle drill packs a surprising amount of useful features that are bound to make it immensely popular in the upcoming months. The design itself is one of its main selling points – it’s a lightweight, cordless model that makes drilling in confined spaces a real breeze. We were quite impressed with the tool’s slim profile and the soft grip, and have concluded that using this drill for hours on end is entirely possible – there are no fatigue or hand cramps.

Furthermore, we liked the presence of the Star Protection Computer Controls, since it protects the device from overheating that’s bound to happen during the long drilling operations.  The 3/8″ keyless chuck, on the other hand, allows quick installation and removal of the bit, while the 3-year warranty shows that Makita is quite confident about the drill’s reliability and endurance.


Things we didn’t like

When it comes to cons, we have to mention the drill’s torque. It’s suitable for most of the drilling jobs, especially when it comes to tight spaces, but the device is not intended for broader use. Heavy-duty jobs are guaranteed to have a negative effect on the model’s lifespan, so make sure to avoid them.

Other than that, we were displeased to see the lack of a battery in the package. To be able to even turn the drill on, you’ll have to spend some additional money and get yourself a standard 18V battery for the cordless drills.

What Users Say About The Makita XAD02Z

The user impressions for the Makita XAD02Z are overwhelmingly positive – people are praising the model’s ability to easily reach tight spaces, as well as its safe and secure fit in hands. Users who already used Makita power tools in the past are saying that XAD02Z is just another quality product from the same company and that it didn’t make them lose their trust in the brand.


If you often have to work in confined spaces and don’t like the hassle that comes with extension cords, definitely consider getting Makita XAD02Z. We found it to be a well-constructed right angle drill that works just as advertised, having a slim profile, keyless chuck, Star Protection Computer Controls, powerful motor, 3-year warranty, and many other amazing features.

As far as we’re concerned, it’s yet another great tool from Makita and one that certainly deserves the popularity that it has.

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