Ryobi P241 Review

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Ryobi P241 Review

Reviewed by: Timothy Henderson

Last modified: Aug 17, 2022 @ 1:04 pm

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  • Price

Ryobi P241 Review Summary:

When it comes to Japanese manufacturers of power tools, Makita is not the only famous one. Based in Hiroshima where it was founded over 70 years ago, Ryobi makes all kinds of products – from the printing equipment to builders’ hardware. They’re also well-known for their right angle drills, with Ryobi P241 being among their most popular models.

Featuring one of the most-functional designs on the market, this right angle drill comes complete with variable speed, keyless chuck, onboard bit storage, integrated LED light, and is a perfect tool for reaching tight spaces and enclosed areas. It’s an exceptionally light device which sports a price that’s guaranteed to appeal to a number of handymen.

In order to find out if Ryobi P241 is worth considering for purchase, we’ll be taking a closer look at its features. We’ll analyze its power, design, and the battery, so if you’re in a market for a cheap right angle drill, read on.


  • Weight – 2.12lbs
  • Dimensions – 13″ x 3.2″ x 5.1″
  • Chuck Size – ⅜”
  • Motor Type – Brushed
  • Voltage – 18 volts

Ryobi P241 – The Basics

Even though this tool certainly falls into the category of budget right angle drills, it still provides a pretty surprising amount of value for its cost. If you’re not among those who need a broad range of features for all types of DIY or professional projects, the Ryobi P241 just might be the drill you were looking for.

Ideal for homeowners, electricians, plumbers, and HVAC installers, this right angle drill sports a beautiful, ergonomic design that allows easy handling in confined spaces. Due to the presence of a variable-speed switch, one is able to easily perform slow starts and slow finishes with it, even in total darkness – the integrated LED light is always a plus in our book.

Let’s take a closer look at the model’s design, power, and battery, and find out how it handles in tough situations.

Ryobi Right Angle Drill

The Features

The Design

Featuring a black and yellow color combination (well-represented among power tools), the Ryobi P241 weighs mere 2.12 pounds. It’s an incredibly light right angle drill, which means that working with it in hard-to-reach spaces doesn’t induce hand cramps. However, the drill also sports a large profile of over 5″, which might make it unsuitable for some jobs.

One thing we really liked here is the presence of the so-called GripZone on the tool’s handle. As the name suggests, it provides the user with a grip that’s both secure and comfortable and makes using the device even more pleasant and safer.

The forward/reverse selector, on the other hand, has a very convenient location and allows one-handed direction changes. This is guaranteed to come in very helpful when you’re drilling at a weird angle.


The brushed motor of this drill is capable of achieving the maximum of 1,100 RPM. This is not an ideal number, but it’s guaranteed to do the trick when it comes to most of the jobs. Owners of Ryobi P241 should avoid heavy-duty jobs – they might damage the tool and shorten its lifespan.

The ⅜” chuck, on the other hand, limits the amount of usable drill bits. This is the consequence of the model’s affordable price – one can’t expect the same number of features as he would from a premium right angle drill.


The drill uses one standard 18 Volt Lithium-Ion battery, which, unfortunately, isn’t included in the package. We should, however, mention that the model is compatible with a range of 18V batteries in the manufacturer’s suite, such as P108, P107, P104, and others.

Lithium 18V Battery



Very affordable


Lightweight for a right angle drill


Ergonomic design


The ability to use numerous battery types





Chuck size is merely sufficient


Things we liked about the Ryobi P241

As you can see, this reasonably-priced drill packs a surprising amount of features that makes it a very tempting offer. Since it sports a design that’s both ergonomic and lightweight, the Ryobi P241 will be quite appealing to DIY beginners – one doesn’t have to be an experienced handyman to properly utilize this easy-to-use right angle drill. However, the model is also quite suitable for professional use, so as long as it’s not used for the truly heavy-duty jobs.

We liked the ability to use a number of Ryobi batteries – it’s an incredibly convenient feature, especially to those who already own a power tool made by the same manufacturer. Another thing that deserves praise is the integrated LED light, as it allows working in total darkness by illuminating the work surface in front of you.


Things we didn’t like

Unfortunately, the Ryobi P241 comes with a pretty sizeable share of cons, which is the direct consequence of its low price. Its motor is capable of achieving mere 1,100 RPM, which is simply unsuitable for the heavy-duty jobs – they’re guaranteed to damage the device.

Additionally, the ⅜” chuck restricts the amount of usable bits and limits the number of uses for this tool even further. We liked the magnetic holder that keeps the bits within the user’s reach, but we would rather see compatibility with more drill bits.

What Users Say About The Ryobi P241

The Ryobi P241 was met with mixed reactions by the users. Many of them praise the tool’s lightweight and ergonomic design, saying that it’s a great addition to their toolboxes and something they’re always glad to use. They also adore the drill’s compatibility with other Ryobi batteries, as well as the magnetic holder and the rubberized grip.

On the other hand, a large number of users are dissatisfied with the drill’s large profile, low RPM, and the barely-adequate chuck size. They are, however, aware that this due to the device’s low price – it is, simply, a budget model.


Exceptionally light and well-designed, the Ryobi P241 is definitely worth to be considered for purchase. It’s not a flawless power tool, but it left us impressed with the number of useful features that it offers for its genuinely low price.

It’s an excellent choice for those who have to work in tight spaces on a daily bases, as it causes no fatigue and sports easy-to-use controls that are perfect for the inexperienced DIY enthusiasts. The fact that one can use other Ryobi batteries with it is yet another advantage, as is the presence of the strong LED lighting that allows work in dimly-lit areas.

If you’re in a market for a cheap right angle drill, definitely consider this one for purchase – its value for the money is amazing.

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