Milwaukee 2615-20 Review

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Milwaukee 2615-20 Review

Reviewed by: Timothy Henderson

Published on: March 5, 2018

Last modified: Aug 17, 2022 @ 1:19 pm

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Milwaukee 2615-20 Review Summary:

Based in Brookfield, Wisconsin, Milwaukee is one of America’s most famous manufacturers of corded and cordless drills. Due to the fact that their power tools are well-known for quality and reliability, we’re always glad to have their products on a review – and Milwaukee 2615-20 right angle drill is no exception.

Featuring a compact, ergonomic design and a head length that allows working in tight spaces, this model is sure to become a valuable item in toolboxes of many handymen. It is also quite affordable and comes with a very generous warranty period, and these are just additional reasons because of which we predict a bright future for it.

But let’s take it slowly and have a look at the highlights of this right angle drill – no model is the same, as each one of them comes with unique features, advantages, and disadvantages. Join us!


  • Weight – 4.25lbs
  • Dimensions – 11.9″ x 4.3″ x 2.9″
  • Chuck Size – 3/8″
  • Torque – 125 in-lbs
  • Voltage – 18 volts

Milwaukee 2615-20 – The Basics

Do you hate it when you simply can’t fit your tool into a narrow area, and your smaller drill just doesn’t cut it? If the answer is affirmative, the Milwaukee 2615-20 just might be the thing you were searching for. It’s a compact right angle drill whose purpose is to help you in such situations, whether you’re a DIY beginner or a professional contractor.

With a powerful 1,500 RPM motor and an innovative electronic clutch, it’s one of the best units of this type on today’s market. It uses the manufacturer’s signature REDLINK technology that utilizes total system communication between the device and its battery; and comes with a 3/8″ ratcheting chuck that allows fast and easy bit changes.

Is it worth the money? Let’s check out the features and find the answer!


Milwaukee 2615-20 Features

The Design

One of the first things to think about when looking at this unit is how unbalanced it probably is. Let us remove the suspicions – the Milwaukee 2615-20 is actually a well-balanced tool that fits perfectly into user’s hand. It has the right weight and length, which, when combined with its over-molded grip, makes it a perfect choice for those don’t want to experience hand fatigue during the long drilling sessions.

Another thing we really liked here is the paddle switch, since it’s long and works no matter which portion of it you decide to press. This can come in particularly handy when you’re working in the tight spots since you’re not always able to grip the drill in a correct way in such situations.


Just like the design, the performance of this drill is another thing that had us impressed. The motor of 2615-20 quickly achieves 1,500 RPM and 125 in-lbs of torque, and the thing that makes this possible is the already mentioned REDLINK technology. Its purpose is to provide the user with overload protection and optimized performance by utilizing total system communication between all of the unit’s components. This will allow you to use the drill for a variety of applications and not only for the small tasks around the house.

The innovative electronic clutch, on the other hand, allows 12 settings (11 regular ones + drill mode) for truly complete control when it comes to fastening applications.


We highly recommend buying this right angle drill in a combo kit – buying just the tool will leave you with no battery, so you’ll have to spend additional money to buy one. The battery included in the kit is among the best ones on the market, as it features the REDLITHIUM technology that provides more work per charge than any other battery on today’s market.

Milwaukee Cordless Right Angle Drill Chuck



Fantastic design


Long paddle switch




12 clutch settings



No battery with the tool


Possible problems with the chuck


Things we liked about it

One of the best things about this right angle drill is definitely its design. The unit is well-balanced and has a shape that makes working with it more than easy – and that’s quite important since it’s intended for use in tight spaces. We also liked its paddle switch, as it is super sensitive and fully functional no matter where you press it. One can’t always hold this type of a drill in a proper way, which is exactly where this feature comes in very handy.

The REDLINK technology is another thing that deserves praise. It gives the Milwaukee 2615-20 a fantastic performance, making it suitable for all kinds of professions. The unit’s 1,500 RPM motor should be more than sufficient for all kinds of plumbing, HVAC repairing, and woodworking applications.

The battery that comes with the kit is probably the best on the market – frequent charging is not something to worry about with Milwaukee’s REDLITHIUM batteries.


Things we didn’t like

Those who intend to buy just the tool will end up disappointed – they won’t get the battery with it. To get the Milwaukee’s REDLITHIUM battery, you’ll have to either purchase it separately or buy the whole Combo Kit that also includes a charger and a bag. We should also mention that the drill doesn’t accept manufacturer’s old 18V batteries – they changed the whole line of their cordless tool so that they can accept the new M18 design.

Our only other complaint is the possible problem with the chuck, which will be experienced by those who hold the chuck while they’re tightening the drill – it could painfully pinch their skin.

What Users Say About The Milwaukee 2615-20

Users deem 2615-20 to be one of the best cordless right angle drills on the entire market, praising its design, power, and the battery. They love the unit’s quality construction, as well as the shape that allows prolonged drilling sessions. Just like we do, the users consider the Milwaukee’s batteries as the best ones on the market, saying that they are the actual selling point of this device.

They’re especially pleased with the included warranty – 5-year limited warranty is not something we see often.


In our opinion, this drill is a perfect solution for drilling in tight spaces – it boasts a powerful motor with variable speed, a compact head, an extended multi-position trigger, REDLINK intelligence technology, best battery on the market, and a warranty that’s certain to make you feel confident about the unit’s durability.

Milwaukee does it again – the 2615-20 just might be the best right angle drill for the money right now.

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