DeWalt D26960K Heavy Duty Heat Gun Review

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DeWalt D26960K

Reviewed by: Sean Masri

Last modified: Jul 24, 2023 @ 6:40 am

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DeWalt D2690K Review Summary:

Whether you’re a professional tradesperson or committed DIYer — the DeWalt D26960K heavy duty heat gun with LCD display has the durability and versatility to deliver satisfying results to your projects.

This unit is the flagship product in DeWalt’s heat gun range. The LCD display screen, combined with its 150-1100 degrees Fahrenheit temperature range, provide precise heat control. An ergonomic handle — with the choice of two-handed operation — allows for extended use without fatigue. And, with an overload preventer and cord protector, safety is at the forefront.

Furthermore, you have the backing and experience of an industry behemoth. This heat gun comes from the renowned DeWalt brand — a company with a power tool history dating back almost 100 years. Based in Maryland, USA, this manufacturer gained fame from developing the world’s first radial arm saw. Today, DeWalt’s products are often the go-to machines for the construction and renovation professional.


Choice of single or two-handed operation.
A heat gun with LCD display.
Temperature range of 150-1100 degrees Fahrenheit.
Overload protector.
Kickstand for stability.
Complete with protective case and accessories.


May be too feature-heavy for the casual user.
Premium price for a premium product.

Features and Benefits of DeWalt D26960K

It’s trusted by tradespeople and DIY fanatics worldwide — but what is it that makes the DeWalt D26960K heavy duty heat gun so popular?

Allow me to reveal the features behind this unit.

Temperature Range

You wouldn’t drive your car at 100 mph outside a kindergarten, right? Nor would your dawdle along at 10 mph on the interstate (although considering today’s congestion, sometimes you have no choice).

Different circumstances require different power — and that’s the same with your heat gun.

The DeWalt D26960K has an expansive range of temperature settings — from 150 to 1150 degrees Fahrenheit. This means you can select the optimum heat level for your current project.

So, if you’re repairing sensitive electronic circuitry — you have the machine on the lowest setting. If you’re looking to remove years-old paint — you whack the unit up to the max.

LCD Screen

Let me give you a quick insight into my home life — my partner loves baking.

Yeah, stick with me on this one, bro.

But when she’s mixing the ingredients — she doesn’t just throw in an estimated amount of flour, milk, or butter. Everything is carefully measured to deliver the perfect cake.

And that’s just like the LCD screen on the DeWalt D26960K (sort of).

It allows you to both set and see the exact temperature of this heat gun — adjustable within 50-degree increments. Many budget models simply include a dial — meaning you know whether you’re either in low, mid, or high temp ranges. But, you’re never really sure of the precise operating temperature — which can lead to disappointing or disastrous results.

The DeWalt D26960K gives you accurate control, which should ensure the ultimate finish to your jobs.


Some projects, such as bending plastic pipes, require you to utilize two hands to manipulate your working material.

Which means, unless you’re an octopus, you can’t hold your heat gun.

Many manufacturers solve this issue by designing their hot air units with a flattened base — allowing you to stand the heat gun upright on its end — providing a vertical hot air ‘curtain.’

While an excellent solution, these guns are inherently unstable. A small accidental knock of the machine, or catching yourself in the power cable — and the machine will fall over. At best, this will result in burns to your work surface — at worst, you’ve turned into the Human Torch.

The D26960K solves this issue by including a foldaway kickstand. When on its end — pull out the stand — and you have an impressive level of stability. Providing peace of mind, safety, and ensuring your projects aren’t inadvertently set on fire.

Case and Accessories

For me, one of the particular advantages of the DeWalt D26960K heat gun is that it’s the complete package — literally.

This means no after-purchase shopping around for the attachments and accessories necessary to complete that crucial job.

The machine arrives with seven nozzles — ranging from a fishtail (for paint stripping) to cones (for desoldering) — and two scrapers with three interchangeable heads.

Furthermore, you can store these accessories, and the heat gun itself, in the included hard carry case. Thus meaning no misplacing of your attachments and providing added protection to your unit. Additionally, I’d suggest that this may appeal to the tradesperson or DIYer who needs portability.

Safety Features

Perhaps one of the most appealing features of the D26960K is the attention paid to safety and longevity.

This heat gun includes an overload protector — ensuring that the crucial heating coil doesn’t burn up through extended use or during power surges. Hence, this increases the lifespan of the unit and avoids unsafe temperatures when in use.

Furthermore, a cord protector means that — in the event of accidental snagging — the power cable will not tear away from the heat gun. This prevents any chance of electrocution and ensures you’re not searching online for a replacement cord.

What Users Say About The DeWalt D2690K

In my opinion, I consider the DeWalt D26960K the ideal machine for the serious DIYer and professional who demands the ultimate heat gun.

But, I’m not using this unit day in, day out.

Hence, I conducted extensive research of both industry opinion and customer feedback — and discovered precisely what guys using this unit in-the-field felt about this heat gun. Overwhelmingly, the comments were positive. Users remarked upon its wide range of nozzles, precise and reliable temperature settings, and rapid heat up.

Alternatives to DeWalt D26960K

While undoubtedly an impressive machine, the DeWalt D26960K may not suit everyone’s requirements.

Horses for courses, right?

If this machine doesn’t get your juices flowing — consider some of these heat gun alternatives.

Wagner Furno 300

Should you find the DeWalt a little over-specced — this unit is a back-to-basics model that may suit the casual DIYer or home improver.

Delivering temperatures from 750 to 1000 degrees Fahrenheit — this unit still delivers a versatile range of heat. Instead of an LCD screen, there’s an easy-to-operate dual switch, providing the choice of LOW or HIGH temperature.

  • Like the DeWalt, it allows for hands-free use — but without the added stability of a kickstand.
  • As it’s somewhat lacking in the lower-heat range, unlike the DeWalt, it would not suit delicate jobs.
  • Much lighter on the wallet than the D26960K.

Milwaukee 2688-20

If you find that the power cord of the Dewalt restricts working environment versatility — this could be the solution.

Being cordless, you can operate the Milwaukee in locations where there’s no access to mains power. Furthermore, as a compact heat gun — this may appeal to users who operate in areas with restricted access.

  • Only one operating temperature, unlike the wide range of the D26960K.
  • Possesses an LED light, not featured on the DeWalt, which is useful for dark areas, such as engine bays.
  • Lacks the accessories and case of the DeWalt heat gun.

Cartman HG12-D

Should you be seeking a digital heat gun but want a more budget-friendly option than the DeWalt — I suggest checking out this unit.

Delivering temperatures from 122 to 932 degrees Fahrenheit, selected by simple up-and-down buttons — the Cartman allows you to tackle anything from removing glue to stripping paint — at an affordable price.

  • Doesn’t reach 1100 degrees, unlike the D26960K.
  • Includes four nozzles, the DeWalt comes with seven.
  • Relatively unknown manufacturer, compared to the DeWalt.


From the features of the heat gun itself — through to the included accessories — for me, the DeWalt D26960K has it all.

The LCD screen with temperature settings in 50-degree increments allows for the most precise control. The ability to operate two-handed means that you can complete longer jobs without fatigue. And, the carry case with its numerous accessories means you’ll always have the correct nozzle for your working material.

Admittedly, for casual users and intermittent DIYers — this unit may be somewhat overkill.

However, for the dedicated home improver or tradesperson — the DeWalt 26960K heavy duty heat gun packs some serious heat.

DeWalt D26960K FAQs

Q: DeWalt D26960K Uses?

The DeWalt D26960K heat gun, with its temperature range of 150-1100 degrees, can deal with:

  • Tinting car windows
  • Paint stripping.
  • Shrink wrapping.
  • Addressing stubborn screws, bolts, and fixtures.
  • Molding plastic pipes.
  • Removing stickers and decals from cars.
  • Making candles and soap.
  • Drying paint.
  • Lighting your BBQ or grill.
  • Bending plexiglass and formica.
  • Removing glue.
  • Defrosting frozen pipes.
Q: How Much Does the DeWalt D26960K Cost?

The D26960K is a professional-level heat gun, with a wide temperature range. To check out the current price of the D2696oK

Q: Can the D26950 Heat Gun Fit in the D26960K Case?

Indeed it can. The D26950 has very similar dimensions to the DeWalt D26960K and will fit in the case.

Q: How Many BTUs Does the DeWalt D26960K Have?

The DeWalt D26960K has 5290 BTUs (British Thermal Units).

Q: Does the D26960K Have a Trigger Lock?

The machine has a three-position switch — allowing you to choose between OFF, LOW, and HIGH.

Q: Does the DeWalt D26960K Run on 120v or 220v?

The D26960 heat gun is rated for 120 volts.

Q: Can You Dry Carpets With the D26960K?

The manufacturer indicates that the DeWalt has neither been designed nor tested for drying carpets. However, should you attempt to use it for this application, use a low-temperature setting and keep the unit moving to avoid scorching.

Q: Will the DeWalt D26960K Char Wood for Decoration?

It will, but you will need to use the concentration nozzle (included) on the Dewalt D26960K heavy duty heat gun to focus the heat.