Tacklife HGP72AC Heat Gun Review

Tacklife HGP72AC Heat Gun

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Tacklife HGP72AC

Reviewed by: Sean Masri

Last modified: Dec 7, 2023 @ 4:31 pm

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Tacklife HGP72AC Review Summary:

Touted by the manufacturer as a ‘professional’ machine — in reality, the Tacklife HGP72AC is a budget heat gun that aims to include all the features (and more) commonly seen in high-end units.

It incorporates a heat range of 122 to 1202 degrees Fahrenheit — adjustable in 10-degree increments — detailed on its LCD screen. You can combine these temperatures with five fan speeds, providing a multitude of heat and intensity settings. And — to make life easier — you can store your favorite combos with the unit’s memory function.

The two-handed operation should reduce hand fatigue on longer projects, while an overload protector shields the delicate heating coil from power surges. Furthermore, in addition to the gun itself, you receive a plethora of nozzles and scrapers to increase job flexibility.

Founded in 2015 in China, this is the flagship product in Tacklife’s heat gun range — being a step up from its popular HGP73AC mode — which relies on a rotary dial for temperature control — not a digital display as in this unit.


1700 watts.
Temperature range of 122 to 1202 degrees Fahrenheit.
Includes four nozzles, scraper, additional scraper blades, and a putty knife
Digital display
Memory function.


Complicated to use — even for the heat gun aficionado.
So many functions could be considered overkill.
Lacks the robust durability of high-end machines.

Features and Benefits of Tacklife HGP72AC

With more bells and whistles than a 90’s acid-house rave — the HGP72AC is undoubtedly feature packed. But do all these extraneous gizmos increase its functionality?

Time to take a closer look.

Temperature Range

Delivering a choice of temperatures from 122 to 1202 degrees Fahrenheit, adjustable in 10-degree increments, it’s hard to fault this heat gun’s power versatility.

From molding hockey boots or desoldering circuit boards, through to removing lacquer or loosening floor tiles — this machine has the flexibility to cope. Therefore, this unit is more suited to the hardcore DIYer who requires a hot air machine for a multitude of projects. If the aim is just to strip paint, however, it could be considered overkill.

Fan Speeds

The Tacklife gun HGP72AC incorporates five fan speeds — allowing you to choose the most suitable heat delivery in conjunction with the ideal temperature.

LCD Screen and Console

The digital display and integrated console — located on the rear of the heat gun — is the heart of the machine. It’s from here that you control, through means of push buttons, your operating mode, fan speed, and temperature.

Furthermore, additional button presses give you the option of storing your most commonly-used temperature/fan-rate combinations in the unit’s memory. Meaning you can access easily the ideal settings for your most frequent projects.

The downside to this multitude of features is that the console looks akin to an aircraft cockpit. A plethora of buttons, LCD markers, and digital graphics may make operation imposing — for even the most ardent heat gun user.

Power Cable

The Tacklife heat gun HGP72AC includes a heavy-duty, 6.6-foot power cable. This should provide sufficient freedom to complete heat work without overstretching.

Overload Protector

If you’re working on time-intensive jobs — you may welcome the overload protector. This shields the heating coil from excessive temperatures that may accrue during lengthy use.

Furthermore, should any unexpected power surges occur — for example due to a faulty extension cable — this protector will prevent burnout. Hence, this should increase the longevity and safety of this heat gun.

Additional Accessories

You can’t fault Tacklife for trying to provide the ultimate all-around heat gun — even when it comes to the accessories.

This machine comes with four additional nozzles, including:

  • Fishtail.
  • BBQ lighter.
  • Cone reducer.
  • Spoon reflector.

Furthermore, it also arrives with a standard scraper, multi-function scraper with three interchangeable ends, and a putty knife. Hence, you should always have the correct nozzle end and tool for your current project.

However, since the manufacturer has decided to include everything else — it’s surprising that this heat gun doesn’t come with a carry case. Not only to protect the machine itself — but also to store the cornucopia of attachments — which may otherwise become forgotten about at the bottom of your toolbox.

Design and Durability

One feature I welcome in the Tacklife heat gun is the choice of two-handed operation. This can be a blessing when completing large projects — such as paint stripping a staircase — when single-handed use would otherwise rapidly induce fatigue.

Admittedly, this does make it a little more bulky, which may not suit you if you’re operating in confined spaces — such as under floorboards or in engine bays.

The manufacturer states that the ABS shell is incredibly durable — however, some owners disagree slightly. In the hand, it does feel somewhat of a budget unit and — with its bright orange design — the Tacklife appears, well, a little tacky.

What Users Say About The Tacklife HGP72AC

For me, the HGP72AC from Tacklife is a value-priced machine that offers more functions than most of its competitors. As such, this should make it one of the ultimate heat guns on the market.

But, is that what users of this machine believe?

Hence, I searched intensively for genuine owner feedback about this unit. Generally speaking, the views expressed were quite positive. Owners praised its wide temperature range, lauded its memory function, and welcomed the large number of additional accessories.

Perhaps the only criticism was that it’s difficult to place this heat gun into a specific niche. It has the functions of a high-end professional unit — yet seems to lack the durability and robustness you’d expect from a heavy-duty heat gun.

Alternatives to Tacklife HGP72AC

If the Tacklife heat gun isn’t getting your juices flowing — after all it’s not suitable for everyone — take a couple of moments to check out these alternative options.

DeWalt D26960K

In many ways a comparable unit to the Tacklife.

It’s a two-handed heat gun, comes complete with numerous accessories, and incorporates a digital display. However, this machine delivers the brand reassurance of the power tool behemoth, DeWalt — and its impressive warranty.

  • Unlike the Tacklife, the DeWalt includes a carry case.
  • Higher price point than the Tacklife.
  • Easier-to-read LCD screen than the HGP72AC.

Wagner Furno 300

If you don’t require all the temperature ranges, fan settings, and memory functions of the Tacklife — this could be a solid alternative.

The Wagner 300 is perfectly suited to the novice or casual heat gun user. Easy on the pocket, this machine has just two heat settings, 750 and 1000 degrees Fahrenheit.

  • Unlike the Tacklife, the Wagner has no additional accessories.
  • Single-handed operation, instead of the dual-handed of the Tacklife.
  • Comes from a leader in painting tools, as opposed to the relatively unknown Tacklife.

DeWalt DCE530B

If you don’t want to be tethered to a power outlet as the Tacklife demands — consider this cordless heat gun from DeWalt.

Incorporating a 20-volt battery — not only does this machine offer additional freedom by allowing you to operate without mains supply — but its compact design also enables access to more confined working areas.

  • Harder on the pocket than the Tacklife.
  • Unlike the HGP72AC, this machine includes an LED light for illumination.
  • Lower maximum operating temperature than the Tacklife at 990 degrees Fahrenheit.


The Tacklife heat gun is a machine packed with features — perhaps to the point of overload.

The vast temperature range, five blower speeds, and memory function mean that there are few projects beyond the reach of this hot air machine. Combined with the abundance of accessories, it’s a complete unit for the dedicated DIYer.

And while the LCD screen, overload protector, and lengthy cable are attractive characteristics — questions about long-term durability may deter the frequent and intense user.

The bottom line.

It doesn’t have the pedigree of the big brands, yet boasts an impressive price-to-feature ratio. But, the Tacklife HGP72AC could be a bit too hot to handle.

Tacklife HGP72AC Heat Gun Review

Tacklife HGP72AC FAQs

Q: Tacklife Gun HGP72AC Uses?

With a temperature range of 122 to 1202 degrees Fahrenheit, five blower speeds, and numerous accessories — the HGP72AC is a remarkably versatile machine. While not an exhaustive list, you can use this heat gun for:

  • Disinfection.
  • Removing grease.
  • Defrosting refrigerators.
  • Sticking vehicle film.
  • Loosening rusted bolts and screws.
  • Softening welded materials.
  • ABS welding.
  • Removing components from a circuit board.
  • Welding PVC.
  • Loosening adhesives and stickers.
  • EVA wire connecting.
  • Bending plastic pipes.
  • Stripping paint.
  • Dehumidification.
Q: How Much Does the HGP72AC Heat Gun Cost?

Packed with features typically seen on a high-end heat gun, the Tacklife is surprisingly pocket friendly. To check out the current cost of the Tacklife HGP72AC.

Q: Tacklife HGP35AC vs HGP72AC?

The Tacklife HGP35AC is a mini-gun suitable for crafting work, such as embossing. Whereas the HGP72AC is a heavy-duty machine for large DIY projects.

Q: Does the Tacklife Heat Gun Come With a Carrying Case?

No. While the HGP72AC arrives complete with numerous nozzles and scrapers — there is no carry case.

Q: Can the HGP72AC Tacklife Be Used to Cure Inks on Fabric?

Yes. The Tacklife heat gun HGP72AC will dry fabric paint. Always use a low setting to begin with, and try out first on a small test area of the material.

Q: Will the Tacklife Heat Gun HGP72AC Remove Car Decals?

Yes. This heat gun will soften the glue, making removing automotive sticker removal straightforward. Keep the unit on a mid-to-low heat setting to prevent damage to the bodywork paint.

Q: Can I Use the Tacklife Gun HGP72AC to Sear Meat?

Possibly. However, the manufacturer indicates that this heat gun has not been designed for this use and therefore doesn’t recommend using the unit in this manner. If you should go down this route, remember most meat contains fats that can ignite under heat.

Q: Is the Temperature Display in Fahrenheit or Celsius on the HGP72AC Tacklife?

The LCD screen indicates your current operating temperature in Fahrenheit. The Tacklife HGP72AC doesn’t allow you to switch between different heat metrics.