Fujiwara 2000 Heat Gun Review

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Fujiwara 2000

Reviewed by: Sean Masri

Last modified: Jul 24, 2023 @ 7:43 am

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Fuiwara 2000 Review Summary:

Including a multitude of accessories, low price point, and with a variety of home applications — the Fujiwara 2000 could be an ideal choice for the hot air newbie seeking a complete hot air kit solution.

Incorporating two fan speeds, and a variable temperature range between 122 and 1112 degrees Fahrenheit, this machine will cope with a number of household projects, such as stripping paint, thawing pipes, and melting solder.

A fast heat-up feature enables precious time saving, while an integrated hanging cord allows for easy storage. It may lack the durability that’s required by the professional user — but for the general DIYer with low to moderate use — this hot air gun should be sufficiently robust.

This heat gun hails from the Japanese company, Fujiwara, and is the only hot air example in its product line. This brand manufactures and distributes a plethora of price-friendly hand tools, power machines, and gardening equipment.


Hands-free capability.
Variable temperature range of 122 to 1112 degrees Fahrenheit.
Includes ten accessories.
Competitive pricing.
Twin fan speeds.
Incorporated hanging loop.


No carry case for all the accessories.
Lacks durability for heavy-duty use.
Additional tools bend easily.

Features and Benefits of Fujiwara 2000

Affordable, arriving with numerous additional accessories, and designed with versatility in mind — the Fujiwara may appeal to the homeowner seeking a one-stop solution to their hot air needs.

It’s time to take an in-depth look at this heat gun’s characteristics:

Variable Temperature Facility

The Fujiwara 2000-watt heat gun provides a variable temperature of 122 to 1112 degrees Fahrenheit — adjustable in approximately 100-degree increments.

Selection is straightforward — simply turn the substantial dial on the rear of the unit to raise or lower heat settings. This enables you to choose the power level of your choice — depending on your current project. For example, hobby jobs, such as melting embossing powder or glue drying will need a low heat — hardcore DIY work, such as stripping paint, needs a higher power level.

However, as the dial is marked in graduations of 1 to 8 — not in degrees Fahrenheit — temperature selection isn’t an exact science — you’ll just be in the vague ballpark. Hence, this may not suit the committed DIYer who demands precise heat control. If that sounds like you, it may be better to check out one of the best digital hot air guns.

Twin Fan Speeds

A large, handle-mounted rocker switch gives you the choice of two airspeed settings.

Therefore — in addition to choosing your temperature level — you can also tailor the intensity of the heat delivery through this twin fan capability.

Additional Accessories

Perhaps one of the main attractions of this kit — for those people starting on their hot air DIY journey — is the multitude of additional accessories. It should provide you with everything you need for most heat gun applications — without having to purchase any further attachments.

The Fujiwara 2000-W arrives complete with:

  • Two concentrator nozzles.
  • One reflector nozzle.
  • Two fantail nozzles.
  • One wooden-handled scraper.
  • One multi-attachment scraper with three different ends.

Hence, whether desoldering, window tinting, paint scraping, or putty removing — you have the correct tool and nozzle end within your grasp.

The only downside to this gamut of accessories is their quality. They’re not going to stand up to intense use — becoming dented, misshapen, and bent, if a little too much pressure is applied.

Hands-Free Use

Some projects, such as molding PVC tubing, can be challenging without two hands.

Hence, it’s pleasing to see that the Fujiwara 2000W has a hands-free feature. Simply invert the unit, with the nozzle pointing upwards, and you can stand the gun on your desk via means of its flattened dial and handle rear.

You can then wield materials above the hot air jet — without having to worry about holding the heat gun.

Cord With Protector

The Fujiwara 2000-watt possesses a six-foot power cord — standard in the heat gun category. This should provide you with sufficient freedom to complete your projects without the use of an extension cable. However, should you find that you need to use an additional mains lead, ensure that it’s rated to 15 amps.

That said, there may be occasions where you accidentally overstretch the power cord when completing those larger projects. So, it’s reassuring to see that this unit includes a cord protector. This prevents the lead from being pulled out of the machine — providing both longevity and safety.

Hanging Loop

Considering the large number of accessories included with this hot air machine — it’s surprising that the manufacturer didn’t go one step further. A carry case would have been ideal, to keep all these components and the gun itself safe and secure.

However, it did at least incorporate a hanging loop on the cable protector — permitting you to suspend the heat gun on a hook or tool board. Although, you’ll still have to find your own storage solutions for the multitude of attachments and scrapers.

What Users Say About The Fujiwara 2000

Taking all the above factors into account — I consider the Fujiwara 2000W a perfectly adequate unit for occasional use. For low-intensity heat gun users looking for a single purchase, this tool should meet their needs.

Yet, do users of this machine agree with my opinion?

For complete transparency, I delved into the views and feedback of owners of this unit. Of course, they have a wider range of experience with this heat gun than myself.

Thankfully, their opinions were in line with my own and presented a generally positive image of this hot air machine. Many owners praised its variable temperature facility, twin fan speeds, and the ability to use hands-free.

Where there were criticisms, they centered on the somewhat flimsy accessories and the lack of precision in temperature selection. But then, remember that — despite its numerous features — it’s still a budget machine and cannot be expected to match the durability and capability of the higher-end units.

Alternatives to Fujiwara 2000

While the manufacturer may have attempted to provide a complete hot air gun kit, it’s possible that this machine still doesn’t meet your particular needs. If that’s the case, consider these solid alternatives.

DeWalt D26960K

If you like the numerous accessories of the Fujiwara, but are concerned by their unsuitability for heavy-duty use — this could be a more durable option.

The D26960, from the tool powerhouse DeWalt, includes seven interchangeable nozzles and two scrapers — but they possess the heft and robustness to cope with hardcore DIY.

  • Includes a carry case, unlike the Fujiwara.
  • The DeWalt comes with a two-handed operation choice, not a feature of the Fujiwara 2000W.
  • Higher price point than the Fujiwara.

Wagner Furno 300

Should variable temperatures and a plethora of attachments seem like overkill for your DIY needs, this may be a viable alternative.

The Wagner 300 has just two heat settings — 750 and 1000 degrees Fahrenheit. This makes it ideal for jobs such as paint stripping, varnish removal, and vinyl wrapping.

  • Easier on the wallet than the Fujiwara 2000-watt.
  • Unlike the Fujiwara, the Furno 300 comes with no accessories.
  • Possesses sidebars, allowing you to lay the unit on its side while in use — not a feature of the Fujiwara.

Makita HG6530VK

Although the Fujiwara offers variable temperatures through its dial feature, selection can be somewhat arbitrary. Hence, if you need more precise heat delivery — the Makita may suit.

It delivers a temperature range of 122 to 1202 degrees Fahrenheit — adjusted via an easy-to-use LCD screen.

  • Comes with a case, unlike the Fujiwara 2000 watt.
  • Heat selection is in 50-degree increments — the Fujiwara is approximately 100 degrees.
  • Complete with four nozzles, the Fujiwara has five nozzles and two scrapers.


With a wide range of features, a large temperature spectrum, and twin fan speeds — the Fujiwara is a perfectly acceptable heat gun for low to medium use.

The inclusion of numerous nozzles and tools may make it appealing to the hot air newbie — or suitable as an affordable gift for journeyman DIYers.

That said, the lack of durability of many of the accessories, and the inexact method of temperature selection, will make it unsuitable for tradespeople or dedicated DIYers.

But — for a budget-friendly hot air gun that’s simple for novices to use — the Fujiwara 2000 shouldn’t disappoint.

Fujiwara 2000 FAQs

Q: Can the Fujiwara 2000W Remove Old Paint?

Yes. The Fujiwara heat gun, with an upper temperature of 1112 degrees Fahrenheit, is ideal for stripping paint. Furthermore, as this machine includes five additional nozzles, you can adjust the heat distribution to suit the stubbornness of the paint surface.

Q: Will the Fujiwara Heat GunShrink Solder Wire Butt Connectors?

Yes. Use the Fujiwara 2000-watt hot air gun on a mid-level setting, in conjunction with a concentrator nozzle.

Q: What Are the Fujiwara Heat Gun 2000 Watt Uses?

With twin fan speeds, multiple nozzle choices, and a temperature range of 122 to 1112 degrees Fahrenheit — the Fujiwara 2000W has a multitude of applications, including:

  • Molding hockey boots.
  • Drying spackle.
  • Paint stripping.
  • Bending PVC.
  • Forming foam.
  • Wire sheath shrinking.
  • Addressing rusted bolts, screws, and nuts.
  • Shrink-wrapping with plastic film.
  • Removing glue.
  • Defrosting freezers.
  • Lighting BBQs and grills.
  • Candle making.
  • Cookie decorating.
  • Removing decals and stickers.
  • Tinting windows.
  • Removing varnish.
Q: How Much Does the Fujiwara Heat Gun Cost?

While having variable temperatures and numerous attachments, the Fujiwara 2000-watt heat gun is a highly affordable unit. To check out the current cost of the Fujiwara 2000.

Q: Can I Use the Fujiwara 2000W In the USA?

Yes. The Fujiwara heat gun is rated at 120 volts and, therefore, suitable for US mains power.

Q: Does the Fujiwara 2000 Watt Come With a Case?

Despite coming with ten accessories, the Fujiwara heat gun does not include a carry case.

Q: Where Is the Temperature Dial on the Fujiwara 2000W?

The substantial temperature dial is located on the rear of the machine. It gives you a choice of eight heat settings — providing increments of approximately 100 degrees.

Q: How Much Does the Fujiwara 2000 Watt Heat Gun Weigh?

The manufacturer indicates that this variable temperature heat gun weighs 2.4 pounds.