Teccpo 1500W Heat Gun Review

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Teccpo 1500W

Reviewed by: Sean Masri

Last modified: Jul 27, 2023 @ 1:41 am

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Teccpo 1500W Review Summary:

With a low price point and arriving complete with numerous accessories — the Teccpo 1500W TAHG01P heat gun is a budget unit that could function as an entry-level hot air machine.

With a dual temperature of 752 and 1022 degrees Fahrenheit, this heat gun should cope with general DIY projects, such as stripping paint, removing adhesives, and defrosting freezers. However, it may lack the temperature versatility for the serious DIYer.

Arriving with four additional nozzles, the TAHG01P gives you the flexibility to choose the heat delivery onto your working material — although they do lack durability. A hanging loop enables you to safely store your machine — while 12 rear vents elevate airflow through the unit.

This heat gun comes from the Teccpo stable — a China-based brand that offers a wide range of affordable power tools, aimed at the lower end of the market. Most of their products, including this unit, are made by a third party. Hence, you may see an identical machine under a different brand name.


A dual temperature of 752 and 1022 degrees Fahrenheit.
Low price point.
Numerous additional nozzles.
Ergonomic rubber handle.
Overload protector.


Lack of temperature choices makes it unsuitable for the professional or DIY expert.
It feels like a budget machine in the hand.
Casing lacks durability.
Additional nozzles aren’t robust enough to cope with repeated use.

Features and Benefits of the Teccpo TAHG01P

Admittedly, the Teccpo 1500-watt lacks such characteristics as the incremental temperature settings and LCD screens that are the staples of high-end units.

But, this heat gun still packs in enough features to make it worthy of consideration by the hot air novice.

Dual Temperature

If you’re looking for your first heat gun — or consider that you will only be using the machine intermittently — the dual temperatures on this machine should be sufficient.

Providing heat levels of 752 and 1022 degrees Fahrenheit, this unit includes the two most frequently used temperatures in hot air DIY. This gives you the ability to tackle jobs such as paint stripping, varnish and lacquer removal, and plastic pipe bending.

You change between these two heat settings via a handle-mounted rocker switch — meaning you can alternate while in use. Consequently, there’s no requirement to stop your work to adjust.

Furthermore, a nice feature of this switch is its size. Being impressively substantial — it makes operation simple. This may appeal to those who will use the heat gun while wearing gloves, or perhaps lack finger dexterity.

Two-Handed Operation

Unusually for a low-end unit, the Teccpo 1500-watt offers two-handed operation. This may suit those homeowners looking to attack larger or more time-intensive projects, such as banister paint stripping.

The ability to use two hands should reduce fatigue — allowing you to complete your work in an ache-free and time-efficient manner.

However, due to the design of the handles, if you have larger hands you may struggle to hold the heat gun comfortably.

Additional Nozzles

A nice inclusion with this machine is the four additional nozzles.

If you’re a hot air newbie — this could be a bonus, as you’re unlikely to already have a stash of these attachments in your toolbox. Plus, it also means that you don’t need to make post-product purchases.

These nozzles enable you to deliver heat onto your working material in the most suitable manner. Included are two concentrators, one glass protector, and one reflector.

However, bear in mind that many owners of the machine consider these nozzles to be overly fragile — a few accidental bumps and they can be easily knocked out of shape.

Ergonomic Handle

Holding a hot air gun for an extended period of time can lead to perspiration — both due to the heat emitted by the machine and your constant and tight grip.

This can lead to slippage — something that should be avoided when dealing with high temperatures.

Therefore I welcome the rubberized handle on the Teccpo 1500 TAHG01P. This elevates traction between your palm and the unit — increasing grip and preventing unwanted accidents.

Ventilation Outlets

On the rear of the heat gun, the Teccpo 1500W possesses 12 ventilation holes. This elevates airflow through the unit — helping to ensure that the ABS casing remains cool during operation, while also protecting the heating coil from getting too hot.

Hanging Loop

The base of the handle on the Teccpo TAHG01P houses a hanging loop. As this machine doesn’t include a carry case, this is a worthwhile addition — allowing you to hang your heat gun out of harm’s way when not in use. Furthermore, by suspending on a hook or pegboard, you’re saving valuable toolbox and workbench space.

Hands-Free Operation

The flattened rear of the machine gives you the ability to stand the heat gun on its end. The leaves you with both hands free to wield material above the hot air plume. This is particularly useful for projects like bending plastic or copper pipes.

What Users Say About The Teccpo 1500W

After thoroughly researching the Teccpo heat gun — in my eyes, I consider it a perfectly adequate unit for the low-frequency user looking for hot air solutions at an affordable price point.

Yet, is this an opinion shared by the many owners of this machine?

To ensure I wasn’t omitting any glaring benefits or disadvantages of this heat gun — I delved into the views of industry experts and consumers to see whether their thoughts were in line with my own.

Reassuringly, it appears they do. Their feedback was generally positive, remarking upon the Teccpo’s budget-level price, comfortable feel in the hand, and the option of hands-free use.

That said, there do appear to be a few downsides. Many users indicated that the additional nozzles don’t fit sufficiently snugly onto the machine — and that they’re made of a thin metal compound — which is liable to bend and become misshapen with only a gentle knock.

However, these don’t detract from the quality of the heat gun itself and — should you wish — more substantial third-party heat gun nozzles are available.

Alternatives to Teccpo 1500W

Heat guns aren’t one-size-fits-all machines.

So, if the Teccpo TAHG01P isn’t setting your world alight — then check out these mighty alternatives.

Wagner Furno 300

Perhaps your heart is set on a dual temperature gun — but the Teccpo seems to be a little too bottom-end for your requirements. If that sounds like you, this could be the upmarket machine you demand.

The Wagner Furno boasts a similar choice of temperatures to the Teccpo 1500 watt — but comes with the brand recognition and backing of an industry specialist.

  • A comparable price point to the Teccpo.
  • Unlike the Teccpo, the Wagner has side struts, allowing you to lay it on its side when not in use.
  • It doesn’t include additional nozzles.

DeWalt DCE530B

Should you consider that the corded Teccpo TAHG01P restricts your freedom — I may have found the solution.

The DEC530B is a dual temperature heat gun — but instead of running off a mains cable, it’s powered by a 20-volt battery. Thus, it prevents you from being tethered to the wall — and gives the additional versatility to work out in the field.

  • Higher price point than the Teccpo heat gun.
  • Lower temperature choices of 532 and 990 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Includes two additional nozzles — the Teccpo has four.

DeWalt D26960K

If you like the two-handed operation and numerous accessories of the Teccpo but find it offers insufficient temperature versatility — this heat gun may appeal.

The D26960K comes with additional nozzles and two-handed operation — but also delivers an LCD screen and temperatures from 150 to 1100 degrees Fahrenheit — in 50-degree increments.

  • Harder on the wallet than the Teccpo 1500 watt.
  • Seven nozzles, as opposed to just four with the Teccpo.
  • Unlike the Teccpo, the DeWalt comes with a storage case.


Should you be looking for a general purpose household heat gun — the Teccpo 1500 TAHG01P is a perfectly adequate machine.

Easy to use, it features the standard temperature settings of 752 and 1022 degrees Fahrenheit — allowing you to strip paint, thaw pipes, and remove decals.

Admittedly, it lacks the heft of higher-end machines — and the durability of the accessories is questionable.

The Teccpo 1500W may not excite the hardcore DIYer — but if you’re a low-frequency user, it’s a reliable unit that will not burn a hole in your pocket.

Teccpo 1500 TAHG01P FAQs

Q: Should the Teccpo 1500 Watt Smoke?

If you’re using the TAHG01P for the first time or switching the unit off after it’s remained idle for an extended period — it may smoke. This is due to oil and detritus on the heating coil burning — and is nothing to worry about.

Q: What Accessory Should I Use on the Teccpo to Thaw Pipes?

Use the reflector nozzle. You can hook this around your pipe and it will deliver an even spread of heat.

Q: What Temperature Should I Set the Teccpo 1500 to Strip Paint?

The lower temperature of 752 degrees Fahrenheit may be sufficient to strip thinly spread water-based paint. However, thicker coverings, especially if oil-based, will need the higher 1022 degrees Fahrenheit temperature.

Q: Does the Teccpo TAHG01P Use Asbestos as Insulation?

The manufacturer indicates that the Teccpo 1500-watt doesn’t use asbestos to shield the user from heat.

Q: Can I Tint Car Windows With the Teccpo Heat Gun?

Yes. The TAHG01P is perfectly suited to a wide range of automotive applications, including window tinting and vinyl wrapping.

Q: What Are the Teccpo 1500 Watt Heat Gun Uses?

With dual temperatures of 752 and 1022 degrees Fahrenheit, the Teccpo TAHG01P is a versatile machine that can cope with:

  • Lighting a grill.
  • Stripping paint.
  • Forming plastic.
  • Drying paint.
  • Bending plastic and copper pipes.
  • Wrapping gifts with shrink wrap.
  • Loosening stubborn bolts and screws.
  • Softening adhesives.
  • Thawing pipes.
  • Defrosting freezers.
  • Making soap.
  • Molding hockey boots.
  • Removing stickers and decals.
  • Vinyl wrapping.
  • Tinting windows.
Q: How Much Is the 1500-Watt Teccpo?

The Teccpo heat gun possesses numerous features at an affordable price. To check out the current cost of the Teccpo 1500W.

Q:Can the Teccpo 1500 Soften Putty?

Yes. This heat gun can soften putty around glass, making it straightforward to remove. Use the Teccpo 1500W on the low heat setting and utilize the included glass protector.