Wagner Furno 700 Heat Gun Review

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Wagner Furno 700

Reviewed by: Sean Masri

Last modified: Jul 24, 2023 @ 6:33 am

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Wagner Furno 700 Review Summary:

Possessing one of the most user-tailorable temperature ranges on the market — the Wagner Furno 700 digital heat gun is aimed at the obsessive DIYphile who demands precise control.

This unit provides heat from 125 to 1300 degrees Fahrenheit — in 10-degree increments. Thus — whether you’re removing crayon from walls or stripping paint — you have the optimum power level for each project. Furthermore, this accuracy is further enhanced by the choice of five fan speeds.

A large LCD screen, robust selection buttons, hands-free control, and a cool-down setting, all add up to make this a highly practical unit for the complete home improver.

To clear up any confusion, the 700 model is identical to the Wagner Furno 750 heat gun — the only difference being that the latter comes complete with a storage case, more nozzles and paint scrapers.

Coming from Wagner SprayTech Corp — this machine has been built with attention to detail and a focus on durability that only a paint specialist with 70 years experience can deliver.

Furno 700 Pros:

Two additional nozzles included.
Temperature range of 125-1300 degrees Fahrenheit.
Hands-free operation.
Ergonomically designed handle.
LCD screen.
10-degree increments for temperature.


May be overkill for the casual DIYer.
Sizeable machine — not suitable for use in confined spaces.
Digital Furno700 heat gun.
Wagner Furno 700 paint striping.

Features and Benefits of Wagner Furno 700

Time to heat things up a little and give this unit a grilling! Let’s see what this machine has under the hood.

Temperature Range

Undoubtedly, one of the main attractions for the complete DIY fanatic in this unit is the vast temperature range. Providing heat from 125 to 1300 degrees Fahrenheit — there are few other models available that can match that breadth of power intensity.

However, it’s not simply the extremes of high and low that make this heat gun so versatile — but also the options of individual selection in between.

You can adjust the temperature in 10-degree increments — thus providing an eye-watering choice of 117 different heat levels. When you consider that many competitor models only provide 50 or 100-degree incremental adjustments — it makes the Furno relatively much more adaptable.

Hence, whether you’re molding your hockey boots or restoring bumpers — you can select the optimum heat level for the project in hand.

Five Fan Speeds

The ethos behind this heat gun is finesse — enabling the precision-demanding DIYer to obtain the ultimate in results through the perfect application of heat.

The five user-selectable fan speeds give you the added versatility of heat intensity — not just temperature. Meaning that you can deliver the hot air at a rate which you choose — not determined by the unit.

Digital Display

On a high-performance heat gun such as the Wagner 700 — a digital display is a must. Imagine the size of the dial that you’d require to cope with 117 temperature levels!

The Furno 700 heat gun incorporates an easy-to-read, top-mounted LCD screen — detailing both temperature and fan speed. Its large dimensions mean that even those who have eyesight issues should be able to read the details clearly.

Adjustment of settings is straightforward — simply press the large and tactile rubber buttons to increase or decrease heat and blower rate. Being substantially sized, they’re suitable for use when wearing gloves.

Cool Down Mode

While reassuringly robust on the outside, the Wagner 700 — like all heat guns — houses delicate internal components.

The most important of these is the heating coil — without which your gun is nothing but a handheld fan.

Naturally, this element is exposed to massive temperatures — which isn’t an issue during use. However, when it cools down, rapid changes in heat can damage this sensitive component — leading to a reduction in efficiency or, ultimately, requiring a replacement.

Hence, I’m pleased to see that the Wagner 700 Furno possesses a cool-down mode. When you’ve finished your work for the day — or are taking an extended break for a cup of Joe — click to this setting. It enables the precious heating coil to slowly drop in temperature — increasing its longevity.

Safety and Storage

As much as I’m sure you’ll love the Furno 700 — especially when it’s fresh out of the box — at some point, you’ll need to put it down.

Hence, I welcome the safety side bars incorporated in this heat gun, ensuring that — should you lay it on its side — the hot nozzle doesn’t come into contact with your working surface. Thus preventing accidental scorches and burns.

Additionally, the Wagner 700 boasts an integrated hanging loop — enabling you to store the heat gun on a hook or pegboard — protecting it from knocks and scrapes.

Additional Nozzles

While the identical Wagner Furno 750 comes complete with five nozzles, the 700 unit includes the two that are most used by DIY heat gun enthusiasts.

The glass protector tip will shield delicate windows and mirrors from heat, during projects such as putty or rubber removal. The flare nozzle disperses hot air over a wider area — excellent for jobs like removing car decals.

Furno 700 Wagner Heat Gun.
FURNO 700 heat gun.

What Users Say About The Furno 700

It’s my feeling that the Furno 700 is the consummate heat gun for the keen DIYers who both demand and require exact heat delivery in their projects. Furthermore, its LCD screen gives detailed feedback on current operating status.

But, the proof of the pudding is in the eating (or heating in this case).

Hence, I extensively examined industry-expert opinion and the feedback of owners of this heat gun. And, the remarks were highly positive.

Comments frequently mentioned its impressive adaptability to home projects, clear digital display, and the reassuring cool-down feature. Perhaps the only negatives were from users who found it had too many functions for their casual and intermittent use.

Alternatives to Wagner Furno 700

If you’re not warming to the Wagner 700 Furno — consider these alternative hot air options.

DeWalt D26960K

If you demand even more than the 700 can offer — consider this heat gun from industry behemoth, DeWalt.

Like the Furno 700, the D26960K possesses a digital display — but offers more additional nozzles, scrapers, and a hard carry case.

  • Choice of two-handed use, as opposed to the single of the Furno 700.
  • Hits the pocket harder than the Wagner model.
  • More suited to the tradesperson than the keen DIYer.

Wagner Furno 300

The little brother to the 700 model, the Furno 300 carries the same modern aesthetic of its higher-specced elder sibling — but is more suited to the infrequent DIYer.

As a dual temperature machine — it lacks the versatility of the 700, but — being simpler to operate and lighter on the wallet — it’s an ideal entry-level machine.

  • Choice of just two temps — 750 and 1000 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Unlike the Furno 700, it doesn’t include additional nozzles.
  • Two fan speeds, as opposed to five in the Furno 700.

Porter Cable PC1500HG

Should you want the temperature versatility of the Furno, but consider the LCD screen an unnecessary and cost-adding feature — this is a robust alternative.

The Porter Cable delivers a heat range of 120-1150 degrees Fahrenheit — comparable to the Furno — but instead of a digital display, it incorporates a dial for temperature selection.

  • A budget-friendly alternative to the Wagner Furno.
  • Includes no additional nozzles — the Furno 700 has two.
  • Dual fan speed, instead of five delivered by the Wagner.


As the great American writer, Mark Twain said,

“When all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail.”

And for me — that sums up this heat gun.

Ten-degree incremental selection, a temperature range of 125-1300 degrees Fahrenheit, and five blower speeds delivers the ultimate in versatility. Meaning not only will you want to use this machine for every single DIY project you have — it will most probably have the capability to handle it. Although ironically, not for hammering in nails.

The LCD screen delivers both ease of use and at-a-glance feedback on your current settings. The cool-down mode ensures the longevity of the heating coil — and the inclusion of two commonly-used additional nozzles elevates the accuracy of your work.

Admittedly, this heat gun is angled toward the experienced DIYer — and some features may be superfluous for the casual household user.

But, for a heat gun that offers exceptional flexibility for the home-improvement fanatic — the Wagner Furno 700 is a heat gun that will make you trigger happy.

Wagner Furno 700 FAQs

Q: What’s the Difference Between the Furno 700 and the Furno 750 heat gun?

The Furno 700 and the Wagner 750 heat gun are identical machines. However, the difference arises in the additional accessories.

The Furno 750 comes with more nozzles than the 700, a five-in-one painter’s tool, and a hard carry case.

Q: Wagner Furno 700 Uses?

With a vast temperature range, heat selection in 10-degree increments, and a choice of five blower speeds — the Wagner 0503070 Furno 700 is incredibly versatile. The manufacturer states that it has over 100 different applications — including:

  • Waxing skis.
  • Removing crayon from walls.
  • Molding hockey boots.
  • Applying window tint.
  • Stripping paint.
  • Removing caulk.
  • Desoldering.
  • Removing window putty.
  • Glass fiber work.
  • Unfreezing pipes.
  • Forming foam.
  • Embossing.
Q: How Much Does the Furno 700 Weigh?

The Wagner 700 weighs 2.75 pounds.

Q: Can I Switch the Wagner 700 Readout to Celsius?

Unfortunately no. The LCD screen displays the current heat selection in Fahrenheit.

Q: What Is the Wagner 700 Furno Price?

For a digital heat gun, the Wagner 0503070 Furno 700 is incredibly competitively priced when compared to similar models by other manufacturers. To check out the current cost of the Furno 700.

Q: How Can I Remove the Wagner 0503070 Furno 700 Power Cord?

The manufacturer states that, once attached, you should not remove the mains cable.

That said, should you find it necessary to replace or repair the power cord — simply push down on the button at the rear of the machine where the cable meets the heat gun — and it can then be pulled free.

Q: What Is the Temperature of the Heat Gun P/N 0503070?

Adjustable in 10-degree increments — the Wagner 700 Furno has a temperature range of 125-1300 degrees Fahrenheit. This provides a choice of 117 different heat settings.

Q: Can I Use Standard 35mm Attachments With the Wagner Furno?

Yes. The Wagner Furno 700 will accommodate most third-party 35 mm nozzles.