Black+Decker BD200MTB Review

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Black & Decker Multi Tool BD200MTB Review

Reviewed by: Timothy Henderson

Last modified: Jul 27, 2023 @ 2:09 am

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Black+Decker BD200MTB Review Summary:

Incorporating a solid 2.5-amp motor, comfort-friendly build, and a host of accessories — the Black+Decker BD200MTB is a reliable corded oscillating multitool that targets the novice-to-intermediate DIY user.

Offering a variable speed range from 10000 – 20000 OPM, you can opt for the ideal output intensity to suit your project and target material. Operated via a rear-mount dial, you can choose between six preset velocity settings.

The head of the unit boasts a tool-free accessory exchange — allowing you to switch from blades to sanders or degrouters to planers without the use of a hex key. And arriving complete with 18 accessories, there are a multitude of applications possible straight outta-the-box.

An included universal adapter permits the use of third-party attachments, while exterior comfort grips cut back on vibration and increase traction — elevating stability and security in your hand.

Its substantial operational switch enables effortless one-handed operation, while a corded power supply ensures consistent speed and energy delivery.

This machine comes from the Black & Decker stable — a US-based respected power tool manufacturer with over 110 years of production history. The BD200MTB is the only oscillating multitool in its vast catalog.


  • Power – 2.5 amp
  • Voltage – 120 volts
  • Speed – 10000 – 20000 OPM
  • Weight – 4.25 pounds


  • Numerous accessories — including universal adapter.
  • Vibration-busting grips.
  • Tool-free accessory exchange.


Excellent price to quality ratio.
Suitable for the DIYer.
Arrives with a plethora of accessories — including a universal adapter.
Rubberized and treaded grips.
2.5-amp motor.


Restrictive bottom-end speed choice.
Loud for a 2.5 amp machine.
Lacks sufficient grunt for trade-grade users.

Features and Benefits of the Black&Decker BD200MTB

Like all the tools in the Black and Decker range, the BD200 MTB is bold, black, and orange. But of most importance is what lies beneath this distinctive exterior — time to delve into its features.

2.5-Amp Motor

At the heart of the Black and Decker BD200MTB is a 2.5 amp powerhouse. While sufficiently grunty to tackle the majority of home DIY projects — such as sanding, light cutting, grout removing, and crafting — it lacks the muscle of the 3.0-amp-plus models that are the favorite of pro users. That said, it’s more brawny than many home-improvement machines, such as the 1.6-ampere Genesis MT15A.

Furthermore, with the Bosch design boffins focusing on durability, the unit boasts reinforced metal gearing — ensuring that the motor can stand up to the challenges of hardcore contractor use.

Variable Speed

Pleasingly, the BD200MTB from Black+Decker boasts variable speeds — from 10000 – 20000 OPM. Adjustable via a rear-mounted dial, you can select between six different output levels — allowing you to choose the rapidity most suited for your project type and base material. Typically, slower speeds for dense mediums and a higher velocity for softer substances.

However, I’d suggest that even for casual users, the inability to drop the intensity below 10000 OPM is a little disappointing — preventing you from taking it easy on work that demands precision and accuracy. It’s a little like your wife asking you to take it slow and steady in the bedroom — but all you can offer is fast or insane beast mode.

The six-speed settings are a little more generous than many dial-controlled oscillating multitools, which typically offer only five. This is in comparison to pro-grade units that commonly incorporate a throttle trigger — permitting an infinite amount of output velocities, as seen on the DeWalt DCS356B.

Tool-Free Accessory Adjustment

If you’re anything like me, you’ll have an annoying habit of misplacing hex wrenches and chuck keys — meaning anytime you want to change an accessory or drill bit, you waste time looking for a suitable tool.

Thankfully for us absent-minded DIYers, the Black & Decker BD 200MTB boasts toolless head exchange with a quick-release lever — allowing you to switch effortlessly between sanders and blades without an Allen key — saving valuable downtime.


Power tools are nothing but toys for adult guys. To be honest, we never really grow up, and as we’d be considered a little weird playing with GI Joe and Beyblades past the age of eighteen — instead we focus our childlike attention on drills, saws, and multitools.

Stick with me, this analogy is going somewhere.

However, do you remember the disappointment on Christmas morning when, after excitedly unwrapping your new Action Force Tank, you experience that gut-wrenching feeling as you discover that you can’t immediately start playing — you’re lacking batteries for the authentic gun sounds and figures to drive the darn vehicle.

Thankfully, with the Black and Decker Oscillating BD200MTB, you won’t have to relive this childhood-scarring trauma — as it arrives complete with a plethora of accessories, allowing your power tool playtime to commence straight after unboxing.

It includes:

  • Storage bag.
  • Universal adapter.
  • Metal and wood blade.
  • Rigid scraping blade.
  • Sanding attachment.
  • 12 assorted sanding papers.
  • Universal adapter.

Comfort Grips

The shell of the BD20 0MTB boasts a rubberized and treaded coating. Reducing vibration transference, it shields against fatigue — allowing you to work harder for longer.

What’s more, you know that nothing beats the feeling of a tight grip around your mighty manly tool — that’s why I believe you will appreciate the linear texture of the rubber, increasing hand traction, elevating accuracy, and reducing the risk of slips and drops during operation.

Universal Adapter

Perhaps the most welcome inclusion with the BD200MTB from Black+Decker is the universal adapter. This useful addition permits you to use third-party accessories with this oscillating multitool — meaning you’re not tied into the manufacturer.

This allows you to utilize novel and unique tool heads that aren’t available from the original brand, opt for more cost-effective options, and use any existing multitool accessories that you already own from previous machines.

Substantial On/Off Switch

The Black and Decker BD 200MTB’s casing features a top-mounted operational switch. Reassuringly substantial, it ensures fuss-free operation even with gloved hands. Furthermore, sitting just below the thumb position while in your grasp, it allows you to activate and deactivate the multitool one-handed.

Black+Decker BD200MTB Specifications

Black+Decker BD200MTB
Weight4.25 pounds
Tool-Free AdjustmentYes
Speed10000 - 20000 OPM
Dimensions4.0 x‎ 12.0 x 5 inches
Amperage2.5 amps
Power120 volts corded
Angle of Oscillation1.4 degrees
Cord LengthUndeclared
Variable SpeedYes
Includes Universal AdaptorsYes
WarrantyTwo years

What Users Say About the Black&Decker BD200MTB?

In my eyes, the B&D Multitool BD200MTB is an admirable DIY-grade oscillating multitool that’s a step above many casual-use home-improvement models currently on the market.

That said, as I’ve had limited working time with this machine — my review may be equally restrictive. Hence, to ensure this is a warts-and-all examination of this multitool, I delved into the opinions of owners of this unit.

Thankfully, it appears my instincts were correct. Overall, the views expressed were favorable — with guys welcoming the hex key-free accessory switching, praising the inclusion of a universal adapter, and lauding the substantial comfort grips.

Admittedly, some home users weren’t completely won over by this oscillating tool. One downhearted DIYer considered the noise output relatively high for a 2.5 amp unit, while another was disappointed the output intensity couldn’t be dropped lower than 10000 OPM. Furthermore, a common criticism was that the multitool uses four-inch sanding pads — as opposed to the multitool standard of 3.125-inch.

However, overall, there was a consensus among owners that this was an impressive DIY-level multitool that offers a remarkable number of features for a machine that has a less than $100 price point.

Alternatives to the Black + Decker Oscillating Multi Tool BD 200MTB

If, after reaching this far in my Black/Decker BD200MTB review, you’re not still convinced by this machine — all is not lost.

I know that this multitool will not suit everyone’s demands, nor indeed the requirements of their projects. So, for those guys who need something a little different, I’ve curated a few alternative and creditable options that may be more appealing:

If you’re seeking a variable speed oscillating multitool, but are disappointed that the B&D model doesn’t drop below 10000 OPM — take a look at this machine instead.

The DWE315K not only has a slightly more intense top speed than the BD200MTB at 22000 OPM but also incorporates a trigger throttle. This increases the output velocity range from anywhere between 0 – 22000 OPM — elevating its versatility and making it more suited to projects that demand a gentler approach

  • Harder on the wallet than the Black + Decker.
  • 29-piece accessory kit as opposed to the 18-piece of the BD2 00MTB.
  • More grunty — 3.0-amp motor in contrast to the Black Decker 2.5-amp.
Should you be looking for a casual-use, around-the-home, oscillating multitool — yet are of the opinion that the BD200MTB is a little too pricey and over-specced for your needs — consider this unit.

The GMT15A is a budget power tool that’s more suitable for the oscillating newbie or infrequent user. Admittedly, at 1.6 amps, it lacks the grunt of the 2.5-amp Black + Decker — while still offering an impressive 21000 OPM, arriving with a plethora of attachments, and a lightweight aluminum head.

  • Significantly lighter on your pocket than the BD200 MTB.
  • Needs a hex key to change accessories, unlike the Black and Decker’s tool-free system.
  • Single-speed, as opposed to the variable output of the BD200 MTB.

If you’re a trade pro or a serious and experienced DIYer — then you demand a more robust and brawnier machine than the home-user-grade Black and Decker. So, if you want a multitool that can tackle extreme challenges, check out this unit.

The TM3010CX1 is a serious contractor-grade oscillator — incorporating a soft-start system that shields the motor from damage, and a durable ABS casing to guard against drops and knocks typical of hardcore use. Furthermore, it offers a significantly greater speed range — 6000 – 20000 OPM, as opposed to the 10000 – 20000 OPM of the BD200MTB.

  • Higher premium-grade price point than the B & D.
  • More aggressive cutting angle — 3.2 degrees in contrast with Black and Decker’s 1.4 degrees.
  • Comes with a hard carry case — not included with the BD200 MTB.


With an ergonomic build, solid 2.5-amp grunt, and a multitude of accessories — the BD200MTB is a respectable oscillating multi-tool for the novice to intermediate DIYer.

Comfort grips reduce digit fatigue while elevating hand stamina, making it ideal for time-lengthy projects. Its variable speed system allows you to select the most suitable output intensity for your target material. Plus, an included universal adapter permits the use of third-party tool heads.

Furthermore, tool-free accessory exchange removes the downtime and headaches of lost hex keys, while a substantial on/off switch enables effortless operation when using the tool one-handed.

Sure, it’s slightly lacking for experienced amateur users and trade pros — little low-end speed choice, no trigger throttle, and slightly underpowered.

However, if you’re seeking one of the most versatile DIY-grade multitools on the market — and with an impressive quality-to-price ratio — I suggest you consider the Black+Decker BD200MTB.

Black & Decker Multi Tool Oscillating BD200MTB FAQs

Q: Where Can I Buy the Black+Decker Oscillating BD200MTB MultiTool?

The BD200MTB is a DIY-grade multitool that boasts an 18-piece accessory kit, hex key-free head exchange, and a variable speed range of 10000 – 20000 OPM. You can get your hands on this unit by clicking here.

Q: What Are the Uses Of the BD200MTB Multi Tool?

Arriving with a cornucopia of accessory attachments, there is a multitude of uses for the Black and Decker BD2000MTB, including:

  • Sanding.
  • Grinding.
  • Cutting notches.
  • Planing.
  • Degrouting.
  • Removing paint.
  • Crafting and hobbying.
  • Cutting.
  • Removing nails and screws.
  • Floor installation.
  • Plumbing.
  • Tile removal.
  • Trimming baseboard.
Q: Where Can I Find the Black&Decker BD200MTB Manual?

Currently, the BD200MTB instructions and user guide isn’t on the official Black+Decker website. For rapid access to the Black+Decker BD200MTB Manual.

Q: Is the BD200MTB Oscillating Multitool from Black and Decker Cordless?

No. This machine is corded, Black+Decker doesn’t offer any cordless multitools. If you’re looking for a lithium-cell-powered machine, check out my top cordless oscillating multi tool picks.

Q: Is the Oscillating BD200MTB Multitool B&D Made in the USA?

No. Although Black+Decker is a US company, the BD200MTB multitool is manufactured in China.

Q: Can I Find Parts for the Black+Decker Multitool BD200MTB?

The official Black+Decker website offers a plethora of spare parts for the BD200 MTB in its extensive catalog. To identify the replacement component you need, use this exploded diagram.