Ultra Max II 490 Graco Paint Sprayer Review

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Ultra Max II 490 Graco Paint Sprayer

Reviewed by: Timothy Henderson

Last modified: Dec 3, 2023 @ 3:50 pm

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Graco 490 Review Summary:

The 490 Graco Paint Sprayer is sturdy, reliable and straightforward to use — making it a valuable addition for any professional or hardcore DIYer.

With the SmartControl 3.0 digital display, you’re able to monitor the jobs per gallon, time and maintenance of the unit. This means you always know that this machine is working to its full potential, and you’re not wasting any valuable time.

The ease created by the brushless system means there is no need to change brushes continually. It boasts one of the most powerful torques on the market thanks to the specially designed DC motor. Combined with the swivel suction hose, it offers you the flexibility to draw medium from any paint container or bucket — minimizing cleanup and giving you maximum coverage in minimal time, with superior quality finishing.

The fully enclosed design avoids any additional mess or spillages — allowing you to focus solely on the job at hand. And, when finished or switching paints, the high-flow pump system makes cleaning simple and rapid. As this feature dramatically reduces the time needed to clean the system — you can move swiftly between jobs.

With the large filter system unique to Graco, it can manage most paints without the need for thinners. Plus, it minimizes tip blockages — meaning you can maintain productivity.

The manufacturer states that it’s the most reliable pump on the market — with a durability rating twice that of the next leading brand. Combine its longevity factor with consistency and adaptability — the Graco 490 Paint Sprayer would appear to be a solid investment.

From the world’s premier manufacturers of fluid-handling equipment and systems, Graco inc. has dominated the marketplace for over 90 years! With the 490 Airless Paint Sprayer, they’ve taken their decades of experience — creating a machine that will save you both money and time.



Ideal for professionals and DIY fanatics.

FastFlush technology — cleans four times faster.
Fully enclosed motor — prolongs life and eliminates mess.
Large filter — reduces clogging.
Quiet operation.
Brushless design.
Two-year manufacturer warranty.


Not designed for small projects or detailed work.

Features and Benefits of the Graco 490 Airless Paint Sprayer

Let’s find out what makes this the ultimate machine for all your painting needs.

BlueLink Mobile Application

Do you have a large workforce and want to keep track of productivity? The Ultra Max II is Bluetooth-enabled, which allows you to take advantage of the mobile management system.

Know the exact location of your machines, and monitor their productivity. It also provides the capabilities to easily organize servicing, and examine the workflow of your employees.

Alternatively, you could simply bask in the glory of the time the efficiency of your Graco Airless Paint Sprayer has saved you — and the additional jobs you can take on due to it.

SmartControl 3.0

As well as a long life and a sleek exterior the 490 Graco Paint Sprayer is also exceptionally smart!

This electronic console maintains optimal operating performance and permits you to alter the speed of the motor to suit your spraying requirements — ensuring there is less waste and allowing you total control.

The SmartControl 3.0 also indicates gallons used per task, hours of operation and current pressure, as well as giving you diagnostic data and support.

Contractor Sprayer Gun

The brushless design means you don’t have the mind-numbing tedium of continually changing brushes. Instead, you have comfort and control literally at your fingertips with this lightweight gun.

The contoured handle sits comfortably in your hand. An adjustable trigger position allows you to tailor this to suit your personal preference. It also features a light trigger pull regardless of spray pressure and force — lowering hand fatigue and allowing you to work for longer.

The swivel connection allows you the freedom, flexibility and range of movement, without the hose snagging and restricting you — so you will be spending less time adjusting your workspace and more time spraying.

Swivel Suction Hose

The suction hose is ready to take on whatever job you have — from lighter to heavier coverage. Flexible and strong, this hose enables you to draw materials straight from the bucket, tin or container.
The swivel connector ensures that you’re not restricted to the immediate area of the machine. Keeping the application fluid and consistent gives you the ability to move more freely as you work.

Chromex Piston Pump

This is the ‘Mercedes’ of pumps — lasting twice as long as the next leading brand — according to Graco.

The toughened stainless steel casing is slick, durable, and erosion-resistant — offering longer life and sustainability for your machine. It gives you the confidence to know that it will work harder for longer and will maintain consistency and power even with heavy-duty applications.

Add the proprietary QuikAccess valve into the equation — cleaning is both fast and simple.

ProConnect Pump Replacement

While everything has been done to minimize problems and errors, should your pump need to be replaced — the patented ProConnect replacement system can be swapped easily and simply. There are no complicated parts or tools required. This means valuable time isn’t lost, and productivity is kept to a maximum — so you can literally paint the whole town red!

MaxPower Motor & Advantage Drive

Like a contented kitten, the Graco 490 Airless Paint Sprayer will purr quietly as it works with its state of the art hardened steel gears — reducing the operating noise to a mere whisper.

No one likes to waste time or the tedious process of changing brushes, Graco knows your time is valuable. It’s brushless 1.0 horsepower motor is capable of delivering up to 3300 PSI and handling 50-100 gallons weekly — ideal for smaller commercial tasks or property projects.

FastFlush High-Flow Cleaning system

Before you can sit back and enjoy the immaculate results of Graco 490 Airless Paint Sprayer, the cleanup has to happen. Fortunately for you, Graco’s FastFlush cleaning system is now four times faster than previous models, and you only need half the water. As a result, you’re ready to go again in no time — or you can enjoy the fruits of your paint sprayer’s labor and relax sooner.

Easy Out Filter

The Easy Out pump filter extends the life of your machine as well as ensuring a high-quality finish whatever the paint type you use! No need for thinner — this little superstar can handle mediums such as stains, latex, oil-based primers and acrylics.

Easy Transport

Small but mighty in comparison to other commercial paint sprayers. Weighing in at only 34 pounds, this machine is convenient to transport from job to job and will fit neatly into your vehicle during transit.

What Users Say About The Graco Ultra Max II 490 

To gain a more comprehensive view of the Graco 490 Airless Paint Sprayer I decided to check out the internet and see what other users had to say and if they had the same experience and feedback.

I’m happy to report that the trend in comments was of a positive nature.

High praise was given towards the consistent and straightforward usage — especially for commercial jobs. Others mentioned that while it’s smaller than many of its competitors, it has a well-built pump that can handle just about any paint, stain, or primer that you throw at it!

I actually found it difficult to find any negative comments or criticisms of this machine. Take a look at the Graco Ultra Max II 490 reviews for yourself.

Alternatives to Ultra Max II 490 Graco Paint Sprayer

While the consensus for the Graco 490 Paint Sprayer is extremely positive, you may find that it’s not quite what you’re looking for. So, here are a few options that may work as a viable alternative for you.

Graco Magnum X7 TrueAirless Sprayer

If you don’t require the power of the Graco Max II 490 Airless Paint Sprayer, but you want to stick with the brand — check out the Magnum X7.

This unit is a cart-mounted design that includes a 25-foot hose but has the capacity to support up to 100 feet. Like the 490, its suction hose allows you to spray straight from the paint can and it also boasts a proprietary quick clean up feature — the PowerFlush adapter.

The 5/8 horsepower engine still delivers, but not quite with the force of the 490, plus it can only handle 125 gallons per year — suggesting it’s suited towards DIY enthusiasts and handymen as opposed to contractors. However, it does hold a more moderate price tag.

  • Considerably better on the bank balance than the Ultra Max.
  • Maximum flow rate of 0.31 GPM, lower than the 0.54 GPM of the 490.
  • Cart-mounted, as opposed to the floor-standing design of the Ultra Max 490.

Graco Ultra Cordless Airless Paint Sprayer

Do you want to stick with an airless sprayer, but would prefer something small and compact? The Graco Ultra 17M363 machine is both handheld and cordless — allowing you freedom of movement and the precise action demanded for smaller jobs.

Convenient to set up and get started, it still packs a punch with 2000 PSI. The unit is able to spray a gallon on a single charge of the DeWalt battery — so no tripping over annoying cables or extension leads.

However, as this unit is fully compact, you won’t be able to be as trigger happy as with it’s bigger brothers in the Graco range.

  • Includes a 32-ounce paint cup with disposable liners — the 490 sprays direct from the can.
  • Handheld unit, in contrast to the floor-standing design of the Ultra Max.
  • Lower operating pressure of 2000 PSI, in comparison to the 3300 PSI of the 490 PC.


The Graco Ultra Max II 490 Airless Sprayer is designed to simplify and streamline professional paint jobs without compromising on the quality.

It has the ability to tackle most paint types, combined with a 1.0 horsepower brushless motor — it offers both power and adaptability. You can also maintain optimal performance, with the SmartControl — tracking usage and logging maintenance needs.

Furthermore, mess is kept to a minimum with its innovative enclosed motor. And, the FastFlush technology promotes a speedier post-task cleanup — saving you valuable time.

This machine may be overqualified for those wanting to complete smaller painting tasks. In these cases, a handheld model with a more modest price tag may work better.
However, for any tradesperson or DIYer who wants to increase the volume of work while maintaining superior quality — the 490 Graco Paint Sprayer has been created for you!

Graco 490 FAQs

Why Buy a Graco Product, Who Are They?
Graco has been in the industry for over 90 years specializing in fluid handling and equipment and has pioneered technology in this field. They’re now hailed as being the world leader in fluid handling systems and packages.
What Are Their Limitations To the Paints Graco Ultra Max II 490 PC Can Be Used With?
Lacquer, stains, interior and exterior latex, enamel, acrylics, and oil-based primer can all be used with the 60 mesh filter and Easy Out pump system.
What Size Tips Does Graco Ultra Max II 490 PC Use and Can This Be Adjusted and Changed?
This model comes with a contractor’s gun, which includes a 517 spray tip as standard. However, it can accommodate a tip size of 0.023 inches.
How Big Is the Graco 490 PC?
It’s a compact unit — weighing in at 34 pounds and dimensions of 19.76 x 17.9 x 17.4 inches.
Can I Use the Graco Ultra Max II 490 PC With a Generator?
Yes, but this would need to be a minimum of 3500 watts.
Does The Graco Ultra Max Come With an Adjustable or Higher Stands?
With the Ultra Max II 490, you have the configuration options of either a cart-mounted high-boy stand and low-boy stand or a floor-standing model.
Where Can I Find the Graco 490 Airless Paint Sprayer Manual?

For rapid access to the Graco 490 manual.

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