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Graco Ultra 17M363 Handheld Sprayer Review

Editor Rating: 4.7/5


Graco Ultra 17M363

Reviewed by: Timothy Henderson

Last modified: May 25, 2020 @ 7:03 am

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Review Summary:

The professional spray painting industry just got a face lift. For what it is worth, the advent of spray painting significantly benefitted professional painters everywhere. To begin with, sprayers helped to drastically reduce the time-consuming process of traditional rollers. It also helped to create a more even coat of paint on the wall. With that in mind, the Graco airless paint sprayer seeks only to better an already industry standard.

The Graco Ultra Cordless 17M363 is perfect for those smaller painting projects that require a little more detail and finesse. It is perfect for professional painters looking to do smaller jobs without the need of setting up their larger sprayer equipment. What is more, is that it is also small enough and simple enough to use that homeowners will find it to be a perfect addition to their tool collection.

Here are some advantages and key features of the Graco Ultra Cordless Airless Hand-held Paint Sprayer:


  • Extremely Portable: Capable of being assembled and ready for use in just minutes.
  • Exceptional Battery: The Graco Cordless sprayer is designed to work with DeWalt 20V lithium Ion batteries for longer lasting charges.
  • Longer Spray Time: Each charge allows for up to one gallon of spray painting with the 20V lithium ion battery.
  • Modular Painting Tips: Simply switch out the Graco spray tips depending on what type of spray pattern you need.

Key Features

  • Flex Liner Bag System: Simply line the paint canister with one the Flex Liner bags, fill it with paint and remove it when done for an easy cleanup process.
  • User Friendly Modular Design: The Graco airless paint sprayer allows for complete disassembly and rebuild of all major parts. This ensures easy cleaning of parts and quick replacement of the sprayer’s components.
  • TRIAX Triple Piston Pump: The triple piston pump is made from industrial strength carbide for heavy duty and daily usage. The carbide piston is also more resistant to breakdown from paint exposure over time.

For a more in-depth review of the Graco Ultra Cordless Airless Hand-held Paint Sprayer, its specifications and warranty information, see the product review page.

Whether you are a painting professional or a homeowner with a taste for the do-it-yourself, the Graco Ultra Cordless 17M363 is a fundamental asset for small painting projects. The Graco airless paint sprayer is a significant enhancement to the world of spray painting.

This sprayer is not only great for contractors and DIYers alike, but it is user friendly enough that both the expert and the novice will take pride in their accomplishments with this sprayer. With the Graco Ultra, spray painting capabilities once only available to professionals is now available in the palm of your hands.

Considering that the sprayer is no costlier than a high quality cordless power drill, it is a sensible investment for the paint contractor looking to make those smaller jobs exponentially quicker and more portable. The Graco Ultra Cordless’ reasonable price also means it is not out of the reach of the home project-minded consumers. The Graco Ultra cordless airless handheld sprayer is a significant investment to make, this review of the handheld sprayer aims to present both the benefits and disadvantages it has to offer.

Graco 17M363 Ultra Cordless Airless Sprayer – The Basics

The Graco Ultra cordless airless handheld sprayer is, to date, the most user friendly ultra cordless sprayer available on the market. With the ProConnect Pump Replacement System, there is no need to halt the project you are working on. Simply remove the side panel of the sprayer and with just a Phillips head screwdriver, remove the pump and replace it with a new one. Refasten the screws, pop the panel back on, and immediately return to painting.

Tired of pumps that stall and lag quickly? The Graco Ultra comes with the innovative TRIAX Triple Piston Pump that allows for better durability and longevity. Not only will the Graco Ultra sprayer be able to handle those occasional jobs around the house, but with the carbide and stainless-steel components of the triple piston pump, it is more than ready to handle those heavy duty, professional jobs. The TRIAX system is designed to handle several different thicknesses of paint as well as performing reliably on a daily basis.

The Features

Dependable Startup Process

  • No Inlet Check Valve: These valves are notorious for getting stuck and preventing the use of the sprayer until they are fixed. This can be especially frustrating as the project has not even been started. However, with no inlet valve to speak of, this is a non-issue.
  • Automatic Knocker for Pressure Control Ball: Yet another component that becomes easily stuck, the knocker for outlet valve ball allows for a flawless startup every time.

SmartControl Pressure Balance

  • Prevent Variations in Paint Finish: The SmartControl feature allows the user to move the sprayer along the painting surface at various speeds without having oscillations in the finish. This is particularly beneficial for the novice and their DIY projects.
  • No Recoating: The balanced pressure feature not only prevents rough finishes, it also keeps users from needing to go back over certain spots with an added coat.

ProConnect System

  • On-the-Go Pump Replacement: This is perhaps one of the defining features of the sprayer. Using only one tool, the Graco Ultra’s pump system can be easily replaced and does not require a professional knowledge of how to disassemble the sprayer.


  • Easy Cleanup: The 32-ounce FlexLiner paint bags allow for easy cleanup and allow you to interchange paints much quicker than normal.

RAC X FFLP Spray Tips

  • Professional Finish: The RAC Fine Finish/Low Pressure spray tips allows for professional smooth finish without having to have high-powered, high pressure machines.
  • Tip Compatibility: The Graco spray tips will work with all Graco airless cordless products as well as Graco’s larger airless sprayers.
  • Reverse-A-Clean System: The Graco spray tips RAC cleaning system make unclogging a quick and easy process.

DeWalt 20V Lithium Ion Battery Packs

  • Reliable Batteries: Since DeWalt is already a trusted name in the world of professional power tools, both contractors and homeowners can be confident they are getting both the power and the longevity out of the battery system.
  • Power Gauge: An LED light indicator on the battery allows the user to see how much of a charge they have left before needing to swap out the battery for a new one.
  • Less Time Between Charges: The DeWalt 20V lithium ion battery charges 30 percent faster than the leading brand of battery. With only 35 minutes of charging time, users will never have to halt the job for battery charging.
  • Longer Spray Time: The 20V battery can spray up to one gallon of paint on a single charge.
  • Compatibility: The Graco Ultra is able to utilize any DeWalt 20V battery. This allows users the option to upgrade their batteries for a higher capacity DeWalt lithium ion battery for even more operation time.
  • Two Batteries: This means 70 minutes of non-stop spray time (even more with the faster charging times) and two gallons of paint with one set of fully charged batteries.

ProControl II Speed Adjustment System

  • Manual Speed Adjustment: The Graco Ultra comes with a motor speed control which allows users to change spray concentrations based on the project they are working on.
  • Adjustable for Finish: The ProControl II systems is perfect for those who wish to paint slowly or quickly and still get the same finish.

TRIAX Triple Piston Pump

  • More Pistons, More Power: The triple piston system allows for more reliable power and also prevents the system from getting throttled or stressed too easily. This is especially beneficial to daily and professional users who require dependable heavy-duty output from their sprayers.
  • Long-Lasting Materials: The carbide and stainless-steel pistons are not only more powerful, but have a longer life expectancy than traditional paint pump pistons. The pistons are coated in special polymer that prevents early breakdown and corrosion from cylinder friction and paint chemical exposure.

Flawless Finish

  • One Coating: The Graco Ultra evenly coats the painting surface giving you a professional looking finish regardless of whether you are a beginner or an expert.
  • Thickness Control: The Graco Ultra employs state-of-the-art technology to prevent paint thinning issues during spraying. This allows users to avoid having to carefully go over areas where thinning occurred.

The Spray Patterns

The Graco Ultra cordless airless handheld sprayer has two spray patterns available. Simple rotate the sprayer nozzle 180 degrees to change the pattern. It is suggested that the sprayer be shut off before rotating the nozzle as paint by be released during the turning process.

Tip Types and Kind

Tip Models Included: The Graco Ultra Sprayer comes with the Reverse-A-Clean Fine Finish/Low Pressure (RAC X FFLP) 514 spray tip. The Ultra Max comes with both the RAC X FFLP 514 and RACX FFLP 210 tips.

Supported Tip Sizes: All models of the Graco Ultra supports tips ranging from .008 to .016 inches.

Tip Pressure Ranges: The Ultra and Ultra Max support pressures of 500 to 2,000 PSI.

The Ease of Use

Because the Ultra is designed with speed in mind, all its components are easy to take apart and reassemble within minutes. While this streamlined modular architecture was designed with contractors in mind, the use of the sprayer is clear enough for non-professional users as well.

The owner’s manual provides concise information about the sprayer’s uses as well as any troubleshooting consumers may need to do. Additional information can also be found on Graco’s website.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Cleaning the Ultra

The Graco Ultra Cordless 17M363 is one of the most easy-to-clean paint sprayers available on the market. With its completely modular design, component cleaning has never been simpler to do. The most time consuming component to clean on the Ultra is the paint reservoir. Simply rinsing is all that is required. In fact, because the FlexLiner bags are disposable, users can simply toss the bags away.

Maintenance and Upkeep

In addition to regularly cleaning the sprayer, ensuring the unit and its components stay high and dry is essential to protecting your investment. The advantage of the Ultra’s portability is that it is easily stowed in its carrying case along with its complimentary parts.

While the sprayer itself should be fine in most temperatures, the batteries should always be stored in a dry climate between 50 and 110 degrees F. Temperatures that are too cold or hot will cause the battery charge time to be significantly reduced. Some DeWalt batteries are designed for temperatures lower and higher than these. However, it is unlikely you will be painting in temperatures lower than this.

Battery Type

Graco has partnered with an industry leader. The Graco Ultra uses DeWalt’s latest 20V Lithium Ion Battery, so both contractors and DIYers alike will know they are getting the highest quality power source available for a cordless tool.

Who Can Use This Spray Painter?

The Graco Ultra Cordless Airless Sprayer is truly one of the most versatile and user-friendly sprayers available. While it will streamline professional jobs, it is also going to make light work for the non-professional consumer. In short, the Ultra is designed for everyday use and occasional use around the house. It is easier to clean and maintain than a paint brush.

using graco ultra 17M363



Simple to use device


No tubes or pump stems to clean


Powerful pump allows for thicker paints


Extreme portability, no cords


Dependable DeWalt 20V Battery


Provides great coverage and overall finish


Reasonably priced for both professional and novice users



Small reservoir size (only allows for 32 oz. at a time), however the advantage is increased portability


Only for use on smaller projects (mostly because of small reservoir capacity)


Can leave an overspray or light speckling, especially for windy outdoor projects

What We Didn’t Like

The low-pressure system can cause using thicker materials to be difficult. However, sometimes these issues arise from clogged tips. The RAC tips should be turned to unclog the system. Otherwise, clogging and pressure issues are rare with this sprayer.

The overspray issue can create a mess for surrounding items. Ensure that items in danger of potential overspray are properly covered. In addition, users should wear protective eyewear, face masks, and gloves when operating the sprayer.


Is the sprayer easy to use?

Absolutely, everyone can use the Graco Ultra 17M363, regardless of level of experience.

Is the sprayer quiet?

Yes, the sprayer is much quieter than larger industrial size sprayers, especially compressor powered air sprayers.

Can this be used for bigger painting jobs?

The low reservoir capacity makes it cumbersome to use on big projects, though its portability makes it perfect for smaller and even moderate level jobs.

Does the sprayer require tedious amounts of maintenance?

No, it is very easy to clean and is easily stored in the carrying case to prevent exposure to dust, dirt, and moisture.

What do The Users Say?

In general, the most positive reviews came from DIY consumers. DIYers were very impressed with the Ultra’s ease of use, affordability, and ultimately its portability. Professional painters also hailed the unit’s modular design, claiming that it decreased job turn-around time.


The Graco Ultra Cordless Airless Handheld sprayer is the essential sprayer for small professional or home projects.

With the clog free tips, powerful piston system, and unbeatable batteries, this unit is the greatest airless portable sprayer available on the market.

Graco Ultra 17M363 conclusion


The Graco Ultra Cordless Airless Handheld sprayer is the essential sprayer for small professional or home projects. With the clog free tips, powerful piston system, and unbeatable batteries, this unit is the greatest airless portable sprayer available on the market.

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