Graco Ultra Corded Airless Handheld Paint Sprayer 17M359

Graco Ultra 17M359

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Graco Ultra Corded Airless Handheld Paint Sprayer 17M359

Reviewed by: Timothy Henderson

Last modified: Dec 3, 2023 @ 3:15 pm

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Graco 17M359 Review Summary:

Designed for the professional contractor, the Graco Ultra Corded airless handheld paint sprayer 17M359 is ideal for small indoor and outdoor projects.

Tested to meet the demands of industry-level applications, the Graco 17M359 is well-suited to jobs where firing-up and priming a floor-standing sprayer is too time-consuming.

Variable pressure control (adjustable between 500-2000 psi) allows for a customizable delivery. Lower the output level for thinner mediums or to create a thicker coat if your base material demands.

A one-quart container (946 ml) holds proprietary bag liners (four are included with this unit). These reduce the need for cup cleaning and permit swift paint color changes. Furthermore, the spray tip is reversible; a quick turn of the lever rotates it 180-degrees and allows you to quickly remove blockages.

Graco’s on-the-job pump replacement system means that potential downtime is reduced — allowing you to crack on with your contract and finish in a timely manner. Plus, with a choice of two spray patterns (horizontal and vertical) you can select the ideal method for your project.

The Graco 17M359 model is the entry-level machine in the company’s Ultra sprayer range, which is geared towards professionals. It’s the only airless sprayer in the series that comes with a power lead, the others are powered by a lithium-ion battery. Contractors looking for a cordless unit should consider the Graco 17M367.


Carbide piston for longevity and durability.
Lightweight for a handheld airless machine.
Variable 500-2000 psi.
Substantial spray tip guard.
Rapid pump replacement.
Non-fluctuating pressure for an even coat.
FlexLiner cups.
Complete with a storage bag.
60-mesh filter.
Suitable for professional contractors.


Premium price for a premium product.
Loud operation.
Not ideal for larger-scale work.

Features and Benefits of the Graco 17M359 Airless Handheld Sprayer

Graco states that its 17M359 provides unparalleled speed, unmatched reliability, and a flawless finish.

Here’s what makes this machine so appealing to both tradespersons and seriously committed home-improvers.


With more letters than a mailman’s satchel, the included RAC X FF LP spray tip offers even coverage across a wide spectrum of mediums — usually without thinning.

Bringing it back to basics, this is a 514 (0.014-inch) tip that’s able to cope with stains, sealers, enamels, and latex-based paints. Compatible with all Graco sprayers, you can use this nozzle end in other handhelds or floor-standing turbines. Alternatively, if you want to upgrade to a larger tip, the Graco 17M359 will take up to a 519 (0.019-inch).

Should you encounter a blockage during your project, the RAC (Reverse-A-Clean) feature permits you to turn the spray end through 180 degrees. You can then blast away at a waste area to clear the obstruction, return the nozzle to its original position and carry on with your job.

The crucial tip is protected by a substantial metal guard to prevent accidental knocks and bumps. A choice of two spray patterns allows you to address your base material in a way that best suits the task at hand.

Triple Piston Pump with ProConnect

If you’re working at trade-level, you need a machine that offers both durability and reliability.

It’s pleasing to see that the Ultra 17M359 Graco incorporates a carbide piston. This provides reassuring robustness while keeping the handheld weight to a minimum, which reduces fatigue on longer jobs.

Perhaps the most welcome feature in this unit’s construction is Graco’s proprietary ProConnect system. Should the pump fail, you can replace this component swiftly with no specialized tools, all you need is a screwdriver. This is a stark contrast to many handheld airless sprayers where a professional technician is needed to fit an alternative powerhouse.

All this means that downtime is kept to a minimum, keeping your demanding customers (or spouse) happy and not criticizing you for extended breaks.

Variable Pressure With Smart Control

At the rear of the sprayer’s handle is a pressure dial. Tweak it to adjust the output from 500 through to 2000 psi.

For less viscous mediums, such as stains and sealers, you can bring the grunt down to prevent overspray and wastage. With denser paints, such as chalk or latex-based materials, you can crank up the power to push the paint effortlessly through the nozzle head.

Graco’s bespoke Smart Control innovation promises to deliver a consistent spray pattern and intensity whatever the output pressure to ensure an even and smooth finish.

FlexLiner System

Cleaning (much like taxes and Adam Sandler) is a necessary evil.

Without it, your tools will rapidly degrade and future project finishes will be highly disappointing (without cleaning that is, not Adam Sandler. Unfortunately, he’s required for mindless roles other actors wouldn’t touch with a barge pole).

If like me, you’ve done your fair share of spraying, you’ll know that washing the paint cup post-project is a major pain in the a**. Graco has attempted to solve this headache by introducing FlexLiner bags.

These one-quart pouches sit within the container frame. When you’ve finished your work for the day, pull out the used bag, drop it into the trash and replace it with a new, clean liner. No rinsing required.

However, this system does come with a few downsides.

Firstly, while the Ultra 17M359 does arrive complete with four paint bags, eventually you’ll need to purchase more and spend your hard-earned dollars.

Secondly, the Graco 17M359 sprayer probably wouldn’t be endorsed by Greta Thunberg. Sending paint-covered liners to landfill isn’t exactly environmentally friendly.

Okay, admittedly Graco says that if you don’t want to dispose of the bags they are durable enough to be cleaned. However, as they’re designed to prevent post-job rinsing, this seems a little incongruent. Furthermore, many users say that trying to remove paint from these FlexLiners is an exercise in futility and cleaning an acrylic container is far more straightforward.

What Users Say About The Graco 17M359?

Personally, I’d say that the Ultra 17M359 is one of the ultimate handheld airless machines on the market for tradespersons or seriously hardcore users (and by hardcore I mean Norris, not Statham).

However, as Paul McCartney and Michael Jackson sang in 1983.

Say, say, say what you want
But don’t play games with my affection.

So, in order to not manipulate your views of the Graco 17M359 with my personal opinion, I decided to gather a more balanced outlook by examining the views of owners.

Reassuringly, their testimonials were overwhelmingly positive.

These guys repeatedly praised the unit’s rapid-change pump, applauded its versatile 514 spray tip, and welcomed its impressive durability, even after extensive use.

Admittedly, some owners questioned whether the FlexLiners were more of a hindrance than a help. And a couple of other users indicated that changing the nozzle tip was a rather complicated experience.

However, there was an overwhelming consensus that the Graco 17M359 Ultra provided a consistent and rapid finish across all pressure settings — and stood up to the demands of trade-level work.

If you need more proof (don’t just take my word for it) check out these opinions for yourself.

Alternatives to Graco Ultra Corded Airless Handheld Paint Sprayer 17M359

If this Graco Ultra 17M359 review hasn’t led to a stirring in your paint-spraying loins, don’t despair.

I’ve sourced three mighty alternatives that might be better suited to your requirements. Will these options get your sealing and staining libido flowing?

Graco Ultra Max 17M367

Graco 17M367

If you love the fine finish provided by the 17M359’s 514 tip but find that the mains cord inhibits your operational freedom, the Ultra Max may be the answer.

This machine is the flagship product in Graco’s Ultra Sprayer line. It offers identical variable pressure output and the same 60-mesh filter as the 17M359 but runs off a DeWalt XR lithium-ion cell, not a power lead.

  • Substantially harder on the wallet than the Ultra 17M359.
  • Comes with an additional 210 tip, which is not included with the 17M359.
  • Includes six FlexLiner bags as opposed the Graco 17M359’s four.

Graco 17A466 TrueCoat 360 DS

Groco Truecoat 360 DS

If you find the professionally priced 17M359 with its trade-level features somewhat excessive but you still want a premium Graco machine, this product may appeal.

The TrueCoat 360DS, like the Ultra 17M359, is a handheld airless sprayer. However, because it’s designed for the keen DIYers, not pro-users, it’s substantially easier on your bank balance.

  • Lower annual usage; 25 gallons in comparison with the 17M359’s 50 gallons.
  • Features the same FlexLiner system as the Ultra model.
  • Dual speed as opposed to the Ultra 17M359’s variable pressure.

Wagner Spraytech 0525027 Power Painter Plus

Wagner Spraytech 0525027

If you want a handheld airless sprayer from a premium brand but, like me, you’re uncomfortable with the Graco Ultra’s FlexLiners, this may be more appealing.

The Wagner Power Painter Plus features a one-quart acrylic paint container. You don’t have to buy new bags, nor will you be sending used liners to the landfill.

  • More budget-friendly than the Ultra 17M359.
  • Two pump speeds in comparison with the variable pressure of the 17M359.
  • Like the 17M359, the Wagner offers a choice of two spray patterns.


For contractor-grade spraying in small indoor or outdoor projects, the Graco 17M359 Ultra is tough to beat.

Its carbide piston, 50 gallons per year recommended usage, and robust spray guard provides impressive durability — ideal if you’re using the unit on a frequent basis. Plus, the ProConnect replaceable pump prevents downtime and any associated revenue loss.

Variable pressure means you can tailor your paint or stain delivery to suit your base material. The versatile 514 tip allows you to use a plethora of spraying mediums without thinning.

Admittedly, for all but the most hardcore DIYers, this unit could be considered massive overkill. But, if you’re someone who demands the ultimate finish and unparalleled reliability, then you need to check out the Graco 17M359.

Graco 17M359 FAQs

How Much Does the Graco Ultra 17M359 Cost?

The Graco 17M359 is a contractor-grade airless handheld sprayer that’s suited to small-scale indoor and outdoor projects. Check out the current cost of the Graco 17M359.

For general advice on the pricing of paint sprayers, take a look at my Paint Sprayer Cost Guide.

Where Can I Find the Graco 17M359 Manual?

The user guide for the 17M359 Ultra sprayer is available from the official Graco website. For rapid access to the Graco 17M359 manual.

What Are the Uses for the Graco Ultra 17M359?

The Ultra 17M359 is ideal for small-scale projects inside and outside of the home. Compatible with stains through to thick latex-based paints, you can use this machine to spray:

  • Doors.
  • Window frames.
  • Lintels.
  • Cabinets.
  • Patio furniture.
  • Soffits.
  • Door frames.
  • Architrave.
  • Newel posts.

For more info on using this unit for different applications, take a look at my Graco How To article.

Will the Graco Ultra 17M359 Spray Flood CWF UV?
No. This medium contains naphtha, a powerful solvent that will damage the 17M359 Graco Ultra’s pump.
Can the 17M359 Graco Spray Flammable Solvents?

No, it’s not designed for use with flammable solvents. If you need a machine capable of spraying solvents, check out the Ultra Max 17M367.

Does the Ultra 17M359 Graco Sprayer Need a Compressor?
No, the 17M359 Graco is an airless machine and doesn’t need to be linked to a compressor. Instead, it uses an internal hydraulic pump to power the spraying medium.
How Can I Repair My Ultra 17M359?

If an issue occurs with your sprayer, take a look at my Graco Troubleshooting guide.

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