Graco Ultra Max Cordless Airless Handheld Paint Sprayer 17M367

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Graco Ultra Max Cordless Airless Handheld Paint Sprayer 17M367

Reviewed by: Timothy Henderson

Last modified: Dec 3, 2023 @ 3:18 pm

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Graco 17M367 Review Summary:

As one of the few cord-free machines on the market, the Graco Ultra Max Cordless Airless Handheld Paint Sprayer 17M367 should appeal to contractors and hardcore DIYers who demand operational freedom.

This unit has been tested by professionals to ensure it meets the demands of intense day-to-day spraying. Because it’s capable of handling flammable liquids (typically a serious no-no in the electric painting world) it’s ideal for users who use solvent-based materials.

Best suited to small or medium indoor and outdoor jobs, the Graco Ultra Max knocks out 500 to 2000 psi, which is adjustable via a rotary dial. Furthermore, the included 514 tip is suitable for a range of materials, from stains through to latex-paints with no need for thinning.

A carbide piston pump provides reassuring durability while remaining lightweight. Additionally, the Graco 17M367’s disposable FlexLiner system eliminates the headache of post-project cleaning.

Targeting the trade-level consumer, this machine features proprietary ProConnect technology which allows rapid replacement of the pump to keep downtime to an absolute minimum.

The sprayer comes complete with two DeWalt XR lithium-ion cells and a DeWalt battery charger. Each battery provides around an hour of continual use from a single charge. A robust storage bag allows for safe storage and easy transportation of the sprayer and its nozzles, bags, and power packs.

The cordless Max 17M367 is the flagship machine in Graco’s Ultra product line — a handheld range designed for the professional user. It’s a step up from the more budget-friendly 17M359, which is corded and unsuitable for use with flammable mediums.


Carbide piston for durability.
Lightweight for an airless handheld sprayer.
Adjustable 500 to 2000 psi output.
Complete with 210 and 514 tips.
Substantial nozzle tip guard.
ProConnect system cuts downtime.
Non-fluctuating pressure for a smooth coat.
Six FlexLiner cup bags.
Arrives with a storage case.
60-mesh filter.
Designed for professional users.


A premium product, but without the premium price point.
Might be overkill for the average DIYer.
Unsuitable for large projects.

Features and Benefits of the Graco Max Ultra Cordless 17M367

Specced to the max and created for the serious user, the Graco 17M367 is a robust machine that delivers an impeccable finish.

Here are the factors that make this machine so appealing to the savvy sprayer.

Cordless Capability

Finding a cordless paint sprayer is tough. Almost as tough as finding a funny Woody Allen movie after 1984.

The issue is power and operational time.

Electric sprayer designers found it difficult to pack enough energy in the batteries to run a hydraulic pump for any usable amount of time — without making the cell the size of a briefcase. However, the boffins at Graco came up with a solution, a lightweight (yet robust) carbide piston lessens the draw on the battery and allows lengthy use.

The Graco 17M367 arrives complete with two DeWalt 20-volt Max XR power packs and a DeWalt charger. Each cell should provide for around one hour of continuous use. There’s a charge time of just 35 minutes so you can rotate the use of these cells, allowing you to crack on without any downtime.

Admittedly, some users may consider replacing the battery every hour a hassle. But when you’re freed from the shackles of a mains cord, you can spray wherever you want without having to locate a power source.

ProConnect Piston Pump

Time is money, right?

If you’re professional, downtime means fewer hours on the clock. And if you’re a dedicated DIYer, downtime might not cost money per se, but it can certainly cut into the ballgame or your valuable drinking time.

For those reasons, I’m happy to see that the Ultra Max 17M367 features Graco’s ProConnect system.

The system means that in the unlikely event of a pump failure, you can replace this essential component in a matter of minutes. There are three easy steps and no technical equipment required, just a screwdriver. This is in contrast to many machines that need a full strip-down to change this crucial mechanical part.

With downtime reduced you can finish the job faster (just in time to crack open a cold one).

Painting Medium Versatility

Versatility is one feature of the Ultra Max 17M367 that will appeal to tradespersons and semi-pro home-improvers. Task your 17M367 to deliver a solid finish with any medium and it’s up to the task.

Not only can this machine handle stains, sealers, enamels, chalk, and latex-based paints without thinning, but it can also cope with flammable liquids, including solvents.

Most airless sprayer manufacturers stress that flammable mediums should never be used — unless you fancy turning your paint gun into an impromptu blow torch — but not the Graco 17M367.

By ensuring a completely sealed hydraulic system and incorporating a spark-prevention system, the Ultra Max cordless can spray hot lacquers and solvents safely.

Furthermore, a choice of two tips (a 210 for a fine finish and a 514 for more expansive areas) allows you to deliver the perfect coat dependent on your base material. If you get a blockage, a simple twist of a top-mounted lever permits you to reverse the tip and blast out the obstruction.

FlexLiner System

This is perhaps the most controversial inclusion in the Ultra Max 17M367.

Instead of the usual plastic or acrylic paint container seen on most handheld airless machines, the Graco utilizes disposable FlexLiner bags. Simply fill the liner with your painting medium then, once your project is complete, throw the liner in the trash.

For users who have neither the time nor the inclination for post-job cleanups, this novel feature may seem highly desirable.

However, there’s the obvious financial downside of having to continually purchase replacement bags, since the machine only comes with six FlexLiners. Furthermore, there’s the socially responsible question of whether sending paint-stained used bags to the landfill is environmental terrorism or not.

Graco tries to alleviate these concerns by stating that, if you wish, you can clean and re-use the bags. However, a multitude of testimonials from users indicate that they’re virtually impossible to rinse adequately, and much more challenging than cleaning a standard plastic container.

What Users Say About The Graco Ultra 17M367

As it’s both cordless and compatible with flammable mediums, in my opinion, the Ultra Max 17M367 is a unique sprayer for demanding contractors or pro-level DIYers.

But do all its fancy bells and whistles make for a practical machine in the real world? (Disclaimer: The Max17M367 doesn’t include any actual bells or whistles. Please don’t spend your hard-earned dollars expecting a machine that also functions as a musical instrument.)

To gather a complete picture of this unit, I delved into the multitude of Graco 17M367 reviews online to see what owners actually thought.

Overwhelming, the views expressed were positive. Guys using this machine on a frequent basis praised its time-saving ProConnect system, lauded the variable pressure control and choice of two tips, and were impressed by the long-lasting battery life.

There were some small criticisms.

A few reviewers indicated that by incorporating a rechargeable power cell the sprayer becomes heavy to handle. At five pounds, it’s twice the weight of many other machines meaning fatigue could be an issue. Furthermore, as I’ve already indicated, a couple of users questioned whether the FlexLiners were actually a time-saver at all.

Yet, even these naysayers couldn’t fail to admit that the sprayer delivered a smooth and flaw-free finish and had the robustness to cope with industrial-grade use.

If you want to hear more from these satisfied users of the 17M367 Ultra Max, check out the reviews for yourself.

Alternatives to Graco Ultra Max Cordless Airless Handheld Paint Sprayer 17M367

If you’re impressed with the Ultra MAX 17M367 but find that it’s not exactly the kind of unit you’re after, stick with me.

Many of us (myself included) don’t find ourselves spraying flammable liquids on a frequent basis making some of the features of this machine redundant.

With that in mind, I’ve found some impressive alternatives that may be more suitable for your requirements.

Graco Ultra 17M359

Graco Ultra 17M359
Should you love the pro-level durability and fine finish offered by the 17M367 (but have no interest in paying a premium price for a cordless unit) this machine could appeal.

The 17M359 is the entry-level sprayer in Graco’s contractor-grade Ultra product line. But because it has a mains cord instead of lithium-ion batteries you won’t need to change the cells. It should also be lighter on the hands, reducing fatigue.

  • Includes a 514 tip, the 17M367 comes with a 514 and 210.
  • Four FlexLiner bags included, as opposed to six with the Ultra 17M367.
  • More wallet-friendly than the 17M367 cordless.

Graco 17A466 TrueCoat 360 DS

Graco 360 DS
If you’re a fan of the high-end Graco brand but think the contractor-grade 17M367’s features are excessive, this unit could be the answer.

The mains-powered TrueCoat 360 DS is perfect for the committed DIYer as opposed to the pro user. Like the Ultra Max 17M367, it’s a handheld airless sprayer and uses disposable FlexLiners. However, as it’s substantially easier on the bank balance, it’s likelier to appeal to the casual user.

  • Two pressure levels in comparison with the variable pressure of the 17M367.
  • Unlike the Graco Max Ultra 17M367, this unit isn’t compatible with flammables.
  • 1.5 pounds lighter than the Graco 17M367.

Wagner Spraytech 0525027 Power Painter Plus

Wagner Power Painter Plus
If you demand a premium-brand handheld airless sprayer but find the FlexLiner system an unattractive feature, this unit could be the solution.

Instead of disposable bags, the corded Power Painter Plus from Wagner has a one-quart plastic paint container. Okay, you’ll have to clean it after use, but it also means you don’t need to keep buying replacement bags.

  • Substantially more budget-friendly than the Ultra 17M367.
  • Two pressure levels as opposed to the 17M367’s variable pressure.
  • Unlike the Ultra Max 17M367, this unit doesn’t include a storage bag.


If you want a cordless paint sprayer that can deal with the whole gamut of painting mediums, including flammable liquids, few machines can match the Ultra Max 17M367.

This tradesperson-grade machine dramatically reduces possible downtime with its unique ProConnect system. Two 20-volt batteries with a charge time of just 35 minutes should allow for continual use, while the 210 and 514 tips offer a tailored finish to your base material.

A variable pressure dial gives you the power to set the delivery rate. Plus, an included storage case provides protection and makes it easy to carry your gun, batteries, charger, and paint bags.

To be fair, if you’re a casual DIYer or infrequent home-improver, this machine is probably massively over-spec in comparison to your needs. But if you a trade-pro, or an ambitious enthusiast who wants the ultimate in cordless spraying, you need to check out the Graco Ultra Max Cordless Airless Handheld Paint Sprayer 17M367.

17M367 FAQs

How Much Does the Graco Ultra Max 17M367 Cost?

Designed for the professional market, the Ultra Max 17M367 is a cordless sprayer ideal for small to medium projects. You can find the current cost of the Graco Ultra Max 17M367 here.

For an overview of the pricing of paint sprayers in general, check out my Paint Sprayer Cost Guide.

Where Can I Get the Manual for the Ultra Max 17M367 Graco?

The user guide for the cordless 17M367 Ultra Max sprayer is available from the official Graco website. For rapid access to the Graco 17M367 manual.

What Are the Uses for the Graco Ultra Max 17M367?

The 17M367 Ultra Graco Max is ideal for small to medium scale projects. Compatible with sealers through to latex-based paints and flammable solvents, you can use this unit for spraying:

  • Doors.
  • Lintels.
  • Cabinets.
  • Newel posts.
  • Window frames.
  • Small sheds.
  • Border fencing.
  • Banisters.
  • Outdoor furniture.
  • Small decking.
  • Door frames.
What’s the Difference Between the Ultra Max 17M367 vs 17P928?
The 17M367 and 17P928 are identical machines but the Ultra Max 17M367 comes with a storage case and rechargeable batteries while the 17P928 is a sprayer only purchase.
Where Can I Find a Replacement Pump for the 17M367?
You can obtain a pump for the Ultra Max 17M367 from the official Graco website. It is part number #17P187.
Is the 17M367 Ultra Max Compatible With Larger 3.0 DeWalt 20V Batteries
Yes. The manufacturer indicates that the machine is compatible with larger ampere-hour power cells for longer use on a single charge. However, bear in mind that this will increase the overall weight of the sprayer.
How Can I Fix My Ultra Graco Max?
If your sprayer develops operational issues, check out my Graco Troubleshooting guide. Additionally, if the problem is related to the pump, have a look at this Airless Troubleshooting article.