Milwaukee 6390-21 Review

milwaukee 6390-21

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Milwaukee 6390-21

Reviewed by: Timothy Henderson

Last modified: Nov 25, 2022 @ 10:11 am

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Milwaukee 6390-21 Review Summary:

With its trademarked TILT-LOK system — offering multi handle positions — and mighty 3.25 horsepower motor, the Milwaukee 6390-21 circular saw targets users who demand precision combined with brawn.


  • Weight – 17 pounds
  • Dimensions – 19.6 x 17 x 10.7 inches
  • Power source – Corded
  • Voltage – 120 Volts

Milwaukee 6390-21 – The Basics

As we said, this is an entry-level machine both for enthusiasts and even some professionals. It may not be the best possible solution for a professional carpenter, but it does its job quite well and without too many issues. The powerful 15-amp motor features 3.5 horsepower, and it cuts smoothly through wood of any density.

The cutting capacity is okay, but it could have been better, although, it is to be expected considering the affordability of this unit. The Tilt-lock feature is a great addition to an already versatile unit. It provides eight predefined positions and optimizes the user’s comfort. In fact, most of the components found in this model are tuned to alleviate the pressure from the user.

The Features

The design

The overall design of this model is quite conventional and hardly unique. However, the build quality is the thing that makes it a worthy investment. Most of the components are made of aircraft aluminum which is known to be quite durable and trustworthy while being lightweight. Consequently, the whole unit weighs only around 17 pounds thanks to the aluminum and plastic components.

The hand grip isn’t cushioned, but it’s softer than the other parts. Therefore, even though it’s made of hard plastic, it’s still soft enough to alleviate and decrease the vibrations. The accuracy and precision of this unit are okay but not as impressive as one would imagine. However, you shouldn’t be worried much about it because it’s sufficiently precise for various applications. As far as the versatility goes, the 6390-21 can cut through any material as long as you use the proper blade.


Thanks to the ease of use, the safety features are quite effective. There aren’t any visible ones, but you can rest assured that this model is as safe to use as possible. However, make sure you read the user manual before turning the machine on for the first time because it might need some minor adjustments and tuning. Therefore, in order to avoid potential unpleasant surprises, a thorough read of the user manual is strongly recommended.

Other features

Changing the blade can be quite a burden for some people, especially for the ones that have no experience. However, this saw features a one-touch spindle lock that makes blade changes a piece of cake. The machine comes in a sturdy case with one wrench which is all that you’ll ever need for a blade change. The tilting handle is a great mechanism you can use to alleviate some of the pressure on your hands.

Milwaukee 6390-21 handle
Milwaukee 6390-21 cut



Easy to use







No electric brake


Some blades aren’t parallel to the shoe


Things we liked about it

The affordability has to be the biggest advantage of this particular unit. It packs a set of similar features that some other high-end units have, but for a much better price. Truth be told, it isn’t the most famous brand on the market, but it’s also not a cheap copy. You can expect a nice deal of quality, performance, and most importantly – efficiency.


Things we didn’t like

The absence of an automatic electric brake is a major shortcoming as far as we are concerned. Even though it’s usually regarded as a minor safety feature, we think it’s a much-needed mechanism, especially for the inexperienced ones. There is no way to justify this disadvantage because it’s not a particularly expensive addition. Apart from that, there aren’t many other shortcomings. Some people complained about the blade not being parallel to the side of the shoe, but it only happened in a couple of cases.

What Users Say About The Milwaukee 6390-21

The opinions are quite mixed when it comes to the quality of this product. Some people love the unit, while others don’t have such a high opinion on it. After all, it all comes down to your personal preferences. In case you like having an entry-level saw that’s capable of cutting various materials, go ahead and check this one out. On the other hand, if you’re searching for a professional piece of equipment that’s foreseen for 24/7 use, this might not be the best choice.

The Milwaukee 6390-21 will get the job done, but it’s not going to perform miracles.

Milwaukee 6390-21 box


As you can tell, this is a great chance for those who are looking to replace their old power tools with a new affordable one. It’s obvious that it’s not the best circular saw on the market by any means, but it offers more than enough performance for various projects that aren’t as demanding. The design is focused on increasing the user’s experience while making sure the user feels comfortable and restful.

The price is what makes this unit worth checking out. It’s great for people who are on a tight budget but don’t want to invest in cheap copies. Even though it’s assembled in China, you can rest assured that it performs as advertised. In case this is not the thing you were looking for, take a look at our other reviews, and you might find a better unit for your upcoming projects.

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