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Milwaukee Cordless Rotarry Hammer SDS
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Milwaukee 2712-20

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Milwaukee 2712-20 Review Summary:

With rotary hammer action capable of 1.7 ft-lbs of torque, the Milwaukee 2712-20 is a rugged unit for hardcore masonry projects.

Targeting the experienced DIYer and pro-contractor, this 18-volt machine offers rewarding operational freedom — with the manufacturer stating it provides all-day-work from just a single charge.

Boasting a Powerstate brushless motor, the drill promises high-efficiency with little friction or energy loss — optimizing running time while maximizing torque intensity. Its proprietary Redlink Plus Intelligence system shields against overheating and overcharging — elongating the lifespan of the machine.

A 360-degree rotating auxiliary handle adds reassuring stability while permitting elevated pushing power — enabling you to tackle the toughest of materials. Furthermore, with an anti-vibration system, user comfort is increased, boosting working stamina.

Compatible with SDS bits, the 2712-20 knocks out 1400 rpm with a hammer action of 4900 bpm. An incorporated LED lamp permits use in poorly lit conditions, while a choice of three drilling/hammer modes allows you to tackle a plethora of DIY and trade projects.

This drill hails from the US-based Milwaukee brand — a company backed by over a century of power tool manufacturing experience. The 2712-20 model is Milwaukee’s most basic cordless rotary drill — a step beneath the 0757 machine.


Auxiliary 360-degree handle.
Anti-vibration system.
Three drilling modes.
Incorporated LED lamp.
Impressive warranty.


Batteries not included.
Awkward location of LED lamp.

Features and Benefits of the Milwaukee 2712 20

It’s beefy and brawny — but there’s more to this cordless drill than sheer grunt. Here are the key features of the Milwaukee 2712/20.

Powerstate Brushless Motor

Consistent across the entire Milwaukee M18 FUEL range is the incorporation of a trademarked Powerstate brushless motor.

Utilizing substantial copper cores and reliable rare earth magnets, this powerhouse — due to its lack of internal brushes — loses little performance to heat and friction. This energy-efficient design means that not only does the 2712-20 have remarkable output, but also maximizes battery life.

The motor delivers 0-1400 rpm and 0-4900 bpm, meaning it’s a rapid machine capable of smashing through the toughest of masonry. And, with 1.7 ft-lbs of raw strength, it’s not a machine for the faint-hearted.

Redlithium XC5.0 Battery

One seriously appealing feature of Milwaukee’s M18 range — including the 2712/20 cordless rotary drill — is the use of one single cell system.

This allows you to run over 200 power tools from one cross-compatible battery, negating the annoyance of numerous cell formats and chargers. That is, as long as your other sanders, drivers, and garden equipment are also from the Milwaukee brand.

Its proprietary 18-volt Redlithium battery promises all-day-work off one single charge, while delivering 20 percent more power than standard lithium-ion cells. Furthermore, its patented design shields the battery from drops, moisture, and extreme weather conditions.

That said, it’s not all good news.

Firstly, the mighty cell adds significant heft to the drill — leading to an overall weight of around nine pounds (seven pounds without the battery). Hence, for some users, this massive bulk could be tough on the arms if used for extended periods.

Secondly, the drill doesn’t arrive with an XC5.0 cell, meaning that you need to buy this power pack separately and its concomitant charger. Unless, of course, you already own Milwaukee M18 tools.

Redlink Plus Intelligence

The 2712-20 from Milwaukee incorporates trademarked Redlink Plus Intelligence. This innovative proprietary tech acts as a communication system between the drill and power cell — delivering energy when required for hardcore applications and stepping it down when low power is sufficient.

This shields and protects the battery and drill from over-discharging, overheating, and overloading — extending the lifespan of the unit.

AVS — Anti-Vibration System

If you have experience drilling into concrete — you know it’s seriously tough on your arms and hands. Not only are you absorbing the impact of the hammer action, but you also have to endure the juddering of the tool as the powerful motor rotates.

Hence, it’s rewarding to see that the Milwaukee 2712 20 includes AVS — minimizing the vibration, enhancing user comfort, and permitting you to crack on with your project without suffering fatigue.

Three Mode Settings

Selectable by a substantial side-mounted dial — the Milwaukee 271220 permits you to choose between three settings — rotation, rotation with hammer, and hammer.

So, for basic boring into woods and metals, opt for rotation. For masonry drilling, go for rotation with the hammer function. And, for pure brawn to break down concrete, choose the hammer selection.

Secondary Handle

For extreme hammer drilling into the hardest of materials — you need stability in the hand. Therefore, it’s rewarding to witness that this Milwaukee drill arrives complete with a secondary handle.

Adjustable through 360 degrees, this substantial rubberized grip permits you to provide additional pushing power — crucial when dealing with stubborn materials — while also elevating accuracy.

SDS Chuck

Featuring an SDS (Slotted Drive Shaft) chuck — bit security is maximized. Capable of drilling holes up to one inch in diameter, this system minimizes the risk of slippage and stuck bits.

LED Lamp

A welcome — yet, in my opinion, badly designed — inclusion with the Milwaukee drill 2712-20 is an LED lamp.

Driven by the 18-volt battery, this light permits significant illumination — necessary when working in poorly lit conditions. However, as it’s located behind the secondary handle, its function is impaired — meaning you’re more likely to cast a shadow onto your target material rather than light it up.

Sure, you can reposition the 360-degree grip to create a path for the light beam — although this could mean drilling in an awkward position not suitable for your project.

Milwaukee Rotary Cordless 2712-20 Specifications

Milwaukee 2712-20
Weight7 pounds (without cell)
Speed1400 rpm
Torque1.7 ft-lbs
Battery pack18-volt 5.0Ah lithium-ion
Blows per minute4900 bpm
Maximum bit diameterOne-inch
WarrantyFive Years

What Users Say About The Milwaukee 2712-20

In my eyes, the 2712-20 from Milwaukee is a hardcore cordless drill suited to experienced DIYers and trade pros — offering impressive versatility through its rotation, hammer, and hammer and rotation modes.

However, I’m not using this drill consistently on a daily or weekly basis.

Hence, not to be swayed purely by its impressive output, I sought the opinions of owners of this unit — to ensure a thorough warts-and-all review.

Encouragingly, these guys’ sentiments were overall positive — and echoed my own judgments.

Users praised the stamina-enhancing anti-vibration system, applauded the substantial secondary and primary D-handle, and welcomed the long-lasting lithium-ion cell.

It’s true, not everyone was thoroughly impressed.

One DIYer expressed dismay about the impractical location of the LED lamp — while a trade-pro was surprised that for a high-end unit, it had a plastic, not metal casing.

That said, all users agreed that the Milwaukee 271220 is a robust, powerful cordless rotary drill capable of tackling the toughest of boring projects.

Alternatives To The Milwaukee 2712-20

While the 2712/20 Milwaukee is undoubtedly an impressive SDS rotary drill — it’s not going to be the go-to unit for all DIYers and pro-contractors.

Hence, if you’re less than overwhelmed by this machine, I’ve curated some alternative options that may be more suitable for your needs.

Makita XRH05Z

Makita XRH05Z
If you like the rotary cordless feature of the Milwaukee, but need something with a little more grunt, this could be the ideal machine.

The XRH05Z is an absolute battery-powered behemoth. Driven by 36-volts of lithium-ion power (2 x 18 volt) — this unit has similar time and power performance as a corded drill. However, this mighty grunt and dual power packs lead to a scarily hefty 15-pound unit.

  • Like the Milwaukee, the Makita doesn’t include battery packs.
  • Similar price point to the 2712-20.
  • At 5000 bpm, it delivers more impacts per minute than the Milwaukee.

DeWalt DCH133M2

Dewalt DCH133M2
If your heart is set on a cordless rotary, but you’re disillusioned by the lack of charger and battery with the Milwaukee — I may have solved the issue.

Like the 2712-20, this DeWalt unit features a secondary handle and similar 1500 rpm — but arrives with a 20-volt cell, charging unit, and carrying case. Thus meaning you can use this drill straight-outta-the-box, with no additional purchases necessary.

  • Comparatively lighter on the pocket than the Milwaukee (as it includes cell and charger).
  • As with the Milwaukee, the DCH133M2 features an efficient brushless motor.
  • SDS chuck — the same as included with the 2712-20.

Bosch RH328VC

Bosch RH328
Should you appreciate the mighty rotary hammer action of the Milwaukee, yet don’t want the hassles of charging power cells — this mains-driven unit may be tempting.

With a lengthy eight-foot power cord, this drill offers significant operational freedom. Like the Milwaukee, the RH328VC features a 360-degree rotating auxiliary handle — however, knocking out 2.6 ft-lbs of torque, it’s a gruntier machine than the 1.7 ft-lbs output of the 2712-20.

  • Arrives with a carrying case, not included with the Milwaukee.
  • Similar price to the 2712-20 — when the Milwaukee’s cells are added.
  • Three mode settings — the same as the 2712-20.


Brawny and with long-lasting power — the Milwaukee 2712/20 is an excellent machine for prosumers and contractors who demand operational freedom in their rotary drill.

Its 1.7 ft-lbs of torque, combined with its delivery of 4900 bpm, should be sufficient for the majority of masonry drilling and boring applications. And, with a substantial secondary handle and an anti-vibration system — user comfort is enhanced, reducing the risk of fatigue.

Admittedly, its strangely located LED lamp is a downer — and the fact that for a high-end machine, its plastic casing appears a little budget in design.

However, if you want a reliable, grunty, cordless unit that approaches the power of a mains-driven drill — I recommend checking out the Milwaukee 2712-20.

Milwaukee 2712/20 Cordless Rotary Drill FAQs

Q: Where Can I Buy Milwaukee 2712 20?

The 2712-20 from Milwaukee is a grunty cordless rotary drill that offers all-day use from just one charge. You can purchase the rugged tool Milwaukee 2710-20 here.

Q: Where Can I Find the Milwaukee Drill 2712-20 Manual?

The official Milwaukee website hosts user guides for all of its tools — including many that have been discontinued. For rapid access to the 2712-20 manual.

Q: Is Milwaukee a Good Brand?

Yes. Boasting over a century of power tool know-how and experience, a reputation for its robust machines, and providing impressive warranties — Milwaukee is a respected rotary drill manufacturer.

Q: Are Milwaukee Drills Made in the USA?

Milwaukee products are manufactured in Wisconsin, Jackson, Greenwood, and Olive Branch in the USA — and in Shenzhen, China.

Q: How Long Does the Milwaukee 2712 20 Battery Last?

The manufacturer indicates that the 5.0 Ah lithium-ion cell of the 2712-20 model will run all day off a single charge.

Q: Where Can I Find 2712-20 Milwaukee Parts?

The official Milwaukee website has a large catalog of replacement components for its rotary drills. To access an exploded diagram of the 2712-20 spare parts.

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