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Makita XRH04Z

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Makita XRH04Z Review Summary:

Focusing on the contractor market — the Makita XRH04Z is a bold, beefy, and brawny rotary cordless drill for hardcore masonry projects.

Whether you’re a builder, plumber, HVAC installer, or simply an extreme home-improver — this unit with its 1200 rpm, 4000 bpm, and a hefty 1.4 ft-lbs of torque will drill, drive, and demolish concrete and brickwork materials.

Three drilling modes — rotary, hammer and rotary, and hammer only — permit you to select the ideal output method for your current project. Driven by an 18-volt lithium-ion cell (included), it offers significant operational freedom and fast charge times of less than 45 minutes.

A substantial auxiliary handle increases stability while enabling you to increase pushing force. And, with the rear handle boasting shock-absorbing tech, user comfort is elevated, preventing fatigue — something that’s crucial on lengthy jobs.

Its SDS+ compatible chuck allows you to utilize extreme-use bits — while offering rapid exchange and reassuring bit stability. Makita’s own Star Protection system shields the unit and cell from overheating and overloading — while a powerful reverse electric brake prevents over-drilling.

In addition to the included cell, the drill arrives complete with a depth gauge, permitting precise bit penetration. And, with synchronicity tech perfectly aligning rpm and bpm delivery — accuracy and efficiency are elevated.

This model hails from the respected Makita brand — a Japanese company with over a century’s experience in power tool manufacture, known for the reliability of its trade-grade units. The XRH04Z is the company’s flagship product in its 18-volt brushed motor range.


Ideal for trade pros.
Variable speed brushed motor.
Anti-vibration D-handle.
Disengaging chuck.
A trio of drilling modes.


Doesn’t include a charger.
No integrated LED lamp.
Overkill for casual DIYers.

Features and Benefits of the Makita Cordless XRH04Z

Suitable for a wide range of contractors, from HVAC installers through to electricians — the XRH04Z is a true trade-grade rotary drill. Time to reveal the features that make this unit an excellent pro tool.

Variable Speed Brushed Motor

Driven by a two-digit easy-pull trigger, the Makita Rotary XRH04Z offers variable speeds from 0-1200 rpm — providing welcome fast penetration for those time-sensitive jobs.

In addition to its impact output of 4000 bpm, this tool incorporates synchronicity tech — perfectly aligning the rpm to the bpm, promoting increased stability and control, plus more efficient drilling.

Three Drilling Modes

Little pigs, blind mice, and billy goats gruff — all the best things come in threes.

And, the Makita Rotary XRH04Z is no exception.

Offering a trio of drilling modes — you can select between rotary operation, rotary with hammer, or pure hammering action. An integrated torque limiter assists with the management of the 1.4 ft-lbs of output power — ensuring that rotary drilling is stable and controlled with no unwanted — and wrist-breaking — drill spin.

Makita 18-Volt Cell

Delivering the freedom and versatility that separates cordless machines from the mains-tethered models, the Makita XRH 04Z incorporates a slide-style 18-volt lithium-ion cell.

Promised by the manufacturer to offer the fastest charging times in the cordless 18-volt category — less than 45 minutes — it permits you to spend more time cracking on with your job rather than waiting for the battery to recharge. That said, you can get hold of additional cells to ensure continuous operation and no downtime.

A welcome characteristic of the XRH04Z is the inclusion of Makita’s Star Protection Computer tech — a system that shields the battery and drill from overheating, overloading, and over-discharging.

The good news is — the tool arrives complete with a lithium cell. The bad news? It doesn’t come with a charger — meaning you need to purchase one separately.

Auxiliary and D-Handle

Built for hardcore contractor concrete applications, the Makita Rotary XRH04Z boasts a 360-degree adjustable auxiliary handle — boosting stability and granting greater pushing force on tough masonry.

The aft D-handle has an ergonomic design that provides a glove-like fit — and, with built-in shock-absorbing technology, the battery is shielded from vibration damage while also enabling comfortable use on extensive jobs.

SDS+ Compatible Chuck

Extreme concrete can demand the mother-of-all-bits. Hence, it’s pleasing to witness that the XR H04Z from Makita has an SDS+ compatible chuck — permitting the ultimate in drill bit security and stability.

Furthermore, this versatile chuck includes a clutch disengagement facility — preventing damage to the crucial internal gears should the bit bind or become stuck.

Elongated Design

Over 16 inches in length, the Makita XRH 04Z offers optimum user-generated power. By allowing a larger distance between the D and auxiliary handle, you can achieve a greater level of leverage for attacking the hardest of concrete.

That said, its hefty build does make it somewhat hard on the hands and arms — with a total weight, including the battery, of 7.7 pounds.

Powerful Electric Brake

While it’s immensely rewarding to drill away with your tool with the power set to eleventy-stupid — at some point, you’ll want to stop.

Therefore, it’s nice to see that the Makita Cordless XRH04Z incorporates a mighty electric brake, effectively putting the drill into reverse when you release the two-finger trigger.

This ensures that the bit is brought to a halt as quickly as possible — preventing over-drilling, shielding the tool from damage, and ensuring that wayward fingers aren’t injured.

Depth Gauge

In addition to the battery, the rotary Makita XR H04Z also arrives with a depth gauge.

Fitting compactly on the top of the drill, this handy accessory ensures that your boring holes are the perfect depth to accommodate Rawl plugs or lag bolts.

Makita XRH04Z Specifications

Weight7.7 pounds
Speed0-1200 rpm
Impact power1.4 ft-pounds
Battery pack18-volt lithium-ion
Blows per minute4000 bpm
Vibration12.5 m/s2
Tool length16.375 inches
AccessoriesAuxiliary handle, depth gauge, and cell

What Users Say About The Makita XRH04Z

For me, the Makita Cordless Rotary XRH04Z, with its SDS+ chuck and 1.4 ft-lbs of torque, is a powerful masonry drill suitable for the serious contractor.

However, do pro-guys using this tool on-site feel the same way?

To ensure a fully balanced and unbiased review — not just my own opinions — I sought out the views of trade users who wield this unit on a frequent basis.

Pleasingly, the judgments expressed were not only in line with my own, but also reassuringly positive. Owners of this machine frequently praised its long-lasting 18-volt cell, welcomed the vibration-absorbing D-handle, and applauded the powerful hammer-only function.

Naturally, some guys felt the need to complain.

One user indicated that the lack of an integrated LED lamp was a downer — expecting this facility on a high-end cordless drill. Another owner expressed dismay that the machine didn’t arrive complete with a lithium-cell charger.

However, all the guys concurred that the Makita X RH04Z was a versatile pro-grade drill with sufficient grunt for hardcore concrete applications.

Alternatives To The Makita XRH04Z

It’s a large, brawny unit — but that doesn’t mean it’s suitable for all users and applications.

So, if the Makita Cordless XRH04Z isn’t ticking your boxes, I’ve sourced some highly credible alternatives.

DeWalt DCH133M2

If you appreciate the long-scale design of the Makita, but find the lack of a lithium-ion cell charger a deal-breaker — this machine may be the solution.

The DCH133M2 arrives complete with a carrying case, cell, and importantly — a charger. Hence, this means that you can operate the machine straight outta-the-box with no requirement for additional purchases.

  • More affordable than the XRH04Z.
  • Higher speed, 1500 rpm compared to the 1200 rpm of the Makita.
  • Like the Makita drill, it features the three drill modes.

Makita XRH06ZB

Should you appreciate the Makita brand, but find the XRH04Z too sizable for your project types — this model from the same manufacturer could be of interest.

The XRH06ZB is a compact cordless rotary unit designed for working in confined or hard-to-reach areas. At 10.75 inches in length, compared to the 16.375 inches of the XRH04Z — it’s an ideal tool for drilling between joists or drywall slats.

  • Comparable price to the XRH04Z model.
  • Significantly lighter — 4.6 pounds in contrast with the 7.7 pounds of the XRH04Z.
  • Unlike the XRH04Z, this machine doesn’t arrive with a power cell.

Milwaukee 2712-20

Liking the cordless rotary function of the Makita — but wishing it had greater speed and impact output? If this sounds like you, this machine may stimulate your drilling juices.

The 2712-20 offers 1400 rpm and 4900 bpm — higher than the 1200 rpm and 4000 bpm of the XRH04Z. What’s more, it’s a gruntier unit — delivering 1.7 ft-lbs of torque in comparison with the 1.4 ft-lbs of the Makita.

  • A similar price point to the Makita.
  • More compact than the XRH04Z — 11.8 inches as opposed to 16.375 inches.
  • Unlike the Makita, this model doesn’t include a battery.


Whether you’re a plumber, joiner, builder, or HVAC installer — the Makita Cordless has the brawn for tough masonry projects.

Boasting a hammer-only function and delivering 1.4 ft-lbs of torque — it should make light work of concrete chipping and demolition. Its long-lasting 18-volt battery cuts back on downtime, while the Star Protection tech elongates the lifespan of the cell and drill unit.

While mighty, it will not be suitable for all users. Although contractors may appreciate the twin handle and SDS+ chuck — for casual home DIYers they could be considered overkill. Furthermore, the lack of a battery charger is a downer — meaning an additional purchase is necessary.

However, if you’re an aspiring home-improver or trade pro looking for a grunty and robust unit that offers reliability and strength — I genuinely recommend checking out the Makita XRH04Z.

Makita Cordless Rotary XRH04Z FAQs

Q: Where Can I Buy the Makita Rotary XRH04Z?

The cordless Makita XRH04Z is a contractor-grade rotary hammer drill suitable for builders, plumbers, and HVAC installers. You can purchase the brawny unit Makita XRH04Z here.

Q: Is the XRH04Z Makita Drill Air-Powered?

No. The Makita XR H04Z is driven by an 18-volt lithium-ion cell. This battery pack is included with the drill.

Q: Where Can I Find the Makita Cordless XRH04Z Manual?

The official Makita website hosts all the user guides for its power tools — available for download. However, for rapid access to the XRH04Z Manual click here.

Q: How Long Is the Makita Rotary XRH04Z?

The XRH04Z from Makita is a lengthy drill, permitting impressive leverage to address tough masonry. From chuck to handle, the unit measures 16.375 inches.

Q: Where Can I Find XRH04Z Parts?

Makita offers an expansive range of power tool replacement components on its website. To check out the current cost of the XRH04Z parts.

Q: What Size Is the Makita Cordless Rotary XRH04Z Chuck?

The chuck of the XRH04Z is SDS+ compatible — offering one-touch insertion and providing reassuring stability. It permits the use of concrete bits up to seven-eighths of an inch.

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