Dewalt D26950 Heat Gun Review

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Dewalt D26950

Reviewed by: Sean Masri

Last modified: Jul 24, 2023 @ 7:01 am

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Dewalt D26950 Review Summary:

Simple to operate and offering multi-temperature settings — the DeWalt 26950 heat gun is a competent everyday use unit. It’s equally at home applying automotive wrapping as it is paint stripping.

This machine offers a temperature range of 120 through 1100 degrees Fahrenheit — adjustable via a large rotary dial on the rear on the hot air gun. Furthermore, twin fan speed levels allow you to adjust the heat delivery intensity.

A novel integrated kickstand ensures that the machine remains stable during hands-free use. An industry-leading 10-foot power cord will, in many circumstances, negate the need for an extension cable.

The D26950 model is the most basic and affordable of the three heat guns in DeWalt’s current product line up — being a step below the digital D26960K unit and the DCE530B cordless machine.


Twin-handed operation ability.
Large dial makes it ideal for seniors.
Complete with two additional nozzles.
Unique kickstand integration.
Includes a hanging loop.
Lengthy power lead.
Built-in overload protector.
Three-year warranty.
Complete with cord protector.


Relatively slow heat up.
At 2.1 pounds, it may be heavy during extended use.
Some users may prefer an LCD machine for greater temperature precision.

Dewalt D26950 Features

The US-based DeWalt brand is renowned for its high end and technologically advanced heat guns. So, what features make this machine worthy of your consideration?

Let’s take a look in detail.

Multi-Temperature Ability

They say that variety is the spice of life. While I can’t guarantee that this machine will add any excitement to your day-to-day lifestyle, I can state that the various heat settings will certainly increase your hot air DIY options.

Unlike some units that offer just one or two heat levels — the DeWalt D26950 provides a plethora of temp choices, from 120 through 1100 degrees Fahrenheit. This means that this unit is capable of a multitude of applications. It’s as suited to car vinyl wrapping and window tinting as it is stripping varnish and molding plastics.

Dial Control

You adjust the temperature via a rear-mounted rotary dial. Measuring 3.44 inches in diameter, it’s seriously substantial. This means no fiddling with tiny buttons to alter heat settings — and having a large knob between your fingers is an incredibly tactile sensation. Hence, I’d suggest that this unit may appeal to seniors or those people who struggle in the dexterity department.

The only downside I can see to this feature is that attaining an exact temp level is challenging. With no indices on the dial itself, you only have a vague concept of your current heat output.

For example, you can turn the dial to a quarter power — but what temperature is that? Well, it would be 1100 degrees -120 degrees x 25 percent, so… 245 degrees Fahrenheit.

Not easy is it?

So, if you’re completing jobs that require precise heat control — or you’re just simply anally retentive — you may prefer a more accurate digital machine instead.

Integrated Kickstand

Many heat guns — including the DeWalt D26950 — have a hands-free feature. In short, you up-end the unit and stand it on its rear, with the nozzle of the machine pointing upwards.

This then allows you to use your two free hands to manipulate materials above the vertical hot air plume. While an exceptionally useful feature — it can be a little hazardous. One small bump on your workbench and your gun could fall over — leading to accidental scorches and burns.

Therefore, I welcome the inclusion of a kickstand in the 26950 model. This integrated, foldaway support on the base of the unit’s handle provides additional stability in hands-free mode. Thus, it increases safety and elevates peace of mind.

However, remember that the temperature control is on the rear of the unit. Therefore, while using it in this configuration, you’re unable to adjust the power setting.

Power Cord

The length of the mains cable can sometimes be problematic. Let’s face it, who among us guys can honestly say we’ve never looked disappointedly at our equipment and wished for just a few more inches?

The industry standard for an AC power cord is six feet. This can be too short for some applications — such as stripping a banister or applying film to a motor vehicle. Admittedly, you can use an extension cable — but this means first locating (mine is in the garage — somewhere) and untangling it, and then ensuring that the ampere rating is sufficient for the power tool.

Therefore, it’s pleasing to see that the DeWalt D26950 includes a 10-foot lead — which should enable you to complete the majority of your hot air projects without recourse to an additional cable.

Two-Handed Operation

Should your hot air DIY pursuits involve lengthy projects — such as covering an automobile in vinyl, or paint stripping a shed or outbuilding — fatigue can become an issue.

One-handedly wielding a heat gun for extensive periods causes arm, wrist, and finger aches. These can be painful and mean that your job isn’t completed in a timely manner. Therefore, it’s good to see that the D26950 allows for two-handed manipulation — reducing tiredness and stress and elevating stamina.

What Users Say About The DeWalt D26950

The D26950 is undoubtedly a robust and versatile heat gun that should provide years of hot air pleasure. However, I’m not using this machine on a daily basis — and it’s crucial to understand how this unit stands up to day-to-day use.

Hence, for a completely transparent review, I researched the opinions of heat gun experts and owners of this model — to investigate how practical the D26950 is in the real world.

Happily, it appears that the majority of users concurred with my opinions, proffering generally positive views. Many of these guys praised the tool’s variable temperature settings, felt reassured by the integrated kickstand, and lauded its two-handed capability.

I’d be lying if I said there weren’t a few moans. Some users found the dial control lacked the precise temp settings they needed for their projects. A few others indicated that the weight of the unit presented challenges for extended use. But, to be fair, these comments were in the minority.

Alternative to DeWalt D26950

It’s possible that, after reading the above review, you’re thinking — Nah, not for me, buddy. If that’s the case, then take a look at the following alternatives to explore whether one of these units gets your hot air juices flowing.

DeWalt D26960K

If the low number of accessories and arbitrary temperature control of the D26950 are stumbling blocks — then I propose this unit for you instead.

The D26960K comes complete with seven interchangeable nozzles to allow you to adjust your heat delivery, depending on your working material. Furthermore, LCD digital control enables you to select a precise temperature in 50-degree increments.

  • Includes a carry case — not available with the D26950.
  • Substantially harder on the bank account than the D26950 heat gun.
  • Heavier than the D26950, at 2.3 pounds

Wagner HT1000

Should you be planning on using your heat gun on just a few projects — such as paint stripping and varnish removal — you may not need the multitude of temperature levels offered by the D26950. Instead, consider this unit.

The HT1000 offers just two heat settings — 750 and 1000 degrees Fahrenheit, selectable by a handle-mounted rocker switch. And, being lightweight at just 1.55 pounds, it’s less likely to induce hand fatigue than the DeWalt model.

  • A more wallet-friendly price point than the D26950.
  • Only offers single-handed operation — as opposed to dual on the DeWalt.
  • Its 1000-degree Fahrenheit high setting is 100 degrees lower than the maximum level on the D26950.

Fujiwara 2000

Loving the multi-temp control of the D26950, but deterred by the premium price point? This model offers similar functions but is substantially more budget friendly.

The Fujiwara delivers a choice of temperature settings, from 112 through 1112 degrees Fahrenheit — operated by a rear-mounted dial. And, like the DeWalt, it possesses twin fan speeds and hands-free capability.

  • Complete with 10 accessories — only two are included with the D26950.
  • Relatively unknown manufacturer, as opposed to the respected DeWalt brand.
  • Single hand operation only, the D26950 offers a dual hand.


With multi-temperature control, this heat gun is suitable for the tradesperson, automotive enthusiast, and keen DIYer.

This machine is a durable, if hard on the pocket, tool that will cope with a vast array of hot air applications. However, it is backed with DeWalt’s 100 years of power tool experience, impressive warranty, and respected industry reputation.

A substantial heat adjustment dial makes the unit ideal for the senior user. Two-handed operation should reduce fatigue on extensive projects, and the unique kickstand delivers reassuring stability during hands-free use.

Admittedly, the inability to make precise temperature selection may be frustrating for some users. That being the situation, I’d recommend checking out the best digital heat guns instead.

Yet, for a high-end multi-temp machine that’s as robust as it is reliable — the DeWalt 26950 is, as Stevie Wonder would declare, hotter than July (although that’s not an endorsement from the visually challenged music artist — I’ve no idea whether he’s ever handled a heat gun).

DeWalt D26950 Heat Gun FAQ

How Much Is the Dewalt D26950 Heat Gun?

Although coming from one of the most respected power tool manufacturers in the world, possessing a multi-temperature facility, and offering two-handed operation, the D26950 heat gun is a remarkably affordable machine. To check out the current cost of the DeWalt D26950.

Does Dewalt Make a Cordless Heat Gun?

Yes! DeWalt is one of the few power tool manufacturers to take on the challenge of creating a cordless heat gun. The DCE530B offers a choice of 532 and 990 degrees Fahrenheit settings — and provides around 40 minutes of continuous use on a single charge.

DeWalt D26950 Hot Air Gun Uses?

Offering a plethora of temperature settings and dual fan speeds — the 26950 heat gun is an impressively flexible power tool. While not an exhaustive list, you can use this unit for:

    • Car vinyl wrapping.
    • Paint stripping.
    • Putty softening.
    • Varnish removal.
    • Pipe thawing.
    • Plastic pipe welding.
    • Window tinting.
    • Cable sheath shrink-wrapping.
    • Glue removal.
    • Paint drying.
    • Decal removal.
    • Loosening rusted hardware.
    • Phone screen fixing
    • Restoring bumpers.
Can I Wrap a Car With the DeWalt D26950 Heat Gun?

Yes. This machine, with its multi-temperature settings, fishtail nozzle, and 10-foot power cord, is an ideal tool for applying vinyl wrap to motor vehicles.

Q: How Hot Does the DeWalt Heat Gun D26950 Get?

The DeWalt D26950 reaches a maximum temperature of 1100 degrees Fahrenheit.

Q: Will the D26950 Be Able to Heat Stuck Brake Rotors?

The manufacturer indicates that this heat gun hasn’t been tested for this niche application. Furthermore, it states that, while the heat gun will not damage the brake mechanism, it may not achieve a sufficiently high temperature to release the rotors.

Q: Can I Use The DeWalt Heat Gun to Bend Plexi Glass?

Yes! The DeWalt hot air machine is perfectly suited to bending plexiglass. I’d recommend initially utilizing a mid-range temperature setting and then gradually increasing until the material begins to bend. I also suggest using the heat gun in the hands-free position with the integrated stand.

Q: Does the DeWalt D26950 Come With Accessories?

The D26950 hot air machine from DeWalt comes with two additional accessories — a concentrator nozzle and a fishtail nozzle.