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Graco 16N673

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Graco TrueCoat Pro II

Reviewed by: Timothy Henderson

Last modified: Dec 3, 2023 @ 3:56 pm

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Graco TrueCoat Pro II Review Summary:

Airless, pump-driven, and eye-wateringly powerful — the Graco TrueCoat Pro II is an impressive small-to-medium project machine angled at the semi-pro and hardcore DIY market.

Cranking out a mighty 2000 PSI and featuring a versatile 515 tip, this sprayer is one of the few handheld units that can deliver latex and acrylics without thinning. Suitable for wall, ceiling, railing, and decking applications — it’s a one-stop-shop for home renovation or light contractor work.

Its one-quart paint cup should provide sufficient capacity for most household applications — and, boasting Graco’s proprietary Tilt-N-Spray system, the machine can work at any angle away from the vertical plane — making it ideal for ceiling projects.

Furthermore, its ProControl pressure system — operated by a dial with concomitant indices — allows you to tailor your output power (from 1000 to 2000 PSI) to complement your working medium and base material.

At the business end of the sprayer, a substantial nozzle guard protects the 515 tip. And, being reversible through 180 degrees, blockages shouldn’t impede your work progress. While the 515 tip is suitable for the majority of coatings, you can replace this gun-end with a larger 517 size if required (sold separately).

While the unit is angled towards the experienced DIYer — the machine comes complete with an instructional DVD — allowing novice users to wield the sprayer with confidence.

The Minneapolis-based Graco company, with nearly 100 years of experience in pump and spray equipment, is renowned for its high-end painting machines. It’s products, manufactured in the US and China, offer reliability backed up with impressive and knowledgeable customer service. And, while the True Coat II unit has recently been removed from the brand’s line-up — the company has replaced it with the versatile 360 DS model.


Powerful 2000 PSI output.
15-foot cable.
Most mediums will not require pre-dilution.
Pendulum action to permit inverted spraying.
515 reversible tip.
Complete with instructional DVD.
Substantial nozzle guard.
Arrives with a carrying case.
Adjustable pump power.
Includes 32-ounce cup liners.


Premium price for a high-end product.
No choice of spray patterns.
Thinner mediums are liable to overspray.

Features and Benefits of the Graco 16N673 TrueCoat Sprayer

The manufacturer states that the Graco TrueCoat sprayer delivers a pro-level finish — from a compact handheld machine.

Let’s dive into the detail to see if it can meet this impressive promise.

Piston Pump Power

Unlike many airless sprayers that feature a floor-standing hydraulic pump — Graco has incorporated the piston-powered engine in its gun. This allows for a greater degree of portability than its somewhat cumbersome cousins, making it ideal for interior home-improvement projects.

With an impressive 2000 PSI of grunt — this pump powerhouse can propel the densest of mediums, typically without thinning. Hence, the wall-covering staples of latex and acrylics are perfectly compatible. And, rated for 50 gallons throughput per annum, this unit has the capacity to satisfy even the keenest of DIY spraying enthusiasts.

A nice inclusion with the TrueCoat II is a bottle of Graco’s Pump Armor. Filling the machine with this liquid when not in use helps to prevent internal corrosion and protects from frozen paint damage in the winter months.

Perhaps the only downside of the gun-incorporated pump is the weight. At around eight pounds, wielding this unit for any length of time will be akin to a serious workout on the dumbells. That said, if your partner is fed up with your power tool obsession, you could always sell the idea to her that buying this machine will help you get ripped. It might work.

515 Reversible Tip

The included 515 tip is suited to the majority of common spraying mediums, including enamels, stains, sealers, chalk, acrylic, and latex-based paints. A top-mounted lever permits you to rotate this nozzle-end through 180-degrees — meaning should a blockage occur in-project, you can rapidly blast this annoyance away without having to dismantle the gun.

The crucial and somewhat delicate tip is protected by a substantial guard — ensuring that accidental knocks and bumps don’t impair the function of your machine. And, should you require a larger gun-end, the Graco TrueCoat handheld electric airless paint sprayer can accommodate up to a 517 size.

ProControl System

The TrueCoat paint sprayer incorporates a side-mounted pressure dial. Easy-to-read with gradings from one to ten — you can utilize this feature to adjust the power exerted by the piston pump.

This means you can change the pressure output, in small steps, from 1000 to 2000 PSI — depending on the density of your painting medium. However, bear in mind that even on the lowest setting, thin coatings such as stains and sealers can be liable to overspray.

Tilt-N-Spray Pendulum

An innovative feature of the True Coat Graco sprayer is the pendulum action of the suction tube. Allowed to swing freely within the confines of the one-quart plastic cup — it ensures that not only can you spray at an upward or downward angle without losing paint pick-up — but you can also use virtually all your coating medium without having to refill.

Additional Accessories

When you purchase the Graco Truecoat II, you don’t just receive the mighty gun itself.

This machine arrives complete with:

  • Pump Armor fluid to protect the hydraulic piston system when not in use.
  • Five cup liners — reducing post-project container cleaning time.
  • An instructional DVD — to guide you through the features of the TrueCoat 2 unit.
  • Carry case — to increase portability and permit safe storage.

What Users Say About The Graco TrueCoat Pro II

Despite the Graco TrueCoat II being superseded by the equally impressive 360 DS unit — for me, the original machine remains a remarkably powerful sprayer that delivers a pleasing coat on medium-scale jobs.

Yet, is the army of owners who use the True Coat 2 regularly as impressed as me?

To ensure I wasn’t giving this machine any undue praise, I delved into the world of online testimonials, to discover what these guys thought about its practicality in real-world applications.

Reassuringly, it seems that their views concur with mine. These DIY-spraying aficionados lauded the Graco TrueCoat 2’s efficient Tilt-N-Spray system, welcomed its accurate and latex-compatible 515 tip, and praised its powerful 2000 PSI pump.

Sure, not everyone was shouting from the rooftops with joy.

Some guys felt that only one spray pattern was a downer considering the high-end status of the True Coat II — while others felt that its heft meant that wielding this unit for long-periods was unpleasantly tough on the arms.

However, no-one could fail to admit that this sprayer was robust, reliable, and delivered a smooth and even finish — whatever the coating medium utilized.

If you want to know more about these DIYers’ experiences with this unit, check out the Graco TrueCoat reviews for yourself.

Alternatives to Graco TrueCoat Pro II

If the Graco Truecoat paint sprayer isn’t turning you on, don’t worry.

I’ve sourced some alternative products that may appeal to your spraying fetishes and send your latex-painting libido skyrocketing.

Graco 17A466 TrueCoat 360 DS

Graco Truecoat 360 DS
Loving the features of TrueCoat Pro II, but wish you had the most up-to-date model and not a discontinued line? If that sounds like you, I have the solution.

The TrueCoat 360DS is the replacement for the Pro II. Like its predecessor, it can spray at any angle, although utilizing VacuValve technology instead of a pendulum suction hose. And, to keep you working with the minimum of downtime, it also features a reversible blockage-busting tip.

  • Utilizes FlexLiner bags unlike the plastic cup of the Pro II.
  • Includes an additional tip for detail work, not included with the TrueCoat 16N673.
  • Two power levels, as opposed to the variable power of the Pro II.

GoPlus Airless Paint Sprayer

GoPlus Airless
If airless spraying is your bag, but you consider the True Coat II lacks sufficient grunt for large projects — this machine may be the answer.

The GoPlus, like the Pro II, utilizes a pump to power the paint delivery. However, featuring an external floor-sitting hydraulic unit, it’s more powerful than the Graco, knocking out 3000 PSI. Furthermore, drawing paint from original containers, there’s no need to refill — unlike the Pro II.

  • Similarly priced to the Graco handheld machine.
  • More powerful than the Pro II, 3000 PSI, as opposed to 2000 PSI.
  • Like the Pro II, the GoPlus features variable pressure control.

Wagner FLEXiO 590

Wagner Spraytech 590
Looking for a handheld machine, but discouraged by the hefty weight of the Graco TrueCoat? If that’s the issue, you need to drop the airless and go to the turbines.

The Wagner 590 weighs just two pounds, significantly lighter than the Pro II. Like the Graco, it has variable power — although through an X-Boost turbine system, not a pump.

  • Larger cup — 1.5 quarts as opposed to the Pro II’s one-quart.
  • Features two nozzles, only one is included with the Graco unit.
  • A choice of three spray patterns, whereas the TrueCoat only has one.


While the True Coat Paint Sprayer II may have been dropped from Graco’s line — it remains one of the most powerful handheld sprayers ever produced.

Its 2000 PSI output combined with the 515 tip makes the unit deal effortlessly with viscous coatings — making it ideal for medium scale home projects. And featuring Tilt-N-Spray technology, it can make light work of ceiling jobs and reduce paint wastage.

Coming complete with numerous accessories — from a carry case for safe storage and portability, through to a bottle of Pump Armor to protect the crucial internal hydraulics — it’s a complete kit for the newbie or ardent DIYer.

Admittedly, the lack of spray pattern options and its heft may deter some users. But, for DIYers who are looking for unsurpassed airless power — I recommend checking out the Graco TrueCoat Pro II.

Graco TrueCoat Pro FAQs

What Are the Uses for the Graco True Coat Pro II?
Featuring 2000 PSI of output and incorporating a 515 tip, the handheld airless TrueCoat Pro II is ideal for small to medium projects, including spraying:

  • Walls.
  • Doors.
  • Cabinets.
  • Shelving.
  • Fences.
  • Tables.
  • Ceilings.
  • Decking.
How Much Is the TrueCoat Sprayer 16N673?

Powered by an internal hydraulic pump, the TrueCoat Pro II is a handheld machine ideal for home-improvement projects. To check out the current cost of the TrueCoat.

Can I Spray My Car With the True Coat Graco Pro II?

You can, but the results will be less than ideal. The 515 tip will not deliver the perfect finish required for automotive work. I recommend you check out the Eastwood line if you’re looking at car spraying in addition to my How to Paint a Car With a Paint Gun article.

Where Can I Find Parts for the True Coat Graco II Pro?

Should a component of your TrueCoat Pro II require replacement, you can purchase parts from the official Graco website. Furthermore, if you have any issues with your unit, take a look at my Graco Troubleshooting guide.

Will a 5 HP Compressor Work With the TrueCoat Sprayer?
As an airless machine, the TrueCoat Pro II from Graco doesn’t require a compressor. Instead, it’s powered by an internal pneumatic pump.
Can I Use Any Graco Tip in the TrueCoat II Pro Sprayer?
No. As Graco manufactures a multitude of paint sprayers, all the tips are not cross-compatible. However, any tip designed for the TrueCoat range will fit the Pro II model.
How Do I Use the TrueCoat II Sprayer?

I suggest checking out my Graco How To Guide.

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