Royobi P208 1/2 inch Chuck Drill / Driver Review

Ryobi P208 1/2 inch Chuck Drill / Driver Product Image

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P208 1/2 inch Chuck Drill / Driver Review

Reviewed by: Timothy Henderson

Published on: January 13, 2019

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January 23, 2021 @ 2:10 pm


  • Design
  • Functionality
  • Price

Ryobi P208 Review Summary:

The P208 is one of the most affordable cordless drill/drivers currently on the market. It is great for homeowners who are on a tight budget but need a high-quality solution. It often comes out on top on best portable drill lists, as it is quite light and compact, but powerful enough to get the job done in no time.

Its ergonomic design allows for prolonged use. One of its major selling points is the fact that it comes with two variable speed control triggers that are great for a wide variety of drilling and driving applications. Despite its compact design, the p208 delivers a lot of power.

A couple of extras, such as the mag-tray base for storing bits and screws, are included for the user’s convenience. The tool is powered by Ryobi’s One+ Li-ion battery. However, this is a bare tool and batteries are sold separately.


  • Weight – 3 lbs
  • Dimensions – 12″ x 3″ x 9″
  • Speed – 1600 RPM
  • Battery – Lithium-Ion
  • Voltage – 18V

P208 1/2 inch Chuck Drill / Driver – The Basics

This versatile drill/driver is powered by a Li-Ion battery and can last for a while without discharging. It is great for those who are adamant about sticking to one battery brand. The unit is equipped with a LED light which offers better visibility and can help you increase accuracy.

The drill/driver weighs approximately 3 and has 350 inch/lbs of torque. The maximum speed goes up to 1600 RPM, which is somewhat above average for such a tool. The clutch has 24 different settings.

The motor has two speeds that are excellent for a variety of drilling and driving tasks. The lower speed goes from 0 to 400 RPM. There is also a mag-tray which does a great job of holding your bits and screws close. It has a single sleeve 1/2″ keyless chuck that ought to make the job go much smoother.

The unit operates at 18V and has a notched rubberized grip that enables the user to use it even in slippery conditions. For such an affordable tool, it is quite convenient and reliable.

The Features


The rubberized, notched grip is quite comfortable and allows for better handling. The whole unit is comprised of heavy duty metal, plastic, and rubber, which ensure its strength and durability.

It’s not difficult to wield the driver/drill as it is three pounds heavy. Its compact design makes it one of the most often recommended portable driver/drills as the manufacturer did not sacrifice any other feature to make it such. The P208 is excellent in tight spaces and generally inaccessible corners.

Another awesome selling point of the P208 is the 1/2″ single-sleeve keyless chuck that has an automatic spindle lock. That relieves the user from the worry of misplacing the key. There is also a mag-tray at the base which is intended for placing bits and screws.

The list of the conveniences doesn’t end there as the unit also has a LED light incorporated into its design. It could be a bit brighter though, but it is of great help in getting the job done well.


This impressive drill/driver is capable of delivering up to 1600 RPMs. It also has a variable speed control trigger which allows the user to choose between two gears. The low gear delivers up to 400 RPMs. With its 350 inch/lbs of torque, it is excellent for everyday tasks.

The two-speed transmission and the high-performance motor make the P208 a serious competitor on the powertool market. The 24setting clutch, when paired with the 2-speed gearbox, is excellent for a wide variety of jobs, but especially for those that require more delicacy.

The clutch allows you to adjust the torque quickly, which would prevent you from damaging the material or the surface. With so many clutch setting, the user has much greater control over the unit.


There is no battery included in the package which is perhaps the only logical explanation of the low price of this tool. However, Ryobi’s cross-platform compatibility allows you to use their One+ Li-Ion batteries with any of their One+ tools. If you already own a ryobi tool kit, then you are in luck.



Two-speed gear


LED light


1/2″ keyless chuck


350 inch/lbs of torque


Excellent grip



LED Light not so bright


Battery not included


Things we liked about it

The fact that you get more than enough power for your common drill/driver tasks in such a compact form is really impressive. But, of course, there is much more to the P208. The ergonomic design and convenient features make it great to work with as they make the job run smoothly.


Things we didn’t like

The inclusion of the LED light is a welcomed feature, and it is good to see that Ryobi’s taking down notes and making improvements, as the feature was missing in some of their previous models. Well, another useful note for Ryobi would be to make it more powerful.

The light isn’t as bright as it could be, and therefore cannot always be relied on. There is little doubt that the powerful One+ Li-Ion battery would be able to power a brighter light.

General Impressions

Another excellent budget tool manufactured by Ryobi that’ll get you much more than your money’s worth. It has enough power for on-site or DIY projects. The excellent ergonomic handle and the compact design make it easy to use even at tricky angles.

The lack of the battery is a bit disappointing, but no one could possibly expect one at such a low price. Buyers who already possess a Ryobi tool in their collection ought to benefit the most as it is compatible with all One+ batteries.


The price is typically what catches the attention of most potential buyers when it comes to Ryobi powertools. But the P208 is much more than just a budget tool. It is exceptionally good at handling delicate work and you can rely on it be you working on the job or repairing something at home.

It is a compact drill/driver that packs a lot of power. The drawbacks are negligible. Especially if you already have a Ryobi One+ battery in your collection.

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