In-Depth Review of Ryobi P506 Cordless Circular Saw

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P506 Cordless Circular Saw Review

Reviewed by: Timothy Henderson

Published on: February 16, 2019

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February 16, 2019 @ 3:57 pm



  • Design
  • Functionality
  • Price

Review Summary:

Another great solution for users who love DIY projects or have to perform some minor sawing tasks at the house. Even though it is a cordless saw, it still provides extra portability when compared with other cordless units of the same kind. The 506 circular saw can save a user a lot of effort and time when it comes to various cutting applications.

It is a compact and lightweight model which is designed to make your work go as smoothly as possible. Every aspect of the unit was manufactured with the needs of the user in mind. One should not expect anything less from Ryobi.

Ryobi is famous for manufacturing affordable, but quality power tools that are more suited for DIY or home use. If you use it within reason, you will be more than happy with the P506. However, this is a bare tool without a battery, so users who already have a One+ ryobi tool kit at home, ought to benefit the most from this impressive cordless circular saw.


  • Weight -2.1 pounds
  • Dimensions -12″ x 8″ x 12″
  • Power Source -Li-Ion Battery (not included)
  • Speed -4700 RPM
  • Voltage -18V

P506 Cordless Circular Saw – The Basics

The P206 combines portability, size, and power quite well. Its capability of delivering 4700 RPM allows it to saw through most woods. There is also the ergonomic, rubberized over-mold that allows the user to handle the unit even in slippery and other unfavorable weather conditions. Read more about how does circular saws exactly work.

The blade is positioned to your left, along with an additional handle that allows the user to guide the P506 more smoothly. There is one significant improvement that Ryobi made that sets the P506 far apart from their similar products, such as the P504 and P507, and that’s the inclusion of a laser guide. This powertool can be fully adjusted as well, as it lets the user adjust the bevel from 0° to 50° and the depth up to 1 9/16″.

Overall, the attention to detail that is obviously present in the manufacturing process is what really sets this tool apart from the rest. It doesn’t come with a battery, but it is compatible with all of Ryobi’s One+ 18V Li-Ion cells

The Features


The 506 is equipped with an 18V DC/AC motor that is capable of delivering 4700 RPM. It might not be the quickest saw out there, but it does a great job of making precise cuts. In this regard, the P506 is the same as the P504 and P505.


Cordless circular saw blades are usually equipped with saw blades sized 6.5″ and 8.25″ in diameter. Ryobi’s blades are a bit smaller at 5.5″ in diameter. Nevertheless, the user doesn’t get weaker and much smaller cuts.

The P506 also has a compartment with a blade wrench that you can use to quickly switch the blade without having to fumble for tools. That might be the exact reason why Ryobi’s blades are smaller. You can position the 5.5″ blade at any angle between 90 and 50-degrees.

At its sharpest angle, the unit can make cuts of up to 1 9/16″. The depth is reasonable considering the size of the blade.

The handle is molded with a notched, rubberized overgrip that ensures complete control over the unit even when the tool is used in slippery conditions and unfavorable weather.

The blades are optimized for right-hand users, being that the blade is located on the left. The blade has a 4″ scale on the right side of the saw and a 1″ width on the left side.The blade weighs 4.91 lbs and is very easy to handle. It’s 5.5″ blade cuts perfectly through pieces of lumber with minimum hiccups.

The red laser guide that comes with the P506 sets it apart from other Ryobi models and a majority of the competition. It provides excellent guidance for straight cuts. .


Or, the lack of one. Unfortunately, this is a bare tool, and due to its affordable price, some sacrifices had to be made, so there is no battery included.

However, if you already own a Ryobi One+ unit and a battery you are in luck, as their cross-compatibility battery system allows you to use any of their One+ Li-ion batteries with any of their One+ power tools. It takes less than an hour to fully charge one and one charge ought to last half an hour.






Charge lasts long


4600 RPM


Quick blade release system


Ergonomic design


Laser Guide



Weak shoe


Lacks a battery


Things we liked about it

Most users are attracted by the low price of this tool, and it really is the biggest advantage of all Ryobi units. To be more specific, it is not just an affordable tool, but a high-quality, reliable tool that comes at a low price. Ryobi also offers a 3-year limited warranty on this product.

It is packed with neat features that make the user’s work easier. The laser guide is a nice addition, and the rubberized handles are great because they ensure the user has complete control over the circular saw.


Things we didn’t like

Complaining about the lack of a battery might be considered nitpicking, but there aren’t really any reasons to not like this tool. Since the price is so low, there is no battery in the package, so you might make the most out of the tool if you get another Ryobi tool as well since they are all powered by the same kind of battery.

General Impressions

A reliable tool that ought to be of great use when there is a DIY project to finish or some work to be done around the house. It is packed with a couple of neat features that make it user-friendly, but the lack of a battery might put off potential buyers who don’t already possess a Ryobi toolkit in their collection.


Ryobi always comes highly recommended to beginner hobbyists and homeowners who are looking to make some repairs. Professionals don’t like to rely on it as their main circular saw on the job, as it doesn’t perform the deepest cuts and it lacks the power of a corded tool, but they can count on it as their go-to backup. One thing is for sure, the P506 delivers what it promises -and like most other Ryobi units, it is convenient and reliable.

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