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Porter-Cable PCC650 Jigsaw Review

Reviewed by: Timothy Henderson

Published on: January 10, 2019

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January 10, 2019 @4:50 pm


  • Design
  • Functionality
  • Price

Porter-Cable PCC650 Review Summary:

When one has to perform angled or simple straight cuts, he needs a good cordless jigsaw. These machines assist the user in making any kinds of cuts they need without compromising the overall quality of those cuts. It’s an efficient, versatile device that all DIY enthusiasts and professional contractors need to have in their workshops.

A part of Porter-Cable’s growing range of 20V power tools, the PCC650 jigsaw is among the company’s most affordable tools so far. Although it comes at a reasonable price, this device sports a couple of really interesting features, such as three orbital settings, a tool-free blade release, a variable speed trigger, and an integrated dust blower. All of this is combined with Porter-Cable’s well-known ergonomic design – PCC650 feels great in hands and is a joy to work with.

In case you’d like to know more about it, keep reading and find out everything about its features.

PCC650 Specifications:

  • Weight – 4.9lbs
  • Dimensions – 12.2″ x 3.8″ x 10″
  • Power Source – Battery (Li-Ion)
  • Strokes/Min – 0-2,500 SPM
  • Voltage – 20V

Porter-Cable PCC650 – The Basics

Manufactured by Porter-Cable, which is one of the most respected American manufacturers of power tools, this jigsaw sports a design that will be familiar to anyone who ever used devices made by this company. It’s a cordless tool (operates on a Li-Ion battery), which is precisely why Porter-Cable tried to made it as small as possible and remove the risk of user fatigue. That’s also why they equipped the device with a contoured over-molded handle – comfort during work is guaranteed.

Achieving the maximum of 2,500 strokes per minute, the PCC650 allows performing aggressive cuts and can be used for a variety of applications. The speed is entirely adjustable due to the presence of a variable speed trigger, while the integrated dust blower efficiently clears the unavoidable debris and provides better visibility. Let’s take a closer look at the unit:

The Porter-Cable PCC650 Features


The design of this jigsaw is an ergonomic one – it’s something that’s expected when it comes to Porter-Cable power tools. Well-balanced, rugged, and relatively lightweight, the unit is durable and feels good in hands. The fact that it produces next to no vibrations at all is something that deserves special appreciation.

Porter-Cable PCC650 also has a form-fitting handle with a rubberized coating, which removes the need for worrying about slippage. That’s about it when it comes to design – the unit possesses no extra features, such as laser guide systems or integrated LED lights. It does, however, have a built-in dust blower, although that’s a standard feature on most cordless jigsaws. Its job is to blow away the dust particles and debris and thus provide the user with a clean surface for working.


The high-performing engine of this jigsaw is capable of reaching the maximum of 2,500 SPM (strokes per minute). This can be controlled via the unit’s variable speed trigger, which allows clean and clear cuts no matter the material. The model also has a safety-lock off button, whose purpose is to prevent the engine from operating in case the main trigger is inadvertently pressed.

The unit’s orbital action selector switch comes with three different settings. The “zero” (0) level is used for the straight and curved cuts, level 1 for the smooth cuts, and level 2 for the rough cuts. Its adjustable shoe plate, on the other hand, allows the user to perform beveled cuts – it is loosened by using a 3mm wrench (included in the package) and allows the user to make beveled cuts from 0 to 45 degrees.

One particularly neat feature of PCC650 is the tool-free blade swapping. One only has to remove the battery (for safety reasons), turn the unit upside-down, push the release lever, and then simply remove the blade and slide in a new one. Pretty convenient, wouldn’t you say?

Other Features

As we said, this jigsaw has no special features – it’s a basic machine without any bells and whistles of the more expensive models. It’s available as a bare tool and in combo kits and comes with a 3-year limited warranty supplied by the manufacturer.

Bacis Info About PCC650 Jigsaw



Excellent build quality


Three orbital settings


Variable speed trigger


Integrated dust blower



No LED light or laser guide system


Speed setting can’t be locked

Things We Liked / Didn’t Like


Things we liked about it

First of all, the design of this jigsaw is genuinely impressive, especially considering its price point. Not only is the device rugged and durable, but it also feels very comfortable in hands thanks to its great balance and the rubberized handle.

Secondly, the PCC650 is quite potent – its rate of 2,500 SPM and three orbital settings for different kinds of cuts will help you slice through different materials quickly and accurately. The tool-free blade changing is another excellent feature here – swapping the blade is something you can do in less than a minute.

Finally, we liked that the unit comes with an integrated dust blower. Although it can’t be turned off, the blower is an invaluable part of PCC650 and keeps the working surface clean from debris and dust particles.


Things we didn’t like

Because of its affordable price, this jigsaw comes without the gimmicks found on top-of-the-line models. This is something we can understand, but it’s a real shame that there’s no option to lock the current speed setting.


General Impressions

Those who invested in PCC650 say that it was well worth the money, as they’re praising the model’s convenient but straightforward design and its capability to cut through thick wood and light gauge steel. They’re also satisfied with the model’s trigger, saying that it’s an ideal combination of responsive and sensitive. Another feature they like is the dust blower, although some of them dislike the fact that it can’t be turned off.


Perfect for timber, steel, sink cutouts, and PVC pipelines, this basic, no-nonsense jigsaw is undoubtedly one of the better tools in Porter-Cable’s 20V lineup. All of the features that we’ve listed make it one of the best cordless jigsaws in its price category – it’s a perfect addition to toolboxes of all those who need clean, accurate cuts.

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