P515 Reciprocating Saw by Ryobi – Our Full and Updated  Review

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P515 Reciprocating Saw Review

Reviewed by: Timothy Henderson

Published on: January 14, 2019 

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January 24, 2021 @12:56 pm



  • Design
  • Functionality
  • Price

Ryobi P515 Review Summary:

If you are in pursuit of more action and better accuracy, the P515 is the tool for you. It is a cordless reciprocating saw that is quite versatile and can be used in many places.

Its cordless feature allows you to use it in any position and angle. It is incredibly user-friendly as it is designed to reduce fatigue and with your comfort in mind. It is packed with features and mechanisms that allow the user to use the saw with high precision and without the fear of losing control.

Users boast of using it to cut irrigation pipes, steel posts, trees without much effort. Even though it is designed for more delicate work, it certainly doesn’t lack power.

However, the battery doesn’t last long, so professionals usually use it as a backup tool or for delivering fine touches. That being said, it is a great, affordable option for those looking to do some house repairs.


  • Weight -4.45 lbs
  • Dimensions –15” x 6” x 6”
  • Power source -Li-Ion Battery (not included)
  • Strokes/minute -3100 SPM

P515 Reciprocating Saw – The Basics

Delivering a maximum of 3100 SPM, the P515 is an excellent reciprocating saw that is suitable for various applications. Tasks such as cutting ceramics, branches, plastic, sawing through drywall and trimming bushes are much easier with the help of this Ryobi unit.

The reciprocating saw is equipped with a variable-speed trigger that helps prevent damage to the working area. The aforementioned feature allows for greater control as it enables slow starts and sudden stops. The adjustable pivoting shoe is much appreciated as it allows the user to adjust the depth of the blade.

Just like most other Ryobi models, this one is also molded with the Grip Zone over-mold that offers great control of the saw and reduces the risk of accidents. The blade clamp noticeably simplifies the process of changing blades. It might not be so suitable for pro longer work as the battery can easily get drained.

The Features


The P515 features an ergonomic design that reduces fatigue to a minimum and that offers maximum comfort. The smooth contours and the one of a kind anti-vibe handle will allow you to use the unit with ease.

The handle is molded with the famed GripZone over-mold that is impervious to excessive sweating and allows for a better grip. It is excellent in preventing accidental falls and slips. It is also built to last, so you’ll be able to use the unit comfortably for as long as you have it in your possession.

The unit is also equipped with an adjustable pivoting shoe that reduces the vibrations and shocks that occur when cutting very deep. Aside from increasing depth control, the feature also minimizes wastage and improves efficiency.


The variable-speed mechanism ensures a slow start which is imperative when starting to cut. Once you pass the initial cut, the variable trigger allows you to increase the speed of the saw. The variable-speed trigger also reduces unwanted vibrations, which allows for better cuts.

When paired with the electronic brake, the variable-speed trigger allows you to slow down or stop the blade quickly. You won’t have any problems cutting through most materials as the motor is capable of delivering 3100 strokes per minute. The length of strokes is 7/8,” and the whole thing is powered by an 18V Li-Ion battery.

There is also the no-load speed trigger that minimizes excessive impact, particularly when turning on the saw. A simple pull of the trigger will deliver you the ideal amount of power for cutting masonry, wood, metal, tree branches, bushes, plastic, and other materials.

The unit is cordless and is powered by Ryobi’s One+ Li-Ion battery. It is not included in the package. However, their batteries are compatible with all of Ryobi’s One+ Li-Ion cells, so you won’t need to get another one if you already have one.

It is also compatible with some older Ryobi NiCads, but it is best to check the manual for the exact models. The battery doesn’t take long to charge, only an hour, but the charge lasts for less than an hour, which is what most users complain about.

P515 Reciproting Saw blades



Variable-speed trigger


GripZone over-mold


Anti-vibe handle




Easy to handle





Lacks a battery


The weight


Battery drains fast


Things we liked about it

The ability to be used for prolonged periods of time is probably the best thing about the P515, provided that you have more than one battery. It is designed to be comfortable to use while performing even the most delicate cuts.

The GripZone over-mold, anti-vibe handle, variable-speed trigger are there to make sure everything goes as you planned, even to the tiniest details. It might not be the most powerful tool, nor most durable, but it could quite possibly be the most user-friendly.

The price should also not be neglected. Ryobi always delivers quality products at a friendly price, which makes it hard to complain.


Things we didn’t like

The unit doesn’t come with a battery. The 18V One+ Li-Ion batteries are great, and many praise their quality, but you will have to cash out more if you want one. It is great that you can use it with other Ryobi products as well, and even better if you already have one in your collection, but the fact that it lasts for less than an hour is relatively disappointing.

General Impressions

Yet another high-end product at a low price -Ryobi never ceases to impress in that regard. This particular unit is great for jobs that require maneuverability and higher accuracy, but it isn’t suitable for the construction site as the battery doesn’t last long. However, DIYers and homeowners will be more than happy with the P515.


Excellent ergonomics, sufficient power, variable-trigger, feature, and a non-slip handle make the P515 a great choice. It cuts fast through various materials such as plastic, drywall, PVC, branches, wood and many more. It is easy to operate and carry around -there are no limits on where you can use it. It might be the most affordable model, but it is not the most powerful, as the battery doesn’t last for long. The anti-vibe handle does make it worth the price, but it is still better for DIY or home-repair use, or perhaps as a backup tool if you are a pro.

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