Surebonder 9615A Upholstery Stapler with Carrying Case Review


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Surebonder 9615A, Upholstery Stapler with Carrying Case

Reviewed by: Timothy Henderson

Last modified: Jul 30, 2022 @ 3:24 pm

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Surebonder 9615A Review Summary:

Upholstery can be a pretty interesting thing to do as long as you have the right tools. Reupholstering old furniture can cost a small fortune, but there’s a great alternative – you can do it yourself as long as you follow a few simple rules. It sounds pretty easy and simple, doesn’t it?

The reality is quite different. The market is packed with tons of different upholstery staplers, but most of them aren’t worth the money. These tools have to be well-designed and precisely engineered in order to work at an optimal level. We have made a list of the most popular and efficient models on the market so that you don’t have to research for hours without any results. Instead, take a look at our reviews, and you’ll get all the info you need for a good and worthy purchase. If you follow some of our tips, you’ll avoid overpaying or buying a product with an insufficient amount of features.


  • Dimensions – 3 x 11 x 9 inches
  • Weight – 3 pounds
  • Required supplies – 22 gauge staples from 5/16″ to 5/8″ in length
  • Quick release
  • Safety mechanisms for accidental firing
  • Air-powered

Surebonder 9615A – The Basics

This model works great with small to mid-sized DIY projects. In fact, you can try to commence a big project, but it will take some time to finish it. The unit is able to cope with large tasks, but it doesn’t really excel in that department. Therefore, it’s best if you stick with smaller tasks. It’s quite easy to use this unit; you don’t need any previous experience. Upholstery Staple guns are notorious for being too complex to use, and this one is a pleasant exception.

It is also quite convenient and well-designed. In simpler words, the innovative design allows you to use the unit without thinking about breaks and fatigue.

Surebonder 9615A Features

The design

As we already said, the design is pretty neat. Although it’s not much different from the other models, it still has some pretty good elements. For example, the quick release mechanism is a life saver when it comes to frequent reloading and jamming. As you may know, jamming is one of the most frequent occurrences with air-powered guns. However, the quick release system allows you to solve the jamming issue within seconds and continue with your project.

The weight is okay, but far from impressive. Even though 3 pounds isn’t as heavy as one might think, it could have been a bit lighter. If you’re prone to fatigue, you’ll probably catch a break or two every few hours due to the weight of this model.

Power source

This is an air-powered stapler meaning it requires a separate air compressor to work. Many people panic when it comes to buying a compressor because most models have a pretty hefty price. However, this stapler can work with any air compressor that’s capable of delivering up to 120 PSI. Surebonder 9615A operates at around 60 to 100 PSI. Therefore, any affordable compressor will do the job as long as it can deliver enough pressure.

Safety mechanisms

Safety is a crucial part of every air-powered tool. As you can assume, a stray nail can be as lethal as a bullet. Therefore, the units that have a good amount of safety systems are valued better than the ones that don’t. This particular model has a couple of neat safety systems which ensure a smooth operation. Remember to wear safety equipment at all times, regardless of how safe the environment is.


Things we liked about it

It’s a great all-around upholstery stapler. There are no special elements we really liked; it’s more of a general opinion. The design is good, it performs well, and it doesn’t take a fortune to get a hold of this unit – what more could you ask for?

The carrying case is a pleasant addition. Most people consider it to be pretty irrelevant, but it’s actually quite useful, especially if you’re frequently on the move. Being able to store it safely prolongs its lifespan by a lot.


Things we didn’t like

A lot of people reported air leaks around the trigger. It’s quite a burden because any loss of pressure results in poor performance. Also, the worst thing is the fact that you can’t do anything to fix it but return the product and ask for a replacement or refund. Either way, you’ll have to hassle with reshipping the device.

Consistent jamming is also a pretty serious issue. However, unlike air leaks, you can do something about it. Thanks to the quick release mechanism, you’ll easily solve the jamming issue, although you won’t prevent it from happening again. Therefore, if you’re planning to invest in this particular model, get ready for frequent jams.

What Users Say About The Surebonder 9615A

Truth be told, not many people have expressed their opinion about this particular model. It’s a good all-around tool, but it does have quite a few shortcomings. However, that doesn’t mean it’s a bad tool per se; it’s just not designed for a large array of tasks. For example, using it for something else instead of upholstery isn’t recommended. Once again, it doesn’t mean it’s not capable of coping with other projects; it’s just not designed for it. As you may know, using a stapler within its limits is your safest bet.

Surebonder 9615A box


If you’re on a limited budget, and you don’t want to pay a professional to reupholster some of your old furniture, this model could be a good solution. It’s easy to use which means you don’t have to worry about the lack of experience. In fact, as long as you follow a set of basic instructions from the user manual, you should be fine.

Versatility is not the strongest point of this particular stapler, but it does offer enough features for small to mid-sized DIY projects. Don’t hesitate to check it out if you’re searching for a decent tool; it’s worth your time.

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