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Milwaukee 2407-20 Drill/Driver Review

Reviewed by: Timothy Henderson

Published on: February 10, 2019

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February 10, 2019 @ 11:22 am


  • Design
  • Functionality
  • Price

Milwaukee 2407-20 Review Summary:

When looking for a cheap drill/driver, one doesn’t have to turn to no-name and lesser-known power tool manufacturers. Some of the top-of-the-line brands, such as Milwaukee, also manufacture and sell homeowner-grade tools. Although slightly underpowered, these devices are still more than capable of assisting the users in completing their light-duty projects.

Milwaukee’s 2407-20 drill/driver is one of such units  -it’s a well-built and potent model that comes at a genuinely affordable price. As it as a member of the company’s M12 lineup, it uses the same battery packs as all other tools in that range -it’s a real team player.

Sporting features such as the ergonomic handle, metal ratcheting chuck, and onboard battery fuel gauge, it’s a versatile piece of equipment and a nice addition to anyone’s toolbox. Let’s take a detailed look at its characteristics and see what it has to offer.

2407-20 Specifications:

  • Weight-2.1lbs
  • Length-7-3/8″
  • Power Source-Battery (Li-Ion)
  • Speed-1,500 RPM
  • Voltage-12V

Milwaukee 2407-20 Drill/Driver – The Basics

Red and black, just like all other Milwaukee power tools, this drill/driver has the length and weight that turn it into a genuinely compact product. The overall ergonomic design of this device makes it feel comfortable in hand, which is of crucial importance when you are in search for cordless drills

One of the most impressive things about 2407-20 is that it features an all-metal locking chuck -it’s one of the few such models in its class. Reaching the top speed of 1,500 RPM and having the peak torque of 275 in-lbs, it’s a capable device that effortlessly tackles household jobs and lighter professional applications.

Other than that, 2407-20 has a handy battery fuel gauge and is backed by a very generous 5-year warranty. To find out if it’s the right tool for your needs, check out our detailed review of its features.

2407-20 Features


As we said, this is a genuinely compact model -with the length of 7-3/8″ and the weight of just 2.1 pounds, handling it is exceptionally easy, even if you have to use it the whole day. Moreover, the small size of this drill/driver allows the user to work with it in small, tight spaces -carpenters will surely appreciate this.

Just like most other cordless power tools on the market, this one also has a contoured, rubberized handle. Its purpose is to reduce the risk of slipping and to provide the user with a good grip. Although quite affordable, the device looks and feels quite sturdy and durable, but that’s something one can expect from Milwaukee.

The fact that this drill/driver has both the integrated LED light and a battery fuel gauge turns it into a best-buy device in its price category. Both of these additional features are extremely useful and can make your drilling/driving sessions far more productive and enjoyable.


The brushed motor of Milwaukee 2407-20 indeed isn’t the champion when it comes to torque or speed ratings, but it does its job pretty well. The rate of 275 in-lb of torque is actually pretty impressive for a model coming at this price point, and is something that can undoubtedly increase one’s efficiency on the job site.

The engine is powering an all-metal single-sleeve ratcheting chuck, which is, as we said, yet another thing that raises this drill above its competition. The chuck offers a superior grip over the bit, removing the need for frequent breaks to do some re-tightening.

Accessories & Warranty

Purchasing this unit in one of Milwaukee’s combo kits is your best bet -you’ll get it together with the necessary battery pack and the charger. If you, however, already own these items, going for the bare-tool version is the best decision. The model uses the same REDLITHIUM battery packs like all other tools in the company’s M12 range. The unit is backed by Milwaukee’s standard 5-year warranty.

2407-20 Drill Driver on the table

2407-20 Pros:


Small size & low weight


Solid performance


All-metal chuck 


LED light & battery gauge



Brushed motor


Not for everyday construction use


Things we liked about it

The design of this device will surely be appreciated by all those who often use cordless drills and drivers. The unit’s compact size and low weight make it a joy to work with – longer sessions with it don’t cause fatigue and hand numbness. The unit’s ergonomically-designed handle provides the user with a good grip and gives him full control over the operation.

When it comes to power, Milwaukee 2407-20 will disappoint only those who try to use it for heavy-duty applications. When used for typical drilling and driving tasks around the household, the unit easily outperforms most of the other drills/drivers in the same price category.

We were quite surprised to find that 2407-20 sports an all-metal single-sleeve ratcheting chuck, as these are usually reserved for the pricier models. The presence of a battery gauge and LED light also deserves praise, as these convenient features make the unit even more useful.


Things we didn’t like

Due to the fact that this is a homeowner-grade tool, it operates on an underpowered brushed motor whose performance can’t really be compared to engines found in pricier drills/drivers. Because of this, the unit is unsuitable for heavy-duty projects.

General Impressions

Users praise the compact, lightweight, and durable design of this drill, saying that it looks and feels just like they expected. They’re pleased with its performance and say that it’s the only power tool they need for simpler drilling and driving jobs, although some of the buyers say that they’re using it in construction work, too. However, most of the users agree that the best thing about 2407-20 is its price -it’s a deal that’s pretty hard to beat.


Opting for this Milwaukee drill/driver can’t really turn out as a mistake, especially if you intend to use it for lighter work. For the price that it comes at, 2407-20 is a seriously good deal, especially when we consider its all-metal chuck and the surprising amount of torque power that it offers. When we combine this with Milwaukee’s generous 5-year warranty deal, we get a model whose value for the money is hard to match.

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