In-Depth Review of Kobalt 1/2-in 24-Volt Max-Volt Lithium Ion Variable Speed Brushless Cordless Hammer Drill

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Kobalt Variable Speed Brushless Cordless Hammer Drill Review

Reviewed by: Timothy Henderson

Published on: March 1, 2019

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 March 1, 2019 @ 1:49 pm



  • Design
  • Functionality
  • Price

Review Summary:

Recently, Kobalt revamped their series of powertools. The most notable change is the switch to a 24V brushless platform. Each of the power tools in their assortment has undergone a redesign, including the hammer drill. The job they have done is worthy of praise.

Their tools can compete with well-established brands such as DeWalt or Milwaukee. The brushless technology is to be thanked for Kobalt’s impressive power tools that are reasonably priced. There is not much difference between their old and new cells, except for the voltage.

However, there is one key difference -the old batteries are not compatible with the majority of new units, including the hammer drill. Nevertheless, it still has a lot of thing going for it. It delivers solid performance and holds a charge for quite a while. But, what sets it apart from the competition is the gracious 5-year limited warranty Kobalt the unit comes with -something that Kobalt has not changed with their new line of power tools.


  • Weight -4.74 lbs
  • Dimensions -10.4″ x 8.9″ x 3.8″
  • Power Supply -Li-Ion Battery (not included
  • )Speed -2000 RPM
  • Voltage -24V

Kobalt 1/2-in 24-Volt Max-Volt Lithium Ion Variable Speed Brushless Cordless Hammer Drill – The Basics

Kobalt’s new hammer drill is beloved by contractors and DIYers alike, and it’s really no wonder, thanks to its brushless technology and ingenious design. It is quite a solid unit as it has all the high-end features you would want to see, such as a 1/2″ keyless chuck and a 24-setting clutch.

On top of that, it comes with a comfortable rubber over-mold that allows the user to wield the unit for prolonged periods of time. There is also the push-through rotation direction selector that is simple and convenient. Unlike most tools, with Kobalt’s new hammer drill, you won’t constantly be bumping the tool out of gear because of the rotation selector is placed high enough on the tool.

The hammer drill has a two-speed motor and a variable-speed trigger that allows you to adjust the right speed/torque combo. For more torque, you have the low gear that operates at a slower speed, while the high gear will do you great service at jobs that require little torque. Whatever the task, there’s little chance of this hammer drill bogging down on you.

You can use the 24-position clutch to set adjust the amount of torque, tailoring it to the demands of the task at hand. It’s 26000 BPM ought to be enough to take on heavy-duty jobs. The unit is equipped with LED illumination, belt clip, and a double-ended bit driver -all to ensure maximum safety and convenience.

The Features

The Design

Thanks to the cordless design, this hammer drill allows you to bring all of its power and control wherever you need it the most. The whole thing weighs approximately three pounds, which means you can use it for prolonged periods of time without feeling fatigued. But there are other features that add to its comfortable use.

The notched, rubberized over-mold makes it easy to wield the unit all day long with maximum comfort. Adjusting the torque level is easy as it gets and it is made possible by the 24-position clutch. It is excellent for adapting the unit to both light drill work and tough concrete surfaces.

This neat hammer drill comes with a couple of additional features that allow for better and safer use. The most prominent of those features being the double-ended bit driver and a belt clip bit holder. Not to forget the embedded LED light that will help you achieve maximum safety.


The unit packs enough power you might need for any project thanks to the two-speed gearbox and variable-speed trigger. With that combination, the possibilities are endless.

The low gear goes from 0 to 550 RPMs, while the high gear goes from 0 to 2000 RPM. The low gear is best utilized for tasks that require more torque, while the high gear works best for jobs that don’t need much torque. The 24V Max 1/2″ Hammer Drill is capable of delivering 650 inch/pounds of torque. It can reach up to 26000 BPM, which ought to be enough power for any heavy-duty work you might put it through.

Its brushless motor is a piece of art itself. It guarantees maximum efficiency and durability. Chances of unexpected issues occurring during your work have been brought down to a minimum.


Typically, a warranty isn’t one of the more prominent features of a power tool, but Kobalt’s 5-Year Limited Warranty is absolutely praiseworthy. Kobalt has been well-known for their excellent return policies, and it is nice to see that they are sticking to that tradition with their new 24V Max Series.





2-Speed Gearbox


Ergonomic Grip




LED Light


1/2″ Keyless Chuck


24-Position Clutch



No Battery Included


Things we liked about it

The versatility of this product is likely its best selling point. If you only occasionally need to perform heavy-duty work, you wouldn’t want to buy a hammer drill solely for that purpose, right? But, regular cordless drills don’t pack enough power for some jobs. Kobalt has bridged the gap so well with this powerful hammer drill.

It is a robust, heavy-duty tool that has a hammer mode, and is an excellent drill/driver as well. There is very little chance you’ll be able to find such a powerful tool at a lower price elsewhere.


Things we didn’t like

The lack of a battery is somewhat disappointing. It’s not an expensive tool, considering it has a brushless motor, but a cell could have been included in the price.

General User Impressions

An excellent choice for those who are looking for an affordable hammer drill they can rely on for both professional and DIY use. It is a cordless tool that packs enough power for the majority of tasks that come to mind. Due to the lack of a battery, perhaps it is more appreciated when it comes in a combo kit.


Kobalt has been known for manufacturing quality tools and selling them at a reasonable price. With this 24V MAX Brushless drill, they’ve outdone themselves. It’s a powerful tool you can always rely on.

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